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Diablo Clan <WTF> WirTötenFertig

Clan Profile

Primary Language: German
all classes

<(°.°)>___________________HARDER, FASTER, ***____________________<(°.°)>

• We are One of The Best Clans in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

• We dont use Exploits or Bots, we are Diablo Fans with *****.

• We are Diablo Veterans with longtime Passion.

• We have Teamspeak for easier communication.

Season 11 / Patch 2.6.0: (s11 s**** Thursday 20.07.2017 17:00)

• []:

• [buffed]:****-1226996/

• [Leviathan]:

• [jessirocks]:

• [Bluddshed]:

• [Lord Fluffy]: speedfarm necro:

• [Rhykker]: Inarius Necro High Grift:

• S11 *** S****er list is outside, check in game Clan news and register for S11

• S11 we will be back, be sure ;)
<(°.°)>_______________________off Topic`s_________________________<(°.°)>

• Season10 (31.03.2017- 23.06.2017)
- 14.04.2017 / HC / 4pl 104 clear, Rank 1 EU
- S10 End /HC / 4pl 113 clear
- S10, *** the strongest German speaking Hardcore Clan, we say thank you to all who are a part of ***, awesome season

- Gameplay:

• Blizzcon 2016
all we can say is: Thank you Blizzard for a great new class, new maps, new items. and also thanks for the super mega patch 2.4.3. Patch 2.4.3 has so many great revisions. Thank you for your passion to make Diablo3 even better than it already is.

• We support "open Letter from the Community"

• Botuser are NOT welcome !!! Law & Order Germany/Hamburg

• Highlight:), Alkaizer as Rhykker:

• *** Seasons**** song;), Go,Go ....

• EPIC D3 song, Let Me Know Ya Grind (Gigi&Sharm)
<(°.°)>_________________You wanna be a part of them?________________<(°.°)>

You should be:
• have very good knowledge about your main class
• have efficient Gameplay and longtime Passion
• have Teamspeak and be present sometimes
• have respect for one another (important Point)

• members: 148/150
• free places: 2
• Clan & Friends Ingame Community: "*** and Friends"
<(°.°)>__________________Enjoy us, you are welcome__________________<(°.°)>
profile administrators: rQOkie
updated 11 months ago by rQOkie

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Xcrablezmonk103 (12m 48.749s)0.0010602 years ago
Humprieonecromancer103 (13m 39.816s)0.0091122 days ago
Shadarynecromancer0.0089516 days ago
Ninjadh0.0010992 days ago
Toneshifterdh0.008425 days ago
Dananasbarb0.0051711 days ago
Splitterwizard0.0087114 days ago

