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Diablo Clan <RIP> Ripped in Pieces HC

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Hardcore Rifts (T4, T5, T6)
- Hardcore Bounties (A1, A2, A4, A5)
all classes
NEW CLAN LEADER, contact info: (Fiona#2676)
NEW CLAN LEADER, contact info: (Fiona#2676)
NEW CLAN LEADER, contact info: (Fiona#2676)


Wanna see the clan in action? Make sure to check stream:

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Doing Greater Rifts 100+ on EU HardCore every night !

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Active <<Seasonal HardCore>> clan, daily 75-100+ online. Join our community: "Join RIP".

Updated Requirements to join:
- 20+ years of age
- HC 300+ paragon season or 500+ pre-season
- Play daily / be active
- Can farm T6 effectively
- Have at least one backup char
- Have a working microphone
- Be in our community "Join RIP"

Anyone 100+ paragon on EU HC, is welcome to join our community.

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Clan <RIP> is a HARDCORE clan on EU, that were formed only a couple of weeks ago, which means all our members is the real Diablo 3 players, who continues to play after the so called "release-hype" is over. This means, we have a much higher activity than most other clans, is probably currently the most active clan on EU HC.

There's following requirements:
a) Paragon 400+, so you can pick the most important paragon levels. Most of our members is between 400 and 600 though and might raise the requirement soon. But the reason we set it to 300, is that Paragon does not equal skill. We usually look on the players build/gear aswell.

b) Being able to run at least Torment 4, we currently daily have several teams on all torments, all from T4 to T6. We've a very steady team of 15-20 guys with around 500-620 paragon who stomp T5 and T6 daily, and use TeamSpeak, so if your active and geared for it, there is usually a spot in that team as team.

c) Be mature and tolerate our often very humurous and sarcastic clan chat, in this case preferably at the age of 18+ or 21+.

d) Play the game actively, preferably daily. The least active players and lowest paragon / worst geared will be replaced once in a while for more active and better geared players. So your adviced to have a goal of improving your build, items, paragon (so yeah, just play daily).

We also have a Teamspeak server, that isn't a requirement but an option that people can use. Our current goal is to get as good selection of players before Ladders, so we're ready to compete with even the best players out there!

Whisper any of the officers in-game, that can be found through searching for the clan RIP (Ripped in Pieces HC) and the officer we currently have is:
- Drahque#1198
- BetterRun#2962
- Find others in clan info, when you search for our clan

There's ALWAYS an officer online, so you can whisper them if any questions or want to join us. Otherwise, just hit the apply button. Hope to see some good players join our sisterhood. (:

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Update: BACK IN ACTION, when Season 6 STARTS !
profile administrators: Drahque
updated 11 months ago by Drahque

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Tenebralzwizard97 (11m 26.683s)2,544,410.40101919 days ago
Sycoraxdh91 (13m 38.033s)3,620,693.1095915 days ago
LeGenDariioOdh86 (14m 59.816s)2,113,823.207781 month ago
Senseless84monk85 (14m 36.500s)162,677.9797515 days ago
Latciiwd80 (14m 9.083s)2,121,912.0090216 days ago
NightSmonk75 (11m 20.466s)337,547.00172816 days ago
TAHZmonk75 (11m 48.366s)1,073,390.006251 month ago
Zarathustrawizard70 (07m 3.183s)4,172,676.00150415 days ago
KunoEnochmonk1,177,295.446311 month ago
Unnecessaryywizard1,247,064.005341 month ago
Quincydh4,426,661.80158913 days ago
Riverawizard1,791,937.707291 month ago
Aquilusdh1,509,791.4059814 days ago
Capspowaawizard1,265,287.507671 month ago
Nasultwizard3,278,960.50101718 days ago
Destdh659,463.063141 month ago
Yabawizard2,729,460.0089220 days ago
OneManWalkmonk931,203.5627016 days ago
Philantrophywizard3,001,894.40107920 days ago
Natteemonk967,257.5671117 days ago
LikeaBeastwizard1,501,180.206701 month ago
Ilovemfwizard1,550,605.706421 month ago
Wajecwizard1,334,025.7073023 days ago
RageQuitwizard1,365,215.6068720 days ago
KEnochwd1,503,070.006381 month ago
FEIFwizard1,345,316.0058824 days ago
Tailer54wizard2,697,900.0010121 month ago
LeFr00stwizard1,976,613.8080621 day ago
Zealotdh1,079,748.905051 month ago
Shizjewizard1,599,390.0089717 days ago

