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Diablo Clan <SoS> SonsofSanctuary

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T6)
- Bounties (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)
Demon Hunter 
Witch Doctor 
iso zdps wd!!!!!

Currently pushing for top of the Leaderboards. We have a lot of high ranked solo, 2 man, 3 man and 4 man parties on leader boards.

General Info:
Time-Zone: Global
Server: Americas
Member Count: 135
Clan Created: May 19, 2013
What we offer:
High Level competitive gameplay
Teamspeak 3
Active and helpful community

We are a fairly old clan that was formed about a year and a hal****o during the D3 vanilla age, we see ourselves as a high-level social community who are always trying to gear up to be better.
We pride ourselves in being able to accomplish any game mode and to do so efficiently.
We always play in groups with each other to not only make the game more enjoyable for ourselves, but to also help out clan members who need a bit of love on some of their classes. Join us on Teamspeak to make the game feel even more engaging. Currently as of 9/6/2014 we are ranked 70 in 4 man party in the Americans. Pushing for top ten spot.


Nomi (Co-Leader)
Guardzor (Co-Leader)

If you are interested in joining add Redx#1598, await a reply. DO NOT pm officers. It may take some time to get back to all the applicant.
New members have to pass the following greater rift solo lvl by class as follows:
Paragon lvl 800 (or 1000 NS) and:

WD: 53
Sader: 55
Monk: 54
Wiz: 55
DH: 58
Barb: 55

2p: 60
3p: 63
4p: 66

800+ paragon Season 3
Weekly activity
Clan Rules:
No out right negativity towards anyone because of race, religion, gender, or any other such trait. This includes slurs against certain races or gender preferences/romantic orientations.
Don’t scam or beg for items.
No spamming in the clan chat, forum, or offsite.
No complaining about the clan in the clan chat. Contact an officer if you have a complaint
As a member keep in mind you don't just represent yourself as an individual but also SoS clan, keep this in mind when dealing with others and communities.
We are a tight knit team and do joke around alot, thick skin is preferred.
profile administrators: jmz, Sorberbrian
updated 4 years ago by Sorberbrian

Roster Season 18

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
ShadowWalkernecromancer80 (02m 56.883s)688,824.008616 hours ago
Deknecromancer70 (03m 14.550s)397,569.002438 hours ago
Smilenecromancer597,451.007215 hours ago

Roster Season 17

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Gicowizard117 (14m 11.933s)0.0013242 months ago
Ro0odmonk0.0015232 months ago
Spider92dh0.0026542 months ago
Maxbarb54,578.3021605 days ago
Shadinhonecromancer715,468.0020406 days ago
Smilewizard0.0028352 months ago

Roster Season 16

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Chino143dh117 (14m 53.549s)0.0020455 months ago
Nejtrinodh113 (14m 39.599s)0.0012596 months ago
Threepwoodmonk110 (13m 39.632s)0.0011314 months ago
Smilecrusader100 (13m 21.216s)0.0023576 months ago
Harleqiinwizard100 (14m 47.466s)0.00823unknown
Harleqiinwizard100 (14m 47.466s)0.00823unknown
Playa2knecromancer0.0026045 months ago
STrAnDcrusader0.0023134 months ago
Dekbarb0.0028234 months ago

Roster Season 15

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Shankcrusader101 (11m 26.482s)0.0027367 months ago
Breakerdh100 (14m 57.550s)0.00103410 months ago
VegaOnenecromancer0.00158710 months ago

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Zitcrusader0.0010461 year ago