Roster Season 13 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Rebornwizard90 (10m 57.733s)0.009384 months ago
Battlelionmonk88 (12m 48.633s)0.0010104 months ago
Ickemonk78 (05m 8.983s)0.0014085 months ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Nerathulmonk105 (12m 10.566s)3,954,524.0012917 months ago
Giftgreennecromancer105 (12m 57.082s)5,237,756.3018745 months ago
Shadowheartcrusader104 (13m 19.199s)2,367,524.4012686 months ago
EvilSusiwizard104 (13m 41.099s)1,713,933.209237 months ago
RyuJinnecromancer104 (14m 34.032s)1,508,748.007318 months ago
Darkdevilmonk103 (14m 34.249s)1,819,335.8010606 months ago
Baronnecromancer103 (14m 34.833s)151,046.0010717 months ago
Stullemonk101 (13m 13.500s)2,394,828.0010407 months ago
Crediblenecromancer101 (13m 31.032s)2,652,314.0011565 months ago
Dauzomonk100 (12m 57.316s)1,804,956.008338 months ago
Dauzomonk100 (12m 57.316s)1,804,956.008338 months ago
Jayreckbarb100 (13m 55.816s)1,445,760.0010577 months ago
Noamidh98 (14m 47.499s)2,570,928.009868 months ago
Spadldh97 (14m 12.699s)2,196,945.709787 months ago
Gilgameshnecromancer96 (11m 17.966s)1,068,480.0010795 months ago
Krolesdh95 (11m 16.166s)2,562,070.509938 months ago
XXStarLørdXxwd95 (13m 26.399s)4,301,761.6012125 months ago
Kaycrusader93 (13m 33.333s)937,710.486748 months ago
Ungeraechtdh93 (13m 38.649s)1,776,614.608188 months ago
Taipyrionnecromancer90 (08m 48.716s)1,216,631.008708 months ago
Zipyattamonk273,764.007568 months ago
Lomexmonk3,142,315.2011155 months ago
Timdh2,548,765.807976 months ago
Apokalyptuscrusader789,793.204698 months ago
LadyOfIcewizard1,026,438.767828 months ago
Saltnecromancer1,388,676.007288 months ago
NoEscapenecromancer1,540,255.5010067 months ago
XPeDDYxnecromancer4,486,912.0017486 months ago
Naikodh3,960,462.0024206 months ago
XXluxidonXxnecromancer1,178,780.688318 months ago
KackNoobKwd2,328,520.6011506 months ago
Zyyrisnecromancer3,369,396.0011408 months ago
DoTTdh745,339.208446 months ago
Staubebarb309,991.437648 months ago
Serdonecromancer1,777,320.008697 months ago
Thekangaroodh581,364.7210248 months ago
Johnnybarb1,361,387.607428 months ago
Xerxesmonk562,993.7614886 months ago
Desocrusader780,832.786028 months ago
Blackstarnecromancer1,191,769.206696 months ago
Splitterwizard2,894,352.0012737 months ago

Roster Season 11 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Beckdh88 (13m 47.833s)2,891,476.00107010 months ago
Vicarnecromancer83 (09m 9.016s)2,567,688.00102910 months ago
Linostarnecromancer75 (06m 20.283s)937,186.3872311 months ago
CptnSlowwd75 (06m 26.049s)2,289,751.2098711 months ago
ScanTraxXnecromancer75 (06m 51.849s)1,276,166.5078011 months ago
Battlelionwizard75 (11m 42.566s)1,434,096.0083610 months ago
Naikowd75 (12m 56.383s)4,199,804.00100711 months ago
Melatoxdh70 (09m 14.816s)1,011,387.448961 year ago
Magischnecromancer70 (10m 54.083s)3,340,294.30152411 months ago
Apokalyptusbarb69 (08m 56.266s)659,211.6676811 months ago
ChefKochnecromancer64 (11m 48.966s)924,973.006801 year ago
Paradoxbarb60 (05m 22.983s)53.15107310 months ago
Jakezdh45 (03m 32.333s)1,479,613.505581 year ago
KeeperMarcwizard44 (08m 14.883s)210,288.961991 year ago
Hindukushdh30 (02m 46.633s)696,874.001741 year ago
BiZarrenecromancer78,504.0876711 months ago
BiZarrenecromancer78,504.0876711 months ago
KackNoobKnecromancer46,134.9054811 months ago
Werodeswd47.10134311 months ago
MaXzydh1,200,815.209281 year ago
XAivAnecromancer2,219,952.00134011 months ago
CrazyWolfnecromancer1,212,950.0075010 months ago
Magninecromancer1,152,921.6061111 months ago
KevKev86necromancer3,168,213.10164211 months ago
Jasilwd522,905.0473911 months ago
Peaksencrusader102,372.0055811 months ago
Reinoldiwizard2,283,241.10110311 months ago
Reinoldiwizard2,283,241.10110311 months ago
Fixieheartnecromancer102,313.00104211 months ago
GabbeRbarb2,348,953.00107511 months ago
Era022necromancer898,779.96161411 months ago
RQOkiemonk248,135.00228211 months ago
Rebornwizard1,244,500.0088510 months ago

