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Diablo Clan <WTF> WirTötenFertig

Clan Profile

Primary Language: German
Witch Doctor 

<(°.°)> HARDER, FASTER, WTF <(°.°)>

We are One of The Best Clans in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

We dont use Exploits or Bots, we are Diablo Fans with Balls.

Most of us are Veterans with longtime Passion for Diablo.

We have Teamspeak for easier communication.

Blizzcon 2016

all we can say is: Thank you Blizzard for a great new class, new maps, new items. and also thanks for the super mega patch 2.4.3. Patch 2.4.3 has so many great revisions. Thank you for your passion to make Diablo3 even better than it already is.

We support "open Letter from the Community"

Botuser are NOT welcome !!!

You wanna be a part of them?

You should be:
+ have very good knowledge about your main class
+ have efficient Gameplay
+ have Teamspeak and be present sometimes
+ have respect for one another (important Point)
members: 135/150
free places: 15
members: 94/150
free places: 56
Find a Player about WTF Clan`s ingame
Clan Community:
WTF WirTötenFertig N (for non season)
WTF WirTötenFertig S (for season)
Enjoy us, you are welcome
profile administrators: rQOkie
updated 3 months ago by rQOkie

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Rebornwizard89 (11m 7.683s)2,343,178.6095217 days ago
GabbeRbarb85 (13m 12.183s)216,761.0055015 days ago
Vollstreckerdh84 (13m 34.000s)2,880,849.70115513 days ago
Miauwizard84 (13m 57.150s)2,466,588.0010137 days ago
RQOkiemonk83 (14m 16.783s)3,865,180.8015081 day ago
CptnSlowwd80 (10m 38.316s)2,297,568.00118813 hours ago
Melatoxbarb78 (14m 2.900s)1,733,715.0011411 day ago
XAivAwd75 (09m 59.050s)314,210.89132312 days ago
ChrisGoDcrusader74 (14m 35.216s)71,484.846741 month ago
Latenightbarb70 (10m 33.650s)367,148.327101 month ago
Katsumotobarb69 (09m 59.050s)1,152,503.1067327 days ago
PumiCidemonk69 (10m 52.250s)1,306,423.6223 days ago
Magnimonk68 (13m 7.783s)1,408,931.8067810 days ago
Paradoxwd65 (08m 29.766s)1,361,251.206611 month ago
Chefkochcrusader50 (05m 31.650s)514,824.243891 month ago
HYPERTOXICwd40 (05m 33.066s)0.00312unknown
KackNoobKwizard788,528.561718 days ago
Werodeswizard1,501,825.0080711 days ago
Jakezbarb1,065,190.0755922 days ago
Dragonmonk1,240,904.6365520 days ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Nicomonk81 (08m 25.766s)5,067,108.2019442 months ago
Taipyrioncrusader80 (11m 21.599s)587,780.968092 months ago
Zipmonk75 (13m 12.583s)1,055,134.927693 months ago
Stulledh74 (13m 53.833s)2,103,182.206213 months ago
Johnnywd72 (14m 24.033s)58,741.727503 months ago
Altekeuledh67 (09m 35.633s)2,970,960.007892 months ago
Thrallmonk55 (04m 56.333s)1,133,791.206004 months ago
Thekangaroowd54 (07m 56.616s)1,468,680.007613 months ago
Chuchuxymonk45 (05m 17.516s)1,088,992.805873 months ago
GGBNwd27 (06m 27.250s)1,204,128.905563 months ago
Amarokdh1,808,256.006402 months ago
Synerwd116,743.287493 months ago
Tommy362monk213,354.007483 months ago

