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Diablo Clan Ranking - Elemental DPS, Season 2

Calculated as Top 4 Players Average Value
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<XT> NEXT3,329,082.05
2<rckstr> rckstr (info)2,842,522.20
3<Mr> Macho Rabbits (info)2,380,929.15
4<c9> Circle of Nine2,191,066.30
5<imba> Imbalanced2,181,307.48
6<RIP> Ripped in Pieces HC (info)2,084,448.55
7<nCg> No0b Clutch Gamerz1,958,638.89
8<HCP> Harcore Ponzys (info)1,920,915.98
9<BJ> BANJOJENGI1,916,221.72
10<GN> Gulnation1,877,450.45
11<zzZZzz> Having Clan Matters1,797,403.57
12<WeAre> Funny Guys (info)1,769,119.82
13<CVNT> COVENANT1,752,252.33
14<iRule> iRule (info)1,745,682.62
15<CAD> Ctrl Alt Destroy1,672,019.05
16<c58> cyberfight1,638,794.75
17<HoH> House of hardcore1,615,930.92
18<Exile> Kobe's House1,614,059.72
19<Chaos> Chaos Therapy (info)1,539,929.58
20<HCE> Hardcore Elites (info)1,498,532.16
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<пиу> пиу пиу (info)3,334,846.63
2<DNA> Demons N Angels (info)3,212,588.43
3<ZE> Zero Empathy (info)3,178,020.10
4<Dragon> Dragons are Us2,790,002.95
5<P2W> Play To Win2,761,538.38
6<WQW> Quantum Warriors (info)2,722,975.05
7<CDG> Caverna del goblin2,668,675.00
8<CrX> Les Croisés (info)2,660,418.53
9<TOP> Te falta equipo (info)2,624,547.25
10<UNITY> Triumph Of Unity2,520,415.53
11<SoS> SonsofSanctuary (info)2,396,947.33
12<AR> ArcadiA2,384,819.60
13<VR> Virtual Reality (info)2,376,764.10
14<Hell> La Mallorée (info)2,289,501.33
15<EZPZ> Easy Peasy2,255,430.45
16<PiratE> Pirats (info)2,249,802.20
17<hellas> Hellenic clan2,204,834.43
18<AI> Addicted Impact (info)2,183,370.48
19<Wings> Крылья Тристрама (info)2,176,067.70
20<ELITE> Elite Hungarians2,173,972.90
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