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Bierfestmonk93 (14m 37.216s)0.0017172 months ago
Ragnarwizard91 (14m 25.850s)2,085,970.0011252 months ago
Flaviuss24barb86 (14m 30.766s)2,158,430.4010783 months ago
Nephorwizard85 (13m 21.733s)0.0010823 months ago
Goshanbarb82 (14m 0.183s)1,844,517.008604 months ago
Conanwizard80 (05m 33.299s)4,013,156.4019292 months ago
BenRodesdh80 (12m 10.400s)4,011,835.5010122 months ago
Faraveretedh79 (14m 19.266s)1,138,103.407464 months ago
LightBringerwizard76 (09m 55.183s)1,743,603.408463 months ago
Superiorwd74 (14m 52.100s)0.001134unknown
Larkitodh72 (11m 48.766s)1,066,065.607594 months ago
PaPaGojadh70 (10m 32.699s)1,369,812.005612 months ago
Deathlukaswd70 (12m 22.133s)1,177,534.759114 months ago
Devizzdh70 (13m 7.050s)2,886,583.007424 months ago
Boybetaknowbarb70 (13m 41.850s)285,408.419604 months ago
Snoweezbarb67 (07m 18.416s)343,826.007234 months ago
OneWallfreewizard60 (04m 12.416s)1,359,503.608122 months ago
Rangerydh60 (04m 41.466s)0.001013unknown
Windforcemonk60 (05m 58.033s)994,184.0010213 months ago
Panginabarb60 (07m 18.533s)824,902.606344 months ago
Duby0barb50 (03m 18.883s)966,366.005104 months ago
Niklasmonk35 (02m 24.300s)817,677.607734 months ago
Moranmoabarb35 (03m 31.950s)0.007901 year ago
Aquilusbarb30 (03m 22.483s)557,890.007234 months ago
Iceteacrusader30 (03m 49.016s)241,937.281804 months ago
Alexandersonbarb20 (06m 12.516s)1,297,007.606084 months ago
TxGmonk1,751,435.207334 months ago
Ouroboroscrusader9.7513233 months ago
IdanZamirwd673,285.008543 months ago
McToEzwd799,165.627283 months ago
Mortimerdh1,066,267.209134 months ago
Carousidh22.366404 months ago
Riverabarb21,313.4015182 months ago
Wozer92monk1,039,563.669823 months ago
Quincybarb2,095,609.2013213 months ago
Megadromdh435,291.0012173 months ago
Philantrophymonk10.9810344 months ago
Sheboulbamonk227,726.569723 months ago
Bernardmonk38.638562 months ago
Nesswizard60.1512483 months ago
Deathmonk53.218713 months ago
Havocwizard334,527.007394 months ago
Sycoraxbarb662.8514 months ago
Carmionbarb246,284.0014233 months ago
Slamadh840,411.607893 months ago
KRATOSwd30.616343 months ago
Regiusdh1,113,374.714453 months ago
Zananmonk244,459.009733 months ago
Smashbarb15,026.0017453 months ago
Krokodildh451,070.009954 months ago
KevKev86monk129,237.0012713 months ago
FeliSbarb919,898.567023 months ago
AshtarSheranwizard850,630.805932 months ago
Ciprianidh1,109,553.2013513 months ago
Phyxiosbarb549,498.004614 months ago
Rawfurymonk100.048994 months ago
Belakkorwizard1,494,372.0015544 months ago
Asmortiswizard34,570.709144 months ago
Dyrvingwd2,119,949.3011732 months ago
PHumikdh1,986,396.009963 months ago
Ретаргетwizard2,593,902.5012343 months ago
Arcwizard137,039.0020053 months ago
Wajecwd315.349144 months ago
FEIFwd1,191,216.0011024 months ago
SoHighMoglimonk491,442.867863 months ago
Era022monk122,048.0012542 months ago
Tailer54barb83,990.386694 months ago
ArlDreammonk417,418.002263 months ago
Zealotwd1,569,084.008834 months ago
KennyOrangedh1,873,627.6012923 months ago
Yaromonk201,001.0013603 months ago
RageQuitcrusader448,381.207734 months ago
Ilovemfwizard450,207.605894 months ago
Sabrewizard1,467,348.0015062 months ago
Simseywizard261,249.036644 months ago
Shizjemonk130,937.006504 months ago
Skajorwizard331,839.601884 months ago
Froggerdh1,325,688.0010673 months ago
Everblackbarb173,454.006924 months ago
KEnochwd179,086.80604 months ago
Fionabarb90,690.0011554 months ago