Roster Season 7 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Dragonwd79 (09m 49.183s)1,533,612.0010806 months ago
Benderbarb75 (13m 54.516s)2,050,738.9010176 months ago
Miauwd73 (14m 25.316s)1,875,344.806895 months ago
Shadowheartmonk67 (13m 8.533s)932,787.187546 months ago
Zopfgrindwd66 (11m 32.050s)922,083.603616 months ago
TimbowSlicemonk64 (07m 19.233s)1,278,100.007326 months ago
RQOkiemonk60 (05m 38.216s)31.2215536 months ago
ChrisGoDmonk55 (03m 10.166s)602,482.147926 months ago
XAivAwd30 (03m 41.966s)1,350,880.0015546 months ago
Chefkochwd20.136726 months ago
Timdh622,873.245566 months ago
CHRISTIANOOOmonk774,639.604826 months ago
Werodesbarb117.927696 months ago
CptnSlowwizard8.129625 months ago
Lightsidebarb281,060.001926 months ago
Shortyonewd750,214.003516 months ago
Thonodh202,308.54136 months ago
S3ncewd362,798.87755 months ago
Latenightbarb134,741.009585 months ago
GabbeRbarb232,281.0012566 months ago
Vollstreckerdh1,972,568.4012256 months ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Onickwizard68 (09m 13.033s)1,183,246.405589 months ago
Basixdh62 (07m 38.350s)684,469.3235810 months ago
DoTTbarb60 (06m 34.400s)499,287.606039 months ago
DeathLotusdh50 (07m 3.733s)1,113,863.1229110 months ago
Blonskovic89wd8.1259 months ago
Stadtaffecrusader51.7719 months ago
øøØZIGMÉTØøøwd1,672,918.804329 months ago
XAivAbarb8.1213208 months ago
Lucca97tonlydh44,397.2037 months ago
Chefkochdh1,803,027.507618 months ago
Werodesmonk139.4612927 months ago
Latenightwizard9.418058 months ago
Kunstuswd881.72710 months ago
GabbeRbarb1,661,440.1010189 months ago
Cococabana83wizard1,252,950.805169 months ago
Stoerfallwd1,210,536.008079 months ago
CptnSlowwd1,058,505.6012187 months ago
Melatoxdh1,344,326.808319 months ago
Jakezbarb766,504.806269 months ago
Vollstreckerdh1,521,264.0013138 months ago
Rebornbarb34,202.9014917 months ago
RQOkiemonk2,389,452.0015187 months ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Xcrablezwizard80 (14m 40.499s)3,494,470.70106911 months ago
Lateraluswd77 (14m 26.733s)2,992,944.0093211 months ago
Mechmonk59 (10m 59.266s)258,211.008541 year ago
Albertdh17.6666010 months ago
CHRISTIANOOObarb139,720.0094811 months ago
Minatodh1,760,669.6099511 months ago
Razakmonk266,645.006231 year ago
Stadtaffemonk628,427.8810721 year ago
FizzlePizzlewizard1,896,009.606351 year ago
Rampagebarb1,287,156.008031 year ago
Thrallcrusader29.0710021 year ago
Staubemonk1,281,626.0010031 year ago
Goatarionwd1,197,711.8085110 months ago
Tommy362dh19.9870210 months ago
Mastawd1,067,724.0087111 months ago
Kyorodh809,580.242061 year ago
Kavunalx666wd84,262.50101110 months ago
Shortyonebarb1,641,722.208501 year ago
Altekeulecrusader100.706961 year ago
Magnimonk225,772.757261 year ago
Onickwizard1,035,110.007471 year ago
Apocalipticzwizard644,543.274651 year ago
Aniikbarb1,422,948.007661 year ago
Schl1tzOhrmonk1,466,246.366601 year ago
Noamidh1,231,267.808911 year ago
Serdowizard373,939.651341 year ago
MYkiLLcrusader654,943.403141 year ago
Drunken88barb778,150.006571 year ago
Nooxwizard4,154,991.60178010 months ago
Shadowheartwd109,693.0010351 year ago
Latenightdh135,015.8810381 year ago
Grivonixbarb288,030.0087111 months ago
Paradoxmonk188,551.008631 year ago
RQOkiebarb1,903,753.00142110 months ago
Bootsx3wd103,868.407901 year ago
Basixwizard2,373,060.00200110 months ago
Taipyriondh1,574,270.8063110 months ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Skeelmonk69 (13m 14.966s)3,106,903.009021 year ago
Rekkerbarb2,127,672.008221 year ago
Xcrablezbarb9.599271 year ago
Kyorowizard36.816171 year ago
Thonowd60.9510611 year ago
Ungeraechtmonk3,428,008.8012831 year ago
Noobbarb94,477.908561 year ago
DeathLotusmonk2,379,361.207991 year ago
Stullewd1,396,533.006211 year ago
Toowoombabarb1,899,752.809541 year ago
Zopfgrindbarb433,135.522051 year ago
Venomwd275,125.008481 year ago
DoTTmonk634,463.977001 year ago
Aniikmonk3,202,482.6011211 year ago
Bendermonk1,544,881.809581 year ago
Apocalipticzmonk106,725.726361 year ago
Magniwd494,094.726101 year ago
Synerbarb1,899,009.407541 year ago
Noamibarb740,649.608511 year ago
Latenightbarb2,283,456.009241 year ago
Jokerwd466,900.008851 year ago
Nooxwizard1,600,014.509131 year ago
Thrallmonk2,372,676.0010701 year ago
Melatoxmonk774,054.005061 year ago
Kavunalx666barb1,589,118.806181 year ago
Sophoklesmonk920,959.6510531 year ago
TimbowSlicewizard172,803.0010301 year ago
CptnSlowwd237.555891 year ago
RQOkiewd2,070,996.0015041 year ago
Paradoxmonk25,159.608801 year ago
Taipyriondh2,138,365.2010081 year ago
Tommy362crusader24,266.889661 year ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Raikencrusader48.177181 year ago

