Hellfire Ring problem (fixed)

7 years ago

Note that Hellfire Ring is still missing in the Battle.net API.
If your profile has this ring equipped, all your stats DiabloProgress will be invalid. It's better to replace the ring for awhile.
Blizzard developers promised to fix the issue in a few days.
Battle.net forum thread.

This issue has been fixed now!


  1. Matymas
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    what about paragon level not updating?
    matymas#2152 im plvl 54 now...
  2. Kernel
    7 years ago
    Replace the ring.
  3. LastBless
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    cant still update my para without wearing the ring. last update 3 days ago.

    any solution?
  4. Kernel
    7 years ago
    You should replace the ring (with any other ring).
  5. LastBless
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    I did, but still no actualisation
  6. Det0x
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    The EU bnet servers have change something ---> we cant update our profile's..

    When i click "Battle.net" on my profile the link sends me to: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/det0x-2856/hero/432203 (dont work anymore)

    But if i change the letter "d" to a capitol "D" the links works fine:

  7. Kernel
    7 years ago
    Could you check again please?
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/det0x-2856/hero/432203 - works okay for me.
  8. Det0x
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Look like it fixed now, must have been some error with the update blizzard was doing in EU.

    Thx anyway for fast respons.
  9. Wahrhaft
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Kernel, а у вас нет статистики, какой основной класс предпочитают игроки в процентах? Основной класс игрока можно определять по наибольшему наигрыванию в часах.
  10. AtmasImpaler
    Rating: +2 [-][+]
    7 years ago
    it got fixed now!! finally!!!
  11. Moloch810
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Not fixed!! Cant update Paragon...i dont wear that Ring. Pls check it...thx
  12. R3MU5
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Can confirm that Hellfire ring and Paragon level is finally fixed!
  13. sundayprayer
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Its now fixed - update your chars
  14. MWM
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    There still seems to be a problem.
    The unbuffed dps stats reflected by equipping a hellfire ring does not match what is being reported in actual ingame.
    Am i missing something or is there a bug?
  15. Bresha
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Official profiles still wont update and I dont have any hellfire equipped. And if official profiles wont update, neither will diabloprogress. :/
  16. Anuhart
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Hey, Kernel.

    It is impossible to confirm accounts as the b.net page will only update once per day and even if you unequip the required items, b.net will update paragon, stats and dps but still show the items as equipped.

    Dprogress of course also sees these items as equipped.
  17. Nogra
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    There is some problem with the paragonladders. Once you update you lose your place and go to the end of the respective ladder. I was #7 Monk Europe for a long time, now im 140ish. Alkhaizer isnt #1 anymore either.
  18. Kernel
    7 years ago
    Should be fixed now.
    Let me know if there will be issues.
  19. Peilo
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Hey Kernel,

    there was a great hardcore paragon race going on between Bulletproof (Azuk#2314), GuessWho (Araps#2128) and me Peilo (Peilo#1734) lately. We all managed to reach Paragon lvl 100 almost within the same hour. I reached level 100 on Sunday 2. Dec 2012 6:55AM CET, Araps around 7:10AM and Azuk around 8AM.
    Now, the blizz profile is updated and diabloprogress is too, but unfortunately I am listed to be last of all three. First I thought it would be an issue caused by the hellfire ring, but it seems that my bnet profile was updated last (probably because of the first letter of my name, I checked the "last-updated" timestamps in the API). Kernel, can you do smt manually, please?

    For a proof, you can check the blog of Azuk where he stated that I won the race. You can also find the screenshot of him dinging lvl100.

    My screenshot can be found here:

    Plz notice that my timezone is 1 hour ahead of Azuk's, so it was 8AM in my timezone. I don't have a proof of dinging before Araps, but I can ask him for a screenshot if needed.

    You would make me really happy if you can fix that, because it was very hard "work" and quite an achivement win that race.

    Kindly Regards,
  20. Galaxiana
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Hi Kernel, I think there might be a bug in the way numbers are being calculated for Heroscore and EHP. I like to compare before and after changes when I change gear, so I update in a new browser tab. I noticed my Heroscore and EHP rankings were actually HIGHER after equipping a weapon which lowered my ratings! With a Heroscore of 9,374 I ranked 391 in the world, 135 in Americas (in Hardcore), but before my change, my Heroscore was 9,797 giving ranks of 642 and 222 respectively. The same was true with my EHP rankings, which went UP even though my hard numbers went DOWN.

    It might be easier to understand this with images, so I took two screenshots for you, which you can see here. Before the update:

    After the update:

    My Heroscore and EHP went down rather than up, as one might expect from an upgrade, because I had been using an Empyrean Messenger, which had great survival stats, but not-so-great dps.

    Anyway, something doesn't seem to be calculating correctly, either the raw Heroscore/EHP, or the rankings derived from them.

    Thanks for looking into this, and maintaining this wonderful resource for the D3 community!

  21. Det0x
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Since i got no respons in the e-mail i sent you guys i gonna write it here also. (sorry for the wall of text)


    First of let me start that i enjoy the www.diabloprogress.com page very much. Its the best database for items ingame, and if u want to check other stuff.
    But i really think the "heroscore" and "pvp dummy score" need to be changed quite alot.

    I found a other formula on the US barb that reflect real ingame gear balance much better. And give you a real perspective on what heroes that are really godlike.

