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Diablo "FanaticFlow#3927"

Last Time Played: 1 month ago


Fanaticflow70 dhSeason 15View Profile0.00 elemental dps
Fanaticflow70 wizardView Profile548,684.00 elemental dps
Fanaticflow70 wizardView Profile394,526.40 elemental dps
Fanaticflow70 barbView Profile361,343.14 elemental dps
Fanaticflow70 necromancerView Profile
Fanaticflow70 crusaderView Profile
Fanaticflow70 monkView Profile


Paragon: 962
world: n/a
Korea: n/a
Paragon HC: 992
world: 18703
Korea: 4242
Elite Kills: 78229
world: n/a
Korea: n/a
Lifetime Kills: 1453859
world: n/a
Korea: n/a

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