Roster Season 8 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
ZeFrostwd90 (13m 26.616s)3,242,172.0012145 months ago
Sabrewd90 (14m 35.683s)218,864.007197 months ago
Bierfestmonk89 (12m 35.716s)1,237,800.0018166 months ago
Tidewizard87 (14m 3.550s)1,897,017.009876 months ago
Nasultwd82 (12m 54.066s)2,164,740.908406 months ago
Voizwd82 (13m 23.933s)2,252,348.007125 months ago
OneManWalkmonk80 (14m 28.216s)1,992,264.008036 months ago
Asmortisdh79 (14m 1.699s)1,450,728.009867 months ago
Stianfgbarb79 (14m 58.483s)633,466.808537 months ago
Enigmacrusader75 (09m 39.966s)526,559.608626 months ago
ØpGiGawd75 (10m 5.583s)1,837,764.606636 months ago
OneWallfreemonk73 (12m 12.316s)1,059,595.049786 months ago
Rockamonk72 (10m 4.200s)146,754.008086 months ago
KevKev86barb71 (08m 51.700s)1,720,870.9012116 months ago
Rangerydh71 (13m 23.633s)3,124,736.009135 months ago
Zealotwizard70 (08m 31.250s)8.1212737 months ago
GOATbarb70 (09m 12.433s)1,446,960.007926 months ago
Facemeltormonk70 (11m 24.900s)822,781.449346 months ago
Slamamonk70 (13m 8.883s)1,238,778.108056 months ago
Carousicrusader65 (06m 4.983s)352,215.018816 months ago
DanShamanwd65 (07m 58.466s)1,510,236.008196 months ago
Larkitodh63 (04m 14.833s)1,181,716.244927 months ago
Shizjewizard63 (09m 23.683s)323,289.684977 months ago
DrHellmonk62 (02m 52.100s)1,591,659.2010526 months ago
Goshanmonk62 (05m 7.133s)600,041.009196 months ago
Ciprianibarb62 (10m 12.266s)1,853,916.0013566 months ago
PaPaGojamonk60 (03m 17.450s)1,701,765.006936 months ago
Snoweezdh60 (04m 3.550s)1,085,402.407356 months ago
Capspowaawizard60 (04m 5.183s)1,402,820.006186 months ago
Sheboulbawizard60 (07m 22.950s)8.947477 months ago
Regiusdh60 (07m 51.966s)842,104.697587 months ago
Quincycrusader57 (02m 11.416s)596,149.2012686 months ago
TAHZwizard57 (03m 53.183s)0.00639unknown
AshtarSheranmonk57 (06m 16.283s)824,256.568406 months ago
Aquilusbarb56 (06m 33.433s)1,030,484.848476 months ago
BK201barb55 (05m 38.600s)908,342.374417 months ago
Rhaeswynwizard55 (10m 10.666s)594,682.92567 months ago
Superiormonk55 (12m 41.850s)450,990.968616 months ago
Touchmewizard53 (06m 37.333s)0.00910unknown
Varmkorvmonk52 (09m 36.466s)1,086,286.808386 months ago
Faraveretewizard48 (02m 21.399s)371,842.874417 months ago
Suffermanwd45 (04m 0.016s)1,111,756.768036 months ago
Natteewizard45 (07m 11.650s)647,324.0010287 months ago
ScubaGreedwd40 (04m 48.633s)682,698.446227 months ago
MStennickewd35 (05m 53.266s)249,722.403987 months ago
FeliSmonk33 (05m 46.716s)0.00543unknown
Qwertywizard32 (07m 43.799s)614,230.124597 months ago
Havocwd25 (05m 53.599s)1,082,768.406277 months ago
Fionamonk20 (03m 58.983s)0.001542unknown
Insillico78dh395,074.008456 months ago
Cannajowizard88.113017 months ago
Mortimermonk203,071.008725 months ago
IdanZamirdh858,292.008876 months ago
Ragnarwd29,886.4710986 months ago
Zananwizard9.5910375 months ago
Smashmonk8.3414996 months ago
Megadromdh1,164,970.347996 months ago
Andrismonk9.5916475 months ago
Sycoraxwd9.7696 months ago
Kumileluwd12.277446 months ago
Wozer92monk326,828.325926 months ago
NightSmonk1,595,616.0010966 months ago
Iisswd224.559985 months ago
PHumikmonk1,112,329.369356 months ago
Nephorwd512,036.008175 months ago
Rawfurybarb143,159.007076 months ago
BenRodesmonk126,885.007905 months ago
Ретаргетdh2,915,571.406765 months ago
QQQwizard38,740.4516575 months ago
Yaromonk1,809,097.2011395 months ago
Tenebralzbarb330,532.7210616 months ago
KennyOrangemonk2,083,303.2014534 months ago
Flaviuss24monk27,275.7010707 months ago
Dyrvingwd309.015946 months ago
Ombladonwd2,318,881.409735 months ago
RageQuitdh219,502.806556 months ago
Conanwizard2,132,482.4014895 months ago
Froggerbarb902,255.979946 months ago
Wajecmonk272,738.008895 months ago
Ilovemfbarb364,167.6010487 months ago
SoHighMoglibarb962,690.406066 months ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
ArlDreamcrusader75 (11m 37.616s)374,194.0810618 months ago
Tethyrcrusader281,038.245459 months ago
Ouroborosbarb219,774.0016677 months ago
Voizmonk825,276.907029 months ago
MistressMwd3,741,318.0015668 months ago
Fionawizard145,668.209718 months ago
OneManWalkmonk1,346,844.006927 months ago
Ilovemfmonk1,508,448.006889 months ago
Bernardwizard1,037,768.406588 months ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Quincywizard85 (11m 31.566s)1,812,645.90139511 months ago
Shizjewizard85 (14m 32.133s)326,570.00104911 months ago
Moranmoabarb82 (13m 57.516s)478,905.608211 year ago
Tiestowizard80 (10m 9.683s)2,013,848.907871 year ago
Belakkorwizard80 (12m 19.800s)801.319431 year ago
Akimicrusader80 (14m 16.666s)566,781.609461 year ago
Rzlbarb80 (14m 21.783s)1,847,640.608481 year ago
Senseless84monk78 (14m 51.883s)275,021.4211221 year ago
Tethyrwd77 (10m 47.933s)2,198,532.0071211 months ago
Zvonzywd77 (11m 30.616s)1,985,991.007501 year ago