Roster Season 10 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Xunndh81 (08m 29.166s)3,129,772.5014131 year ago
Jasilwd80 (13m 6.883s)2,368,576.807261 year ago
Sheldorwizard80 (13m 47.900s)3,405,984.0012421 year ago
KevKev86barb76 (13m 46.616s)2,257,656.0010201 year ago
CrazyWolfcrusader72 (13m 35.833s)158,570.0511211 year ago
KeeperMarcdh71 (10m 24.166s)1,005,534.005631 year ago
Godlike666wd70 (10m 4.433s)1,823,325.007621 year ago
Linostardh70 (10m 14.116s)1,387,088.047331 year ago
Feltunebarb60 (04m 20.450s)110,722.009321 year ago
Werodesbarb60 (07m 49.599s)0.0011391 year ago
MaXzymonk53 (06m 55.500s)765,823.5014091 year ago
Era022wizard45 (04m 32.483s)512,259.0016341 year ago
Magniwizard40 (04m 20.216s)0.00832unknown
Hindukushmonk35 (02m 50.666s)342,533.0013091 year ago
KölschZocktmonk726,201.764141 year ago
Battlelionmonk9.7511141 year ago
XXStarLørdXxdh339,088.705491 year ago
DerChrisdh1,153,822.807071 year ago
Inchmonk957,148.807101 year ago
Magischdh9.7513401 year ago
XAivAwd1,988,320.0020181 year ago
Necronmonk1,183,374.006241 year ago
ScanTraxXdh880,106.546841 year ago
Ickecrusader181.977831 year ago
Miaudh1,305,255.8710391 year ago
Reinoldiwizard1,454,406.1010111 year ago
Reinoldiwizard1,454,406.1010111 year ago
Rebornwizard9.5610691 year ago
Jakezbarb210,823.9712361 year ago
Grivonixwd27,973.6013711 year ago
DFMwd243,705.0010671 year ago
CptnSlowbarb136,236.0012651 year ago
Paradoxwizard244,730.004611 year ago
Fixieheartbarb10,924.0011461 year ago
RQOkiemonk3,909,040.0019481 year ago
Melatoxdh187,712.0011771 year ago

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Battlelionmonk80 (13m 45.783s)1,276,020.008931 year ago
Vicarcrusader77 (10m 14.300s)655,858.3611031 year ago
KeeperMarcwizard69 (08m 56.133s)811,240.858751 year ago
Katsumotobarb69 (09m 59.050s)1,152,503.106731 year ago
PumiCidemonk69 (10m 52.250s)1,306,423.626401 year ago
Miauwizard55 (04m 50.550s)1,209,861.1010611 year ago
HYPERTOXICwd40 (05m 33.066s)0.00312unknown
Uniagedh22 (04m 6.149s)2,708,472.0010001 year ago
ScanTraxXbarb20 (03m 24.083s)807,750.582201 year ago
Linostarwizard20 (05m 15.500s)564,872.642051 year ago
Rebornbarb20 (06m 43.316s)0.0011081 year ago
Asenthordh11.025411 year ago
MaXzydh1,066,270.009371 year ago
XAivAwd94.1413491 year ago
Zyyrisdh1,218,060.006321 year ago
Werodeswizard187,795.009741 year ago
Fixieheartmonk19.449141 year ago
KevKev86monk129,237.0012711 year ago
JACKNHAGARmonk459,908.689131 year ago
Ickedh2,051,821.808321 year ago
RQOkiemonk9.5915401 year ago
Magischwd3,349,843.0013061 year ago
CptnSlowwd2,263,915.5012391 year ago
Jakezbarb1,065,190.075591 year ago
Era022monk122,048.0012541 year ago
Melatoxwizard185,570.1911661 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Taipyrioncrusader80 (11m 21.599s)587,780.968091 year ago
Giftgreenbarb75 (13m 19.816s)1,465,300.407151 year ago
Stulledh74 (13m 53.833s)2,103,182.206211 year ago
Saltdh67 (08m 31.283s)1,003,651.206381 year ago
DFMbarb51 (10m 52.833s)374,855.324071 year ago
Chuchuxymonk45 (05m 17.516s)1,088,992.805871 year ago
GGBNwd27 (06m 27.250s)1,204,128.905561 year ago
Amarokdh1,808,256.006401 year ago
Darkdevildh1,015,952.528891 year ago
Thekangaroomonk1,581,552.007611 year ago
Synerwd116,743.287491 year ago
RyuJinwd544,562.957011 year ago
Bodommonk1,632,671.609661 year ago
Tommy362monk213,354.007481 year ago
Deathman1508wd1,180,625.409851 year ago
ScanTraxXwizard671,770.47941 year ago
Humprieomonk1,313,757.1111171 year ago