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Comradewizard104 (13m 36.633s)2,526,283.3010491 year ago
Qiangjianfandh93 (14m 58.900s)1,812,132.006451 year ago
Carlbarb92 (14m 7.866s)0.0012663 years ago
Narkomonk42,836.107511 year ago
Skaadnecromancer133,707.0013171 year ago
Smilecrusader1,810,128.0012821 year ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Qiangjianfannecromancer90 (12m 10.716s)1,330,832.709232 years ago
Chino143dh85 (13m 56.150s)1,507,566.2011031 year ago
Insanityzmonk70 (10m 25.299s)135,928.008032 years ago
Destinynecromancer2,793,726.009691 year ago
Harleqiinwd2,174,887.007602 years ago
Harleqiinwd2,174,887.007602 years ago
Peddenecromancer1,050,143.047552 years ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Masturrdh90 (14m 29.349s)4,883,280.9014342 years ago
Laurcrusader84 (12m 50.150s)613,296.007362 years ago
Destinybarb894,997.004682 years ago
Polzovatelwd4,522,894.8017712 years ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Insanityzmonk0.0015443 years ago
Kinchoukamonk1,648,404.008662 years ago
Kinchoukamonk1,648,404.008662 years ago
NoNameFoundwd1,633,296.005892 years ago
Dekwd1,942,758.006362 years ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SoZzbarb70 (13m 18.449s)2,577,456.009472 years ago
Polzovatelbarb44,067.809752 years ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Breakermonk89 (13m 8.966s)1,289,304.0010012 years ago
XThafarelxdh75 (12m 11.933s)0.0017683 years ago
VerVikbarb502,088.619863 years ago
Polzovatelbarb139.2116082 years ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
HodBanYokwd88 (14m 30.333s)3,319,128.0017273 years ago
XThafarelxwd86 (14m 38.516s)1,716,563.1011673 years ago
WiIIisbarb84 (12m 47.016s)180,895.9521973 years ago
Upformurderwizard82 (08m 55.750s)1,181,425.207873 years ago
Mystycwizard82 (14m 23.266s)1,550,472.0012803 years ago
Mystycwizard82 (14m 23.266s)1,550,472.0012803 years ago
Michaelbarb80 (12m 28.616s)654,605.916103 years ago
ROG3RIOL3MAObarb75 (07m 56.516s)2,225,272.8011033 years ago
RussoDarkobarb75 (08m 57.066s)3,388,810.5011683 years ago
Wagwanimalmonk75 (12m 22.800s)1,262,125.907533 years ago
Retrolutionbarb75 (12m 47.066s)1,196,296.405063 years ago
Imcutewizard75 (14m 2.200s)635,201.772603 years ago
Imcutewizard75 (14m 2.200s)635,201.772603 years ago
Nskassassinwizard70 (09m 50.083s)5,098,848.0015963 years ago
Cokelolbarb70 (12m 53.099s)1,246,429.804823 years ago
Carldh65 (12m 27.766s)1,785,582.0010893 years ago
MipThreewizard60 (07m 40.549s)702,900.043623 years ago
SdUnitbarb52 (10m 30.050s)825,708.008223 years ago
Pernawizard35 (04m 17.533s)905,458.802183 years ago
Mipwd20 (08m 18.616s)181,444.702863 years ago
Ikerwizard768,501.603 years ago
CarGuardbarb256,267.008393 years ago
NoahOfArcwizard3,286,029.5011703 years ago
Insanityzwizard1,412,791.8010963 years ago
Davidkwd1,097,980.0012143 years ago
МудраяСоваwizard106,888.009873 years ago
FriskyDingobarb521,901.9114833 years ago
Scorpdh1,906,618.005673 years ago
Sdpmonk1,024,888.565543 years ago
Aivonixmonk1,000,951.206653 years ago
Aivonixmonk1,000,951.206653 years ago
Marlormonk236,285.0015143 years ago
Harleqiinbarb281,561.006433 years ago
Harleqiinbarb281,561.006433 years ago
XxKnighterxXwizard2,319,816.0010473 years ago
Polzovatelwizard762,378.0013383 years ago
Skaaddh1,159,333.112133 years ago
Dekbarb155,527.0011093 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
TrickZwizard88 (14m 34.733s)5,496,946.0017343 years ago
RussoDarkobarb87 (14m 47.133s)3,591,440.0021423 years ago
Murloccrusader82 (13m 10.100s)109,506.7421523 years ago
Chocolatwd82 (13m 50.533s)828,000.0014033 years ago
NHKwd81 (13m 24.816s)3,852,168.0013873 years ago
Inhumanitymonk78 (14m 19.333s)1,975,692.0017733 years ago
DespicableMewd76 (10m 58.899s)3,313,380.0015363 years ago
EVAbarb75 (14m 43.483s)1,127,100.0020533 years ago
Marcuscrusader74 (13m 46.750s)100,982.009813 years ago
WonTonwizard73 (12m 25.783s)2,755,064.0010373 years ago