Orionwd77 (14m 8.500s)1,663,001.205681 year ago
Nastyqtmonk76 (12m 56.983s)712,190.006611 year ago
Redknappwd75 (11m 30.566s)1,304,196.0010901 year ago
TAHZmonk75 (11m 35.649s)2,359,047.60186810 months ago
MyVeryBeingdh75 (11m 42.000s)2,713,740.00143611 months ago
Sycoraxdh75 (13m 31.050s)1,898,400.008731 year ago
Asmortisbarb75 (14m 5.883s)799,610.406041 year ago
Cannajodh75 (14m 34.916s)2,662,709.4079311 months ago
Larkitodh74 (14m 18.383s)980,521.206561 year ago
Niklasmonk73 (14m 50.483s)1,380,090.60100710 months ago
Evernetwizard72 (09m 45.650s)1,210,476.168571 year ago
Nephorwd72 (12m 18.466s)1,391,436.007321 year ago
Ragnarwd72 (12m 22.116s)1,373,082.505611 year ago
HardKillørmonk72 (14m 13.016s)1,101,259.326131 year ago
Scellwizard71 (08m 48.700s)253.8010701 year ago
Ombladonwd71 (10m 25.900s)1,657,632.006191 year ago
Pokoumonk71 (12m 17.383s)937,355.909021 year ago
Tenebralzwizard71 (13m 38.616s)888,203.709451 year ago
Takticwizard70 (07m 6.583s)689,374.908211 year ago
Ragefreakwizard70 (07m 40.866s)1,344,545.307061 year ago
Mischamonk70 (11m 7.183s)2,321,680.00150310 months ago
KevKev86barb70 (11m 22.616s)1,694,484.0013311 year ago
Ignus81wd70 (12m 2.499s)1,506,278.2077711 months ago
SlashLikecrusader70 (12m 6.183s)447,606.4012041 year ago
Andriswd70 (14m 33.783s)1,588,404.0014551 year ago
Asianhostagebarb70 (14m 35.266s)838,814.606401 year ago
Towellwd68 (09m 11.449s)1,400,040.005511 year ago
Cirindebarb68 (10m 0.016s)1,164,049.206411 year ago
Grenchmonk68 (12m 24.850s)991,385.536451 year ago
Iisscrusader65 (04m 39.266s)428,027.367541 year ago
Varmkorvmonk65 (06m 43.250s)2,242,584.0010401 year ago
LikeaBeastmonk65 (07m 42.466s)1,477,656.0010291 year ago
CallumTaylorwd65 (09m 2.666s)770,195.005621 year ago
Lumdh64 (06m 16.733s)1,459,539.907051 year ago
Cortezwd63 (08m 28.466s)1,010,286.204441 year ago
Wozer92monk63 (10m 26.750s)1,358,616.007801 year ago
Boybetaknowbarb61 (07m 1.349s)947,768.927511 year ago
Azraelwd61 (13m 6.766s)2,093,114.805891 year ago
Deathwizard60 (03m 49.833s)0.00412unknown
AquuL1337monk60 (05m 21.099s)1,471,601.608341 year ago
Renuilzwizard60 (09m 4.583s)980,945.806281 year ago
Hiriyatimonk57 (12m 18.850s)796,345.205671 year ago
MeKKoZZwizard55 (05m 38.450s)972,704.817201 year ago
BEZREZENmonk55 (10m 35.666s)1,466,472.006971 year ago
Yabamonk50 (05m 8.166s)0.001203unknown
Empcrusader50 (07m 33.166s)236,505.447761 year ago
Fabfabulousdh49 (11m 57.666s)894,204.782611 year ago
QQQwizard37 (07m 3.666s)0.001341unknown
Regiusdh35 (10m 37.216s)0.00623unknown
Caniscrusader20 (09m 41.266s)219,777.3626811 months ago
Capspowaawd20 (12m 9.866s)428,871.009261 year ago
Oudamwizard0.007411 year ago
Enigmabarb9.5411011 year ago
Sheboulbawizard9.75105711 months ago
Seymiwizard79.0111211 year ago
Killuibarb8.129981 year ago
Autobus19barb9.59106911 months ago
Transdecalinwizard153,073.007031 year ago
Riverawizard935,950.47113911 months ago
Carmiondh41,441.909401 year ago
Ретаргетcrusader9.59112210 months ago
Quincywizard1,892,269.80102011 months ago
Vespionmonk277,559.0013811 year ago
BenRodesdh30.209161 year ago
ImmortalKimwizard819,382.0014341 year ago
ChaosADwd901,427.388471 year ago
Slashmonk133,217.0079311 months ago
Veithmonk156,935.008271 year ago
Megadromcrusader450,926.7099811 months ago
Yarowizard9.9912271 year ago
Miraulwd1,577,040.007871 year ago
Lyccawd206,107.005821 year ago
Freakaloodh1,492,166.906241 year ago
Trelokodosbarb293,243.376771 year ago
LAVIDALOCAdh1,183,869.127781 year ago
HusMusendh872,968.725871 year ago
ANTROPiAdh271,288.006071 year ago
Fearlofwd1,541,640.005481 year ago
Illoanwd582,309.946141 year ago
Raxijawd98,201.267611 year ago
KEnochdh172,808.005281 year ago
Rangerydh1,742,911.809631 year ago
NyuuKwizard530.5612211 year ago
Hicwd129,902.6095810 months ago
FeliSwd132,560.006571 year ago
ThreeEyewizard1,293,900.008481 year ago
Ciprianidh1,663,116.0081010 months ago
Loratusdh72,517.4011171 year ago
Kumileluwizard694,629.005121 year ago
Arcwizard1,181,102.40169811 months ago
ArlDreamwizard307,031.44231 year ago
Bierfestdh2,108,712.0097410 months ago
Havocmonk1,357,728.208721 year ago
Suffermandh301,290.006171 year ago
Dyrvingwizard241,459.008361 year ago
Fionamonk39,042.60206411 months ago
Goshandh1,938,794.0082310 months ago
Superiorcrusader583,116.3010411 year ago
SoHighMoglicrusader216,571.677211 year ago
Everblackwizard1,475,826.1011221 year ago
Zealotcrusader57,674.40109710 months ago
KennyOrangemonk27,938.60185311 months ago
Flaviuss24monk186,954.00104710 months ago
Ilovemfmonk109,172.0017881 year ago
Tailer54monk121,067.00135911 months ago
FEIFcrusader77,926.6892510 months ago
Sabrewizard2,158,620.0014111 year ago
Conanwd105,954.0014311 year ago
Natteewd219,491.009261 year ago
KRATOScrusader419,587.776521 year ago
Froggermonk798,999.326251 year ago
Rawfurywd169,731.009241 year ago
DaniLkabarb206,448.349141 year ago

