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Diablo Clan Ranking - Elemental DPS, Season 12 - Europe

Calculated as Top 4 Players Average Value
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<RIP> Ripped in Pieces HC (info)3,561,394.68
2<HCRUS> HARD CORE 3,543,933.10
3<Nuub> NoobStrong3,394,571.58
4<c9> Circle of Nine3,137,166.35
5<OSP> Old School HC Player3,110,819.63
6<HcE> Hardcore Encore3,048,508.03
7<CAT> catch the cat2,988,889.30
8<REV> Revolutionaires2,854,772.03
9<KL> KeinLeben2,813,459.18
10<DnL> Death is not limit2,795,937.65
11<imba> Imbalanced2,765,910.60
12<TofG> Tears of Gaia2,755,341.80
13<Mr> Macho Rabbits (info)2,689,992.55
14<Proc> Нубасики 2,680,080.50
15<WTF> WirTötenFertig (info)2,675,257.43
16<EuHC> EuHC2,483,334.58
17<MY> MasterYoda2,427,748.95
18<NAQ> Naqrwiando (info)2,414,380.40
19<SOS> Strip On Styx2,408,195.70
20<AngPen> AngryPenguins2,385,435.48
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<ZD> Zero Drama6,675,425.15
2<Hybrid> The Hybrids (info)5,881,411.80
3<EoD> Eye of Demons (info)5,801,504.30
4<DenC> Den City5,726,964.90
5<RoC> Rise of Communism5,695,780.63
6<PiratE> Пираты5,510,605.98
7<nRage> nRage (info)4,771,745.68
8<Mercy> NoMercy4,698,619.85
9<OS> Obrońcy Sanktuarium4,598,983.58
10<ZambiA> ZambiASeason4,582,541.85
11<ZB> Zockböcke4,543,746.93
12<WQW> Quantum Warriors (info)4,442,952.50
13<NoName> No Name Clan4,307,023.00
14<UGG> United Gaming Ger4,262,887.55
15<кпд> oldschool (info)4,255,127.25
16<Swe> Swedish Steel4,214,864.48
17<Code52> i used nuttin4,169,145.73
18<Rebel> Rebelia4,135,872.05
19<oc> Organised Confusion4,121,046.90
20<LOsCZ> LEGIE ODPADLIKUcz sk4,115,676.35
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