Roster Season 7 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Benderbarb75 (13m 54.516s)2,050,738.9010171 year ago
Gaemeuwd74 (10m 43.666s)2,173,878.007741 year ago
Battlelionwd73 (12m 31.833s)1,454,592.008561 year ago
Miauwd73 (14m 25.316s)1,875,344.806891 year ago
Era022wd70 (06m 54.616s)2,232,096.0010241 year ago
Spadlwizard70 (08m 48.050s)1,480,498.807451 year ago
Shadowheartmonk67 (13m 8.533s)932,787.187541 year ago
Zopfgrindwd66 (11m 32.050s)922,083.603611 year ago
RQOkiemonk60 (05m 38.216s)31.2215531 year ago
Feltunebarb60 (06m 15.783s)601,198.008451 year ago
XAivAwd30 (03m 41.966s)1,350,880.0015541 year ago
ChefKochbarb28 (07m 12.700s)712,934.766761 year ago
CHRISTIANOOOmonk774,639.604821 year ago
Werodesbarb117.927691 year ago
Vicarmonk8.1211141 year ago
CptnSlowwizard8.129621 year ago
Dauzomonk185,386.002121 year ago
JACKNHAGARdh49,466.305691 year ago
Dauzomonk185,386.002121 year ago
Latenightbarb134,741.009581 year ago
KevKev86dh188,305.0013071 year ago
GabbeRbarb232,281.0012561 year ago
Hindukushwd797,266.083661 year ago
Ickebarb699,992.047141 year ago
Magischwd2,055,312.009211 year ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
KeeperMarcdh75 (14m 59.300s)1,550,544.006182 years ago
Zyyriswizard70 (08m 57.083s)241,229.667642 years ago
KevKev86barb70 (11m 22.616s)1,694,484.0013312 years ago
Reinoldibarb68 (11m 51.583s)1,285,346.887192 years ago
Reinoldibarb68 (11m 51.583s)1,285,346.887192 years ago
CrazyWolfcrusader66 (09m 34.533s)250,685.106182 years ago
Basixdh62 (07m 38.350s)684,469.323582 years ago
DeathLotusdh50 (07m 3.733s)1,113,863.122912 years ago
Blonskovic89wd8.1252 years ago
øøØZIGMÉTØøøwd1,672,918.804322 years ago
Lucca97tonlydh44,397.2032 years ago
XAivAbarb8.1213202 years ago
Latenightwizard9.418052 years ago
Cococabana83wizard1,252,950.805162 years ago
Stoerfallwd1,210,536.008072 years ago
Werodesmonk139.4612922 years ago
DoTTbarb159,803.006032 years ago
Fixieheartmonk345,818.0010992 years ago
CptnSlowwd1,058,505.6012182 years ago
GabbeRbarb1,661,440.1010182 years ago
Ickemonk1,070,956.408282 years ago
Gilgameshdh143.027132 years ago
Jakezbarb766,504.806262 years ago
Jasildh1,503,531.905092 years ago
Magischwd1,451,352.006632 years ago
Melatoxdh1,344,326.808312 years ago
Rebornbarb34,202.9014912 years ago
RQOkiemonk2,389,452.0015182 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Xcrablezwizard80 (14m 40.499s)3,494,470.7010692 years ago
Lateraluswd77 (14m 26.733s)2,992,944.009322 years ago
Mechmonk59 (10m 59.266s)258,211.008542 years ago
Albertdh17.666602 years ago
CHRISTIANOOObarb139,720.009482 years ago
Minatodh1,760,669.609952 years ago
Razakmonk266,645.006232 years ago
Peddy017wd108,730.0010052 years ago
Zordanwizard9.5714072 years ago
Baronbarb1,050,802.807662 years ago
Rampagebarb1,287,156.008032 years ago
Mastawd1,067,724.008712 years ago