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Respawnwizard99 (14m 59.983s)4,750,488.0022141 month ago
Basixwizard94 (12m 44.183s)4,079,404.0023013 months ago
Rendargwizard90 (07m 53.816s)1,603,192.0013414 months ago
GaoXunwizard90 (14m 43.716s)3,398,038.4014044 months ago
Lucca97tonlycrusader88 (12m 38.583s)151,735.7413487 months ago
Kunstuswd87 (14m 46.083s)2,967,516.0010042 months ago
Taipyrioncrusader86 (12m 28.716s)136,216.1013441 month ago
Stadtaffewizard85 (09m 42.916s)1,902,156.0012799 months ago
MYkiLLwd84 (12m 42.833s)2,470,764.0010641 month ago
Todmachercrusader84 (14m 38.016s)839,592.6012071 month ago
Schl1tzOhrbarb84 (14m 55.883s)1,851,128.3010049 months ago
Xcrablezcrusader82 (11m 0.099s)0.00106011 months ago
Krolesdh82 (12m 18.983s)3,762,794.0011035 months ago
Paradoxwd82 (13m 32.850s)4,894,579.2013674 months ago
Chuchuxybarb82 (14m 28.733s)3,453,519.00171110 months ago
XXluxidonXxmonk81 (13m 25.683s)4,852,397.4018381 month ago
TimbowSlicemonk81 (13m 27.683s)2,705,688.0013096 months ago
Blackstarbarb81 (14m 23.449s)2,728,551.0010352 months ago
Immortalbarb81 (14m 47.000s)2,484,508.7010961 year ago
Attiladh80 (09m 43.883s)4,572,168.7010639 months ago
Thrallmonk80 (11m 53.466s)3,252,780.0014304 months ago
Nelson169barb80 (12m 54.733s)1,849,974.00153910 months ago
øøØZIGMÉTØøødh80 (13m 14.933s)0.0013729 months ago
Minatowizard80 (14m 5.533s)2,633,340.0010679 months ago
H0EEmonk80 (14m 45.566s)192.0019461 month ago
Noamidh80 (14m 48.300s)4,137,132.0011636 months ago
Vaderbarb80 (14m 55.683s)2,286,144.0015135 months ago
Altekeuledh78 (13m 9.833s)4,319,196.0011204 months ago
Zopfgrindwd77 (11m 41.650s)1,253,328.0012286 months ago
Xanexcrusader77 (13m 4.466s)98,874.989191 month ago
Venomdh77 (13m 25.483s)1,280,184.0011541 year ago
Shadowheartwizard76 (12m 41.933s)580,695.2913016 months ago
Sophokleswd76 (13m 42.100s)1,975,019.2014603 months ago
Bootsx3wd75 (11m 20.866s)2,427,432.0012514 months ago
Goatarionbarb75 (11m 30.983s)2,237,736.0011019 months ago
Juliuswd75 (14m 45.900s)1,536,926.40123211 months ago
Albertdh71 (09m 51.983s)4,533,932.80113410 months ago
Ujeanewizard69 (14m 12.100s)1,038,656.997847 months ago
Ellninobarb68 (13m 21.183s)2,225,760.0011891 year ago
Mechbarb68 (13m 58.800s)1,945,804.70104610 months ago
Toowoombamonk66 (13m 48.766s)2,448,815.009931 year ago
Shobubarb64 (13m 2.800s)64,587.2011501 year ago
Shortyonewd64 (14m 39.716s)2,986,236.0010196 months ago
Zipmonk63 (12m 44.650s)2,145,700.9011124 months ago
Biernot1barb62 (12m 31.750s)2,360,823.5010421 year ago
Blonskovic89crusader61 (14m 53.183s)1,708,392.0012621 year ago
Synerwd60 (07m 22.516s)3,079,773.6010441 month ago
Kavunalx666dh60 (08m 18.849s)28.0411416 months ago
RQOkiecrusader60 (11m 16.349s)3,031,534.4020217 months ago
Nicodh60 (13m 40.433s)2,729,888.0016351 year ago
TheNr0dh58 (13m 37.416s)2,646,324.007251 year ago
Tommy362monk55 (09m 8.666s)183,861.0017064 months ago
Necrondh53 (12m 26.349s)2,097,420.0010799 months ago
Av3cuswizard53 (13m 19.933s)2,372,664.0010101 year ago
TanteJuergencrusader51 (10m 52.050s)1,902,401.608741 year ago
