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Diablo Clan Ranking - Elemental DPS - Korea

Calculated as Top 4 Players Average Value
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 ClanElemental DPS
1<씨밀레> 영원한친구10,701,245.48
2<D3Top> D3top10,700,085.73
3<개굴개굴> 노래를할까요10,502,566.18
4<동네> 사람드을10,474,589.93
5<페어퍼슨> 607010,452,574.23
6<Legend> 전설은 아님9,988,499.10
7<싹녹교> 싹녹교9,830,208.40
8<킬링나이츠> 킬링나이츠9,823,550.30
9<7even> 7even7779,770,107.05
10<Newave> 뉴웨이브9,674,019.50
11<다른용무중> 자리비움9,451,906.73
12<싸움꾼> 잊지않을게9,215,289.10
13<bro> bro9,177,805.83
14<TEAM> 플레이어9,127,776.38
15<HiKARi> HiKARi TeAM9,104,558.98
16<미친듯이> 미친듯이9,077,089.45
17<Hera> 클누스9,035,480.33
18<까르페디엠> carpe diem8,987,686.00
19<동네> 사람들8,940,287.60
20<Strong> Strong8,849,343.08
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    Removing banned players
    11 months ago
    Banned players are being removed from the leaderboards. Our automated scan will eventually update all the players.
    If you see a banned hero that is still presented in our listings, you can manually queue it for update in order to remove it faster.

    Congratulations to all the players who didn't violate the rules!
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    Get ready for Season 5!
    1 year ago
    DiabloProgress is prepared for Season 5 which starts in 1 day!

    Please let us know in the comments if you see any bug.
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    Season 4 is online!
    1 year ago
    Season 4 is active now for all regions!

    Feel free to post a comment here if you see any bug.
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    Season 3
    1 year ago
    It is a bit late, nevertheless Season 3 Rankings are online now on DiabloProgress!
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