FizzlePizzlewizard1,896,009.606352 years ago
Kyorodh809,580.242062 years ago
Kavunalx666wd84,262.5010112 years ago
Dauzocrusader9.757202 years ago
Dauzocrusader9.757202 years ago
VOordh885,951.6011162 years ago
VOordh885,951.6011162 years ago
Tommy362dh19.987022 years ago
NoEscapewd1,266,428.465372 years ago
Staubemonk1,281,626.0010032 years ago
Onickwizard1,035,110.007472 years ago
Goatarionwd1,197,711.808512 years ago
Apocalipticzwizard644,543.274652 years ago
Altekeulecrusader100.706962 years ago
Gilgameshmonk52.438072 years ago
Magnimonk225,772.757262 years ago
Schl1tzOhrmonk1,466,246.366602 years ago
MYkiLLcrusader654,943.403142 years ago
Drunken88barb778,150.006572 years ago
Hannezdh1,361,814.404622 years ago
Drunken88barb778,150.006572 years ago
EvilSusiwizard1,597,479.807282 years ago
Latenightdh135,015.8810382 years ago
ScanTraxXbarb156,216.007192 years ago
Noamidh1,231,267.808912 years ago
Serdowizard373,939.651342 years ago
Bootsx3wd103,868.407902 years ago
Jasilbarb1,120,232.405792 years ago
Giftgreenwizard1,899,036.008592 years ago
Basixwizard2,373,060.0020012 years ago
Deathman1508barb254,012.0013942 years ago
Shadowheartwd109,693.0010352 years ago
Paradoxmonk188,551.008632 years ago
DFMmonk2,022,204.008132 years ago
JACKNHAGARdh270,229.2092 years ago
Taipyriondh1,574,270.806312 years ago
Grivonixbarb288,030.008712 years ago
RQOkiebarb1,903,753.0014212 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Skeelmonk69 (13m 14.966s)3,106,903.009022 years ago
Rekkerbarb2,127,672.008222 years ago
Xcrablezbarb9.599272 years ago
Kyorowizard36.816172 years ago
Thor0815barb1,804,680.006812 years ago
Noobbarb94,477.908562 years ago
DeathLotusmonk2,379,361.207992 years ago
Peddy017monk1,417,466.407112 years ago
Toowoombabarb1,899,752.809542 years ago
Baronbarb870,994.126832 years ago
Zopfgrindbarb433,135.522052 years ago
Ungeraechtmonk2,754,243.0012832 years ago
Bendermonk1,544,881.809582 years ago
Stullewd1,396,533.006212 years ago
Spadlwd30.178312 years ago
Synerbarb1,899,009.407542 years ago
Venomwd275,125.008482 years ago
Jokerwd466,900.008852 years ago
Apocalipticzmonk106,725.726362 years ago
Kavunalx666barb1,589,118.806182 years ago
DoTTmonk634,463.977002 years ago
Latenightbarb2,283,456.009242 years ago
Magniwd494,094.726102 years ago
Kaybarb625,751.344572 years ago
Noamibarb740,649.608512 years ago
Jasilbarb1,588,236.007512 years ago
CptnSlowwd237.555892 years ago
Deathman1508monk2,941,647.4010362 years ago
Tommy362crusader24,266.889662 years ago
Humprieobarb2,429,772.0010462 years ago
Paradoxmonk25,159.608802 years ago
DFMcrusader826,459.258012 years ago
Taipyriondh2,138,365.2010082 years ago
Melatoxmonk774,054.005062 years ago
Splitterwizard1,932,297.208142 years ago
RQOkiewd2,070,996.0015042 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Raikencrusader48.177183 years ago
Raikencrusader48.177183 years ago