    New Hall of Godly Barbarians US server @ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004690628?page=1

    Hall of Godly Barbarians temporary thread @ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7118301801?page=1

    Link to the calculator


    This formula is already getting its stats from your page:

    Hall Formula

    1) DPS_score is DPS/1000. This number is multiplied by half the bonus damage to elites and half the +elemental damage if any weapons have inherent elemental damage or by the full +elemental damage if no weapons have inherent elemental damage.

    2) EHP_score is based on EHP.

    EHP up to 1M Score = EHP/10,000
    EHP from 1M-2M = 100 + (EHP-1M)/20,000
    EHP from 2M-5M = 150 + (EHP-2M)/40,000
    EHP > 5M = 225 + (EHP-5M)/100,000

    3) Sustain_score = 1 + 10*(LOH + Regen + effective_ls)/HP

    Effective_ls = DPS * LS * .2.

    4) Move_score = 1 + Move speed. It helps both combat and farming. This score is capped at 25%.

    5) Paragon_score = 1 + 1% per 2 paragon levels.

    6) Misc_score of:

    1 + XP bonuses / 2 (only applies if not Paragon 100) Hellfire ring +XP bonuses are not counted!

    Hall_score = DPS_score * EHP_score * Sustain_score * Move_score * Paragon_score * Misc_score

    Damage reduction vs melee and vs range is already factored into Diabloprogress's EHP value, so will not be factored into Misc_score.

    Here is an example of how a score is calculated (decimels are retained, but I'm not showing them for simplicity):


    DPS_score = 63 (dps is 62,994.72 without any +elemental or +dmg vs elites)
    EHP_score = 109.2 (EHP = 1,184,072)
    Sustain_score = 1.43
    Move_score = 1.24 (24 MS)
    Paragon_score = 1.15 (paragon 30)
    Misc_score = 1.155

    Hall_score = 63*109*1.43*1.24*1.15*1.155 = 16,201

    Sustain_score = 1 + [LOH(943)+eff_LS(62,994.72*.052*.2=655)+regen(674)]*10/HP(52,856) = 1.43

    Misc_score = 1 + XP_bonus(31%)/2 = 15.5% bonus

    This formula is allready in the process of beeing updateed, making it a even better to decide how to build a balanced character. (that actually works ingame)
    These are the new changes that are being implemented:

    How to make both xp gems and hp gems in helms score the same:

    If XP_bonus = .19, gem_life = .12
    If XP_bonus = .21, gem_life = .13
    If XP_bonus = .23, gem_life = .14
    If XP_bonus = .25, gem_life = .15
    If XP_bonus = .27, gem_life = .16
    If XP_bonus = .29, gem_life = .17
    If XP_bonus = .31, gem_life = .18

    Adjusted_EHP = EHP * (1+Life% + gem_life)/(1 + Life%)
    Adjusted_HP = HP * (1+Life% + gem_life)/(1 + Life%)

    Use Adjusted_EHP and Adjusted_HP to replace EHP and HP in score. XP_bonus is after the -.35 adjustment for people wearing HF rings.

    The one problem would be if someone is equipping Leoric's signet. But since nobody who has submitted a ranking has done so yet, it's probably a small issue. I'm not going to bother with below flawless square gem in helm since that should be the very minimum for any inferno character.

    And a new sustain formula:

    1 + Mitigation*(LOH*(1+(APS-1)/2) + eff_ls + Regen ) / (HP*EHP_score*10,000/EHP)

    Mitigation = EHP/HP

    eff_ls = DPS*ls*.5

    LOH should be increased by a high attack speed, but I'm scaling it downward because in practice, you aren't attacking every second. There will be times when you're frozen/walled/jailed or dodging arcane/molten/desecration or when you're simply moving to the next mob.

    I hate increasing the LS factor since it destroys the 'purity' of the formula, but I agree that it's being underestimated in actual play. I think .5 is an acceptable compromise. Plus just like LOH, you're not attacking 100% of the time.

    Mitigation replaces 10 which I'm happy about because it's less arbitrary and it reflects that sustain is more valuable the more mitigation you have.

    I'm still dividing by HP in denominator because of the diminishing returns involved, but I'm scaling it downward the same way I'm scaling EHP downward in my formula. I think it's more fair to tankers this way since if they don't get full credit for EHP above 1M, they shouldn't be penalized for the full amount in the sustain score either.

    I hope this formula can give you some ideas how your improve your "heroscore" and "pvp_score", or just even just copy it flat out.
    If you want to speak with the "owner" of the formula you can find "Celanian" in the "Hall of Godly Barbarians temporary thread".

    Would like to hear your views on this matter."
  22. Peilo
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Kernel, fix the HC Plvl Ladder ...
  23. bvbiii
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
  24. R3V
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Seems there is a similar bug right now concerning the new Level63-Craft-Amulets...

    My HC WD wears one of those, however the profile (http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/rev-2995/Chimera/25049917)shows a blank slot. The other crafted items (handy, wrists, shoulders) work just fine.
  25. Mindray
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago

    Just registered here to ask for change of my profile data from EU to active one on US servers.

  26. Mindray
    Rating: [-][+]
    7 years ago
    Forgot to link current profile, if it's of any help: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mindray-2500/

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