Witherbarb72 (14m 14.099s)34,501.4017483 years ago
Bluewizard70 (11m 52.033s)4,746,528.0022883 years ago
Marlordh60 (13m 31.633s)5,875,859.8021323 years ago
WLandh47.3115813 years ago
Nejtrinocrusader53.8810003 years ago
Bl4cKLoTuscrusader9.7512653 years ago
ThinkTwicebarb32,582.0013533 years ago
ThinkTwicebarb32,582.0013533 years ago
Genesisbarb1,094,011.0316753 years ago
Mariampkinwd36,298.109673 years ago
Chinamafiabarb151,094.0014103 years ago
Wongo007wd9.754143 years ago
Morriscrusader7.6715143 years ago
W4gmtbarb213,855.0020003 years ago
РезвыйКолькаbarb28.809353 years ago
Kostasdh3,766,830.5018723 years ago
Castelmonk414,754.0013543 years ago
Xsupxbarb2,373,900.0018673 years ago
Gangravednbbarb260,297.009513 years ago
WonGdh1,309,826.006173 years ago
Azankbarb34.3413263 years ago
Wagwanimalbarb164,394.0020093 years ago
Freakwd140.6513053 years ago
Dkzzwd268,225.0015263 years ago
NoNameFoundmonk159.0218623 years ago
XThafarelxmonk109.7216013 years ago
HodBanYokbarb9.5925353 years ago
Goumonk142.6812153 years ago
Nookiedh1,990,218.008463 years ago
Eilosmonk311,227.0010993 years ago
МудраяСоваbarb104,455.0011733 years ago
Spectra1337barb228,236.007053 years ago
MightyQuakebarb897,290.945813 years ago
Rufoldh1,715,979.806143 years ago
Tørpheencrusader57,927.5013443 years ago
Sdpbarb9.5921903 years ago
Xenbekbarb1,276,665.609053 years ago
Anthonybarb187,415.0022723 years ago
Mefrobarb1,503,850.0012143 years ago
Tibblinmonk151,080.0016313 years ago
Gicobarb863,770.621923 years ago
ShyuZwd425,890.801193 years ago
Shankbarb137,000.0014493 years ago
KKMITZwd1,716,647.206033 years ago
Portasmonk179,433.0019943 years ago
SpIproFESSorbarb1,337,232.008763 years ago
VegaOnebarb161.9017453 years ago
Jackyxiaoheiwizard2,031,390.0019133 years ago
Vinbarb98,719.4017753 years ago
Hannimonk4,867,840.8022483 years ago
Gotitwizard1,833,940.806063 years ago
FeeDMEwizard209,045.85613 years ago
Hannimonk4,867,840.8022483 years ago
NightMasterbarb2,334,768.0010553 years ago
Devilbarb1,263,240.006273 years ago
Zitcrusader341.6625193 years ago
Maxbarb290,420.0016843 years ago
Carlmonk113,727.0011743 years ago
Pulsedh1,136,708.102193 years ago
Cocemanmonk327,100.0014313 years ago
Aivonixbarb404,148.005383 years ago
Cokelolwd4,529,496.0016353 years ago
Aivonixbarb404,148.005383 years ago
Sovadh4,286,892.0017463 years ago
Spider92barb200,795.0010633 years ago
Mincedfishdh506,993.0011203 years ago
ROG3RIOL3MAOwd251,058.008623 years ago
Destinymonk1,783,785.009513 years ago
STrAnDcrusader10.0718933 years ago
Skaaddh3,544,118.2017173 years ago
Laurbarb183,954.0010333 years ago
Harleqiinbarb798,281.179013 years ago
Harleqiinbarb798,281.179013 years ago
Xmancodebarb518,319.9721513 years ago
Smilebarb267,527.0010153 years ago
Comradedh537,506.0014783 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Strifendh58 (13m 25.616s)1,714,398.406944 years ago
Chocolatmonk37.579603 years ago
Mariampkinwizard12.6114443 years ago
NHKcrusader61,402.9815353 years ago
Maksik83monk795,430.8014083 years ago
Xsupxmonk2,384,772.6019663 years ago
Darijusbarb19.995293 years ago
Dkzzmonk137,967.0011913 years ago
Bl4cKLoTusmonk3,176,940.0012703 years ago
Retrolutionbarb38,118.2011213 years ago
Nookiecrusader15,958.0013973 years ago
Goumonk699,622.006093 years ago
Witherdh536,777.552293 years ago
Pulsemonk3,479,966.0015313 years ago
Carlmonk94.757463 years ago
Shankbarb123,553.0015283 years ago
RussoDarkobarb1,155,396.0012163 years ago
NoNameFoundcrusader95.5212403 years ago
ROG3RIOL3MAOmonk3,086,533.6016713 years ago
Hannimonk332,875.0010603 years ago
Hannimonk332,875.0010603 years ago
Narkobarb2,558,464.8013473 years ago
HodBanYokwd1,855,398.5017223 years ago
Scorpwizard1,318,356.0012593 years ago
Guccimonk131,956.5604 years ago
VegaOnemonk1,356,292.0011163 years ago
Dekbarb137.6115883 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Strifendh3,211,810.0010154 years ago