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
RQOkiebarb109 (14m 22.250s)0.00430025 days ago
Era022necromancer102 (14m 14.699s)57,326.8024018 months ago
Grivonixbarb100 (13m 22.950s)0.001611unknown
JACKNHAGARnecromancer97 (14m 25.300s)2,769,626.4093711 months ago
Melatoxnecromancer96 (12m 21.300s)0.0024813 months ago
CrazyWolfcrusader93 (11m 3.283s)154,236.2418108 months ago
CptnSlowwd91 (14m 55.166s)4,317,276.0019791 year ago
Jakezdh88 (11m 36.483s)601,725.0614178 months ago
Miauwizard88 (13m 57.766s)2,913,936.0013258 months ago
Reinoldiwizard87 (13m 52.533s)2,012,180.00111310 months ago
Reinoldiwizard87 (13m 52.533s)2,012,180.00111310 months ago
KevKev86barb86 (14m 56.316s)4,663,615.5024211 year ago
KeeperMarcwizard85 (11m 41.949s)2,235,498.3010081 year ago
XXStarLørdXxcrusader84 (07m 13.666s)859,287.108785 months ago
Uniagedh83 (13m 8.849s)3,704,643.0013418 months ago
MaXzydh83 (14m 24.833s)1,736,037.60171010 months ago
Fixieheartdh81 (11m 7.266s)3,306,373.2020741 year ago
Gaemeucrusader81 (11m 33.433s)824,565.5711432 years ago
Hindukushdh80 (02m 53.833s)4,305,563.6014261 year ago
Paradoxnecromancer80 (10m 23.533s)2,050,048.7014248 months ago
Werodeswd80 (11m 17.400s)6,604,737.9018608 months ago
Nelson169wd80 (13m 19.666s)3,088,536.0010932 years ago
Rebornwizard79 (03m 35.150s)0.00233122 days ago
Blackstarwd77 (13m 11.916s)1,763,350.207976 months ago
Zyyrismonk77 (14m 26.950s)2,241,597.4010162 years ago
Basixbarb76 (12m 58.533s)1,620,542.009201 year ago
Ickemonk75 (03m 49.433s)2,285,728.2014081 year ago
Magischwd75 (05m 53.333s)4,592,268.0022851 year ago
OccamzRazorcrusader72 (09m 57.500s)539,114.166631 year ago
Latenightcrusader71 (05m 43.799s)38,955.2711021 year ago
Sheldorbarb71 (08m 38.816s)3,420,004.0013331 year ago
DoTTbarb70 (05m 2.566s)1,415,412.007536 months ago
Magnimonk70 (07m 19.083s)1,814,075.109471 year ago
Feltunedh70 (07m 45.250s)3,344,532.008831 year ago
Apokalyptuscrusader70 (08m 52.583s)807,275.3279011 months ago
Krolesdh70 (12m 57.533s)1,638,864.007121 year ago
Onickwizard68 (09m 13.033s)1,183,246.405581 year ago
LolDerPunktmonk68 (11m 46.200s)799,597.2873011 months ago
Rangermonk67 (08m 41.116s)0.009051 year ago
ChefKochmonk65 (12m 52.783s)931,612.809201 year ago
Gilgameshwizard60 (02m 34.033s)1,326,326.4010315 months ago
Asenthorbarb60 (03m 19.116s)1,269,887.506291 year ago
Beckmonk60 (06m 6.200s)166,432.00104111 months ago
Xerxeswd60 (06m 50.466s)633,337.866569 months ago
Brownartistbarb60 (14m 11.350s)1,755,180.008022 years ago
Goatarioncrusader55 (04m 3.116s)614,250.184271 year ago
Desocrusader55 (07m 25.983s)529,503.6053810 months ago
RyuJinmonk51 (12m 33.050s)1,483,265.407641 year ago
KackNoobKwd50 (04m 0.716s)1,586,970.2058611 months ago
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