Godlike666monk50 (06m 30.550s)2,320,571.4012991 month ago
XPeDDYxwd48 (07m 2.533s)2,028,066.0012085 months ago
Grivonixbarb47 (13m 41.616s)1,736,054.4014407 months ago
Nonsensecrusader47 (14m 51.150s)6,542,052.0010371 year ago
Hillbillydh45 (12m 15.766s)2,359,260.007671 year ago
Brownartistdh44 (14m 34.266s)1,790,802.007761 year ago
Onickbarb43 (13m 27.150s)1,822,100.8010601 year ago
Kyorodh39 (12m 42.166s)1,691,603.007021 year ago
M1cr0wizard39 (13m 5.116s)2,289,579.006862 years ago
Thomasoncrusader39 (13m 34.200s)1,042,226.0811359 months ago
CptnSlowwd37 (12m 22.500s)2,537,418.3076410 months ago
Fritzmonk36 (13m 58.683s)1,034,181.727472 years ago
PaNwd31 (11m 7.299s)202,776.009511 year ago
Rampagebarb30 (14m 13.916s)982,542.067442 years ago
Secretwizard2,647,272.915712 years ago
Yakuuzwd2,377,451.7010201 month ago
Snowtiger40wd3,910,488.0010356 months ago
Timdh1,922,746.003986 months ago
OccamzRazordh3,321,972.0010714 months ago
NoEsc4pebarb1,740,464.608561 year ago
D2Bloodshotdh2,246,786.107691 month ago
HYPERTOXICwizard3,054,183.6013951 month ago
Shadarybarb977,241.786378 months ago
Skeelbarb1,644,156.006171 year ago
Thisadh3,678,918.2019317 months ago
Swiftbladewizard3,728,436.6012786 months ago
CHRISTIANOOOwd2,121,576.0011179 months ago
Peaksenwizard841,029.0011071 year ago
Amarokdh3,367,308.0012053 months ago
FizzlePizzlebarb548,702.408061 year ago
Silverwizard3,177,486.009769 months ago
Raikenmonk2,400,375.0096310 months ago
Apocalipticzbarb1,318,548.0010381 year ago
PhoXmonk2,397,343.509481 month ago
Mastamonk2,084,040.0010211 year ago
Lateraluswd1,753,928.408531 year ago
KackNoobKwizard2,430,115.6011139 months ago
MCSOLAARdh2,120,185.608611 year ago
Jokerwizard2,151,472.409266 months ago
Ungeraechtwd2,646,615.607421 year ago
Toneshifterdh2,250,600.008421 year ago
Katsumotobarb1,944,262.507821 month ago
Krusewizard1,006,122.265541 year ago
Staubebarb2,407,944.00104611 months ago
Stulledh2,496,178.0010611 year ago
LuffYwizard3,153,636.00114010 months ago
Akaidh1,925,316.008812 years ago
Serdodh2,932,716.009711 year ago
Caveycrusader1,780,117.408181 month ago
DoTTwizard2,427,778.80120010 months ago
S3ncewizard2,036,026.808576 months ago
Dananasbarb1,314,569.209501 year ago
Knechtsweezawizard4,989,485.2013799 months ago
Miaumonk827,073.809999 months ago
Noobwizard2,386,211.8011401 year ago
Cococabana83wizard4,671,213.20137510 months ago
Razakdh2,254,196.008691 year ago
Aniikdh2,162,479.9014036 months ago
Stoerfallwizard2,523,560.009059 months ago
Thekangaroowd3,234,597.609973 months ago
Malosbarb149,826.009999 months ago
Benderwd3,895,850.3013167 months ago
GGBNbarb1,905,528.009545 months ago
DeathLotuswizard2,971,644.0010421 year ago
Thonobarb2,032,428.0011491 year ago
Nooxdh4,906,936.3019031 month ago
Sheldorwizard1,557,390.4085910 months ago
Magnicrusader1,942,409.8095810 months ago
Johnnywd2,400,303.0011774 months ago
Lightsidewd2,839,346.4010661 month ago
Latenightdh1,688,264.00123610 months ago
Jokerwizard3,096,180.00113810 months ago
Drunken88dh808,488.6889910 months ago
Rebornwizard1,192,510.809801 month ago