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Bl4cKLoTusdh122 (12m 50.916s)0.0012853 years ago
VegaOnenecromancer116 (14m 41.866s)0.00270510 months ago
Skaadmonk102 (10m 29.200s)0.0019461 year ago
Marlordh95 (04m 53.866s)4,809,114.0017152 years ago
ROG3RIOL3MAObarb95 (11m 29.682s)444,230.0025393 years ago
TheAgemonk91 (09m 47.000s)3,368,940.0044241 year ago
Retrolutionbarb91 (14m 11.366s)4,185,338.0023863 years ago
Nskassassinwizard90 (07m 41.266s)5,234,492.6014383 years ago
HodBanYokwd90 (12m 35.166s)4,786,805.6029463 years ago
Qiangjianfandh89 (14m 10.633s)1,664,908.009552 years ago
Cokelolwizard85 (14m 48.366s)5,676,524.0018963 years ago
XThafarelxwd82 (11m 2.250s)3,123,450.8017683 years ago
RussoDarkobarb80 (11m 57.016s)4,533,780.0023323 years ago
WiIIisbarb80 (13m 19.616s)2,007,099.608683 years ago
Kasteelmonk78 (14m 21.250s)3,861,778.5021553 years ago
Chadillacmonk78 (14m 30.550s)1,405,093.5013023 years ago
W4gmtmonk77 (11m 59.966s)2,034,000.0014573 years ago
Upformurdermonk74 (13m 52.966s)3,082,460.4012733 years ago
Mipbarb70 (13m 50.550s)1,925,832.0023213 years ago
Bluewd69 (14m 7.050s)1,307,592.0018133 years ago
BadBoywd66 (12m 33.566s)3,298,834.7012103 years ago
GuitarooSluGwd66 (12m 34.016s)1,633,632.0011113 years ago
Tibblinmonk66 (14m 26.633s)1,682,592.009793 years ago
ThinkTwicemonk65 (11m 41.766s)2,681,784.0010103 years ago
ThinkTwicemonk65 (11m 41.766s)2,681,784.0010103 years ago
WonGdh64 (14m 42.500s)2,144,748.007733 years ago
Xsupxbarb55 (10m 58.316s)1,160,905.2019933 years ago
TrickZdh48 (14m 37.816s)2,315,467.5011403 years ago
Ruberdh46 (12m 16.416s)2,179,050.106424 years ago
Vinwd42 (12m 46.400s)1,186,462.5010274 years ago
Mariampkinmonk122.1214453 years ago
Gangravednbwizard25.7711373 years ago
Spectra1337wizard20.4412754 years ago
Nookiebarb148.8915853 years ago
Chinamafiabarb231.2913143 years ago
Markdh3,245,982.1027373 years ago
Rufoldh8.129664 years ago
Maksik83barb1,880,292.008083 years ago
Chino143wd580,788.0017748 days ago
MightyQuakecrusader64.3215953 years ago
Threepwoodmonk1,415,620.00267115 days ago
NHKwd462,182.0015373 years ago
Inhumanitybarb8.1213293 years ago
Genesismonk1,835,486.0011554 years ago
Leenksmonk139,355.0010233 years ago
Azankmonk34.8211223 years ago
Devilcrusader9.5928013 years ago
Portasdh1,518,960.007844 years ago
FeeDMEbarb48,939.7213483 years ago
Solidmonk2,993,508.0014583 years ago
NoahOfArcwizard4,476,519.0016563 years ago
ForceBlancdh1,903,663.504455 years ago
Playa2knecromancer0.009525 months ago
GCDwizard1,290,438.728254 years ago
ShyuZcrusader19,212.5713423 years ago
Dkzzwd2,681,952.0012003 years ago
Castelwizard1,112,670.409564 years ago