Roster Season 5 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
SlashLikecrusader82 (11m 5.650s)608,725.1113261 year ago
Rabbiiicrusader82 (13m 44.016s)845,996.2010421 year ago
Asmortiscrusader80 (11m 48.716s)89,132.1317361 year ago
Krokodilwd78 (12m 43.300s)9.5911121 year ago
Killuibarb76 (14m 11.550s)1,752,688.0015451 year ago
Cabanacrusader74 (10m 36.700s)321,722.0010071 year ago
ThreeEyemonk72 (13m 35.500s)1,880,449.9011981 year ago
Poeschelcrusader72 (14m 28.366s)735,798.9510751 year ago
GENiuSwizard68 (10m 10.083s)1,589,676.008871 year ago
MeKKoZZwizard1,275,280.007961 year ago
Mischadh154,569.0011861 year ago
Jäkelbarb117,794.0011641 year ago
Ignus81wd1,618,956.006811 year ago
Nastyqtwizard1,256,984.508171 year ago
HyperFoxwizard459,254.001051 year ago
Miraulwd27.748081 year ago
Moranmoabarb264,842.007901 year ago
ImmortalKimwizard726,474.0015031 year ago
MStennickecrusader108.776001 year ago
DrKaufmanbarb1,120,437.0411681 year ago
Redknappwd164.7412391 year ago
HomieDKbarb86,914.908451 year ago
Enigmadh761,279.0011951 year ago
Grenchdh368,043.654461 year ago
Aquiluswizard104,353.008701 year ago
Kushawd349.526281 year ago
Wozer92monk459,034.009481 year ago
Willeywizard2,173,764.0011391 year ago
Lummonk167.8411891 year ago
Akimibarb591,106.009031 year ago
Destdh835,995.238231 year ago
Zvonzywizard1,625,264.406791 year ago
Larkitobarb9.598471 year ago
Ombladonbarb8.1211891 year ago
Canisbarb141,060.009491 year ago
Quincycrusader2,482,090.1016301 year ago
Asianhostagewd102.178791 year ago
Fearlofbarb971,870.626391 year ago
Deathwizard1,290,990.008131 year ago
BenRodesmonk10.7310911 year ago
Takticbarb851,852.624401 year ago
SnizzelPWNwd401,661.601121 year ago
ChaosADcrusader1,799,994.0011951 year ago
GOATbarb434,591.90511 year ago
Wavecrusader211,246.0813941 year ago
Rockawizard672,257.0010481 year ago
Trelokodosbarb302,228.689091 year ago
Oudamwizard123,975.0013081 year ago
LeGenDariioObarb8.1271 year ago
Pokouwizard1,406,206.006981 year ago
Rawfurymonk22.339231 year ago
DrHellmonk47,378.1013371 year ago
Arirmindwizard667,633.008191 year ago
Hiriyatibarb603,235.996071 year ago
Scellwizard974,126.8611231 year ago
Megadromdh1,350,240.0010401 year ago
Etanibarb690,748.407621 year ago
Hicbarb9.599161 year ago
Azraelcrusader426,222.658991 year ago
Coquinouwd1,278,512.206291 year ago
Black7Xitwizard1,455,252.007621 year ago
Yabamonk1,785,093.0017071 year ago
Andrismonk183,356.0015051 year ago
ANTROPiAbarb1,383,422.606671 year ago
Mmsdosdh356,142.003911 year ago
Belakkorwizard38,845.085991 year ago
Suffermanbarb35.209201 year ago
Yarocrusader89.7112351 year ago
BetterRuncrusader1,008,603.469931 year ago
Latciidh389,165.004381 year ago
LightBringercrusader219,866.787451 year ago
Slashmonk267,134.009451 year ago
Ciprianidh1,718,250.009661 year ago
Tailer54wd212,359.2010691 year ago
LikeaBeastmonk121,950.807701 year ago
ZeFrostwizard1,937,460.0012831 year ago
FeliSdh605,661.604381 year ago
Fionamonk243,524.0019621 year ago
Nessmonk1,846,205.409261 year ago
Facemeltorcrusader244,051.476121 year ago
Faraveretewizard67,486.277001 year ago
TAHZdh346,613.0011161 year ago
Nikotobarb328,684.0019361 year ago
Deathlukasdh118,419.007461 year ago
Everblackbarb170.0711421 year ago
KevKev86barb1,506,135.4012001 year ago
Nephormonk180,419.0011331 year ago
DaniLkacrusader406,583.167871 year ago
Niklasbarb1,027,248.118781 year ago
Bierfestdh901,684.4211671 year ago
FEIFwizard2,825,258.4012221 year ago
Arccrusader1,354,217.0013121 year ago
Boybetaknowwizard21,562.209001 year ago
Rangerydh1,260,570.4010291 year ago
NyuuKwizard2,089,237.2014391 year ago
Flaviuss24wd156,802.0012871 year ago
Superiorbarb282,048.0015211 year ago
Sabrewizard1,614,156.0018021 year ago
BEZREZENwizard71,004.4010131 year ago
RageQuitbarb1,980,888.009541 year ago
ArlDreammonk161,528.845781 year ago
Zealotmonk2,353,442.5013001 year ago
KennyOrangedh2,840,988.0016031 year ago
Goshandh1,062,020.608881 year ago
KRATOSbarb388,680.007051 year ago
LeFr00stwizard165,246.009481 year ago

