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Diablo "Conan#21347"

Last Time Played: 7 months ago


Conan70 necromancerSeason 13View Profile0.00 elemental dps
Conan70 dhSeason 12View Profile6,382,062.80 elemental dps
Conan70 crusaderSeason 12View Profile1,358,289.84 elemental dps
Conan70 wizardView Profile7,209,870.80 elemental dps
Conan70 necromancerView Profile4,825,798.60 elemental dps
Conan70 crusaderView Profile140,939.95 elemental dps
Conan70 barbView Profile663,681.56 elemental dps


Paragon (S1): 0
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Paragon HC (S1): 627
world: 688
Europe: 397
Paragon: 1318
world: n/a
Europe: 34959
Paragon HC: 3956
world: 31
Europe: 12
Elite Kills: 2575109
world: 327
Europe: 138
Lifetime Kills: 40562417
world: 866
Europe: 344

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