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Diablo Clan Ranking - Elemental DPS, Season 12 - Americas

Calculated as Top 4 Players Average Value
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<nCg> n00b Clutch Gamerz3,986,604.10
2<HandH> HubrisANDhumilitY3,326,374.40
3<친우> 널이터2,946,611.38
4<HgH> HeavensGuardHardcore2,863,438.53
5<Aeons> Aeon D32,735,146.15
6<HCSEAS> Hardcore Seasonal S42,603,339.35
7<KOI> Kingdom of Ice2,470,094.35
8<Mortal> The Mortals2,397,755.68
9<S2N> Second To None2,374,198.23
10<Unity> TeamUnityHC2,369,233.53
11<TeamC> teamcrunt2,352,460.10
12<Team> Trash Evil Monsters2,316,830.98
13<Pdawg> The Ballad of Patdad2,315,751.01
14<OMG> Old Man Gamerz2,282,502.35
15<SW> ShadowWolves2,264,864.30
16<HCFL> Hardcore For Life2,257,284.35
17<台卍專家卍灣> 賽季專家氏族2,231,612.18
18<HCA> Hardcore Australia2,220,041.23
19<Reborn> Hardcore Reborn2,206,286.30
20<CLRTY> Clarity2,195,992.32
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<Sc> Super CasuaI5,977,281.75
2<Squad> OG Alpha Squad4,854,196.10
3<GS> Grand Slayer (info)4,827,890.73
4<ND> No Drama II4,725,061.40
5<Legacy> Legacy øf the Light4,352,671.80
6<zZzZz> Insomnia4,149,274.83
7<Reaper> Carolina Reaper4,086,392.33
8<好來污> 太帥厲害啊3,888,572.55
9<LaF> Legit as F3,885,356.23
10<RP2P> Real Pay to Play3,883,194.80
11<Exile> The Forsaken Ones3,842,621.08
12<C9> Cloud IX3,801,468.25
13<Gang> Gang Gang3,767,094.88
14<NF> NUCKIN FUTS3,670,418.40
15<Royals> Enigma's Royalty3,661,224.53
16<RF> Relentless Force3,637,621.88
17<SIN> Strength in Numberz3,475,703.00
18<Smoke> Smoke Break3,365,273.40
19<Twitch> Kappa3,260,429.25
20<MST> Monster Clan3,212,890.95
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