Roster Season 4 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Asmortisbarb68 (14m 54.133s)1,040,173.1411721 year ago
Senseless84monk65 (12m 52.516s)1,981,183.209211 year ago
Nephorbarb61 (13m 2.833s)1,800,540.009441 year ago
Pokouwizard50 (12m 26.700s)821,199.767181 year ago
Quincybarb45 (04m 14.866s)871,728.548231 year ago
FeliSdh40 (10m 48.750s)1,506,468.204251 year ago
SSevenTwentymonk47,823.801 year ago
Wavebarb76.5911381 year ago
MyVeryBeingbarb203,520.006721 year ago
NightSbarb216,578.00261 year ago
Renuilzwd1,207,656.006591 year ago
GOATbarb1,177,929.608131 year ago
Freakaloomonk469,184.007701 year ago
Aquilusmonk395,298.967071 year ago
Hiriyatibarb903,804.485811 year ago
SnizzelPWNbarb594,270.002491 year ago
Willeywizard358,077.481291 year ago
DrHelldh1,524,901.7010651 year ago
Rangerybarb2,156,626.708721 year ago
Suffermancrusader105,898.817481 year ago
Cortezdh276,634.805331 year ago
Snoweezmonk155,990.606371 year ago
Krokodilcrusader14,130.907341 year ago
Ciprianiwizard1,468,044.007611 year ago
Slashdh1,193,971.206771 year ago
TAHZmonk1,458,115.508681 year ago
Nikotomonk211,079.0014381 year ago
Fionamonk2,869,635.6013881 year ago
Tenebralzdh1,515,612.007311 year ago
Andrismonk287,049.0010001 year ago
Tailer54monk1,441,454.007691 year ago
KRATOSmonk1,479,802.507881 year ago
KennyOrangebarb1,841,172.0012881 year ago
Goshanwizard1,553,134.809021 year ago
Boybetaknowbarb1,191,511.306451 year ago
LikeaBeastmonk181,134.72711 year ago
Skajormonk97,891.606981 year ago
Yaromonk114,909.008211 year ago
LeGenDariioObarb1,272,901.407151 year ago