EVAmonk104,173.005943 years ago
WLanmonk751,287.607513 years ago
SdUnitbarb3,614,364.0013633 years ago
Nejtrinowizard708,292.8010374 years ago
Insanityzdh2,011,516.5015443 years ago
Chocolatbarb1,119,770.409603 years ago
Masturrnecromancer1,800,180.8023442 years ago
Strifenwizard1,917,738.0010284 years ago
Excitebarb62.9923183 years ago
Eilosmonk961,164.484883 years ago
Freakbarb815,207.5012144 years ago
Gambitmonk1,819,853.2014943 years ago
Xenbekbarb1,005,148.207173 years ago
Davidkwizard2,123,184.0018073 years ago
MipThreedh717,842.403544 years ago
Destinybarb363,670.0012562 years ago
Xmancodebarb9.5922242 years ago
Gicowd126,674.3112403 years ago
МудраяСоваwd1,000,957.2014413 years ago
Mefrobarb2,203,289.0012233 years ago
Izaquemonk1,760,861.008243 years ago
Ov3rdr3ssmonk1,867,933.5014452 years ago
Zitwizard0.0025481 year ago
Morrismonk1,790,319.6010003 years ago
Goudh1,089,882.226613 years ago
Murlocdh375,403.008284 years ago
Tørpheenbarb657,823.0012054 years ago
Sovamonk2,558,692.5013393 years ago
Shankbarb358,403.3630294 years ago
EBEFYuGiOhwd1,297,230.909093 years ago
KKMITZmonk1,934,439.2012783 years ago
Pulsedh3,797,388.0016763 years ago
Ro0odwizard235,314.0015233 years ago
Hannibarb2,418,552.0010603 years ago
Matlewd280,101.607313 years ago
LS7wd2,737,164.0014063 years ago
WonTonmonk2,754,314.4012723 years ago
Anthonydh2,520,903.5012563 years ago
Hannibarb2,418,552.0010603 years ago
NightMasterwd1,376,888.009234 years ago
Wagwanimalwd1,056,336.828183 years ago
VerVikwizard3,631,748.4015263 years ago
DespicableMewizard2,923,872.0018343 years ago
Michaelbarb1,451,280.009273 years ago
Jackyxiaoheidh1,771,699.207534 years ago
Darijusmonk1,754,391.6023053 years ago
Marcusmonk1,033,447.2016263 years ago
Pkstarforevedh875,992.5312853 years ago
Witherdh2,016,045.207483 years ago
Scorpdh504,795.6214503 years ago
MaRaSmonk4,486,930.2011953 years ago
Cocemancrusader29,618.7010063 years ago
Renym3monk3,746,595.3028763 years ago
Gotitmonk3,712,717.8021353 years ago
Aivonixmonk1,280,677.6010473 years ago
Mincedfishwd182,190.009794 years ago
Mystycwizard1,537,289.607043 years ago
Aivonixmonk1,280,677.6010473 years ago
Mystycwizard1,537,289.607043 years ago
Pernawd1,132,496.406203 years ago
Carldh3,878,361.0012663 years ago
Sdpdh3,667,370.0022103 years ago
Laurbarb122,647.0011863 years ago
STrAnDmonk754,502.359563 years ago
XxKnighterxXbarb679,067.5510543 years ago
Rancorwd877,432.5019273 years ago
FriskyDingobarb466,660.3611193 years ago
Rancorwd877,432.5019273 years ago
Insanityzdh2,987,609.5012382 years ago
Peddedh1,018,190.0019722 years ago
Dekbarb417,437.0039514 years ago