Roster Season 3 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 2 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 1 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Rumcaxcrusader32 (11m 30.550s)1,414,037.104992 years ago
Jewhanwizard29 (11m 17.733s)1,215,671.404532 years ago

Roster Non-Season (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Arcwd99 (13m 45.033s)4,717,858.5027982 months ago
Fionamonk97 (14m 30.266s)6,728,000.0031102 months ago
Conancrusader96 (12m 46.000s)180,964.6826251 month ago
DaniLkawizard96 (14m 32.699s)457,243.6611429 months ago
QQQwizard95 (14m 0.416s)4,324,598.0023312 months ago
Bierfestwizard94 (13m 17.650s)3,885,953.6026721 month ago
Ciprianiwizard94 (14m 35.433s)4,362,400.0020831 month ago
Ouroborosbarb93 (13m 19.500s)3,537,808.8022801 month ago
Froggerdh91 (13m 4.250s)122.1213952 months ago
Tailer54wizard90 (12m 9.416s)2,741,634.0016807 months ago
Carmionwizard90 (12m 19.233s)3,148,389.0015683 months ago
Zealotwd90 (14m 22.616s)4,577,749.8019414 months ago
Autobus19wizard89 (11m 50.883s)382,447.98140410 months ago
ChaosADbarb89 (14m 33.800s)0.0012701 year ago
Superiorcrusader88 (12m 54.150s)1,109,286.4020271 month ago
Vespionmonk88 (13m 24.333s)2,316,566.0017765 months ago
DrHellwd88 (13m 43.266s)4,701,396.0021256 months ago
Deathwizard88 (13m 57.516s)2,783,489.6011172 months ago
GENiuSwizard87 (09m 43.850s)61.479939 months ago
Andriswd87 (11m 24.800s)4,786,951.5026047 months ago
SlashLikecrusader86 (10m 52.733s)144,002.48171510 months ago
FEIFwd86 (11m 58.800s)4,408,978.5017482 months ago
KennyOrangecrusader86 (12m 2.233s)1,472,626.2027504 months ago
KRATOSbarb86 (12m 35.450s)988,841.2117749 days ago
Flaviuss24dh86 (14m 16.749s)2,892,923.6020382 months ago
KevKev86barb86 (14m 56.316s)3,634,572.0023714 months ago
TAHZdh85 (10m 10.433s)2,282,170.1021504 months ago
Mortimerwizard85 (12m 8.683s)2,519,508.0013011 month ago
Smashmonk85 (12m 29.099s)4,106,890.1014995 months ago
NightSwd85 (12m 44.250s)3,640,936.8010995 months ago
Sabrewizard85 (12m 44.783s)394,711.3226332 months ago
Yarowizard85 (13m 35.449s)3,151,560.0019632 months ago
ZeFrostmonk85 (13m 50.983s)903,546.5417823 months ago
Natteedh85 (14m 25.866s)1,253,357.3213674 months ago
Ombladonwd85 (14m 38.833s)4,773,902.0015104 months ago
ImmortalKimwizard84 (11m 13.650s)3,151,850.8022039 months ago
TickleMebarb84 (11m 48.616s)3,451,944.0013737 months ago
Era022crusader84 (12m 43.050s)132,610.4516484 months ago
Philantrophybarb84 (14m 37.066s)2,719,993.5011751 month ago
Windforcecrusader83 (14m 27.283s)757,763.764303 months ago
Asmortisdh83 (14m 46.766s)5,121,416.2021017 months ago
Stianfgmonk82 (11m 55.166s)2,250,636.009966 months ago
Nephorcrusader82 (12m 11.650s)993,172.4415332 months ago
BenRodesdh82 (14m 32.600s)4,516,442.0013944 months ago
Hicwd81 (13m 2.550s)3,593,844.0014772 months ago
Varmkorvmonk81 (14m 4.016s)3,692,652.0013731 month ago
MistressMdh80 (08m 21.983s)2,623,356.0017131 month ago
Shizjewizard80 (08m 59.833s)2,972,023.2014087 months ago
Krokodilwd80 (09m 37.333s)2,876,924.7013031 month ago
KEnochwd80 (11m 18.433s)3,470,380.0013131 month ago
Ragnardh80 (14m 8.233s)1,007,476.8513755 months ago
Wajecwizard80 (14m 24.116s)2,315,593.8012405 months ago
Oudamwd80 (14m 58.866s)20,759.7016614 months ago
Sheboulbawd79 (13m 16.116s)1,941,806.3016142 months ago
Quincybarb79 (13m 18.966s)2,044,879.2017663 months ago
Tenebralzcrusader78 (11m 57.833s)681,760.2013194 months ago
Havocmonk78 (12m 9.133s)2,658,263.4011914 months ago
Nikotomonk78 (12m 30.316s)3,289,653.6024234 months ago
Empdh78 (14m 1.666s)2,163,396.208291 year ago
Scelldh78 (14m 8.850s)2,624,990.40135510 months ago
AshtarSheranwd77 (11m 52.366s)464.09123022 days ago
Mischadh77 (12m 18.666s)2,132,832.00118610 months ago
Regiusdh77 (12m 19.166s)3,562,336.4011574 months ago
OneWallfreecrusader76 (10m 43.966s)547,614.4310523 months ago
Coquinoumonk76 (13m 44.183s)711,658.089086 months ago
LikeaBeastwizard75 (06m 47.800s)2,832,132.5010802 months ago
NyuuKcrusader75 (07m 3.950s)817,986.4017891 month ago
Akimicrusader75 (08m 55.983s)912,045.609211 year ago
Rabbiiicrusader75 (09m 10.533s)626,803.6613147 months ago
Sycoraxdh75 (09m 54.300s)1,811,850.3012757 months ago
Skywardendh75 (10m 1.716s)3,170,728.0011246 months ago
BABZwizard75 (10m 15.316s)1,116,276.009829 months ago
Freakaloocrusader75 (11m 10.916s)803,010.969929 months ago
Kumilelucrusader75 (12m 31.966s)58,173.1710714 months ago
Lumbarb75 (12m 43.816s)2,834,100.0012612 months ago
Cortezcrusader75 (12m 46.933s)772,610.1310881 year ago
Arirmindwizard75 (13m 47.133s)2,474,484.0012266 months ago
Deathlukasbarb75 (13m 49.166s)1,537,206.308773 months ago
FeliSwd75 (14m 7.900s)1,911,900.008908 months ago
Larkitodh75 (14m 11.500s)1,846,882.409954 months ago
Rawfurywd75 (14m 52.666s)2,367,744.0012979 months ago
Bernarddh74 (08m 7.150s)3,275,237.0014031 month ago
Qwertydh74 (11m 14.399s)2,727,276.0099110 months ago
LAVIDALOCAdh74 (12m 49.000s)2,700,633.608864 months ago
Etaniwd74 (13m 3.200s)1,849,368.009176 months ago
Zhortuldh74 (13m 50.049s)2,061,348.007669 months ago
HusMusencrusader73 (10m 44.733s)668,572.749518 months ago
Cannajomonk73 (11m 33.533s)936,449.0810696 months ago
Destmonk73 (12m 37.849s)1,562,904.0010939 months ago
Facemeltorwd73 (12m 59.183s)2,142,360.0010671 year ago
Slashwd72 (10m 31.983s)3,065,397.40110624 days ago
PaPaGojawd72 (10m 40.199s)3,218,592.0010602 months ago
Raxijabarb72 (11m 14.449s)1,719,336.0099210 months ago
LightBringermonk72 (12m 2.483s)1,606,321.509772 months ago
CallumTaylorwd72 (12m 15.433s)1,464,271.208934 months ago
Delirrdh72 (14m 33.116s)2,987,916.009652 months ago
MSBHwd72 (14m 40.216s)1,908,319.508866 months ago
Pokoucrusader71 (09m 8.916s)96,063.688241 year ago
MeteoRaindh71 (12m 8.766s)1,617,944.808379 months ago
Khorgorbarb71 (14m 5.700s)2,070,844.8013631 year ago
BEZREZENbarb71 (14m 11.516s)3,069,963.60113910 months ago
Rzlwizard71 (14m 17.116s)1,243,708.209041 year ago
Transdecalinwizard70 (04m 31.966s)2,298,270.9012157 months ago
Skajormonk70 (05m 23.366s)2,517,409.3023241 month ago
Dyrvingdh70 (05m 34.800s)757,380.0013532 months ago
Belakkorwizard70 (06m 12.166s)3,272,184.0013323 months ago
LeFr00stwd70 (06m 36.783s)3,105,456.0010687 months ago
Goshandh70 (07m 9.233s)4,141,764.0014271 month ago
BetterRunwd70 (08m 40.000s)3,391,127.4016412 months ago
DrKaufmanwizard70 (11m 18.516s)984,692.4011681 year ago
Boybetaknowcrusader70 (11m 28.266s)46,958.3911603 months ago
Unnecessaryywizard69 (07m 8.450s)1,333,796.806284 months ago
MStennickewd69 (09m 19.033s)2,418,384.008368 months ago
Megadromcrusader69 (11m 5.066s)1,229,469.4816621 month ago
Nessbarb69 (11m 28.800s)2,483,892.0016981 year ago
Loratusdh68 (09m 17.016s)1,726,284.0012724 months ago
ThreeEyemonk68 (13m 33.416s)981,271.4813849 months ago
Oskarwcrusader68 (13m 40.750s)70,656.0110626 months ago
Rangerydh65 (04m 9.116s)3,432,296.0017293 months ago
Black7Xitwd65 (06m 13.200s)1,654,572.009189 months ago
MeKKoZZwizard65 (07m 14.383s)1,854,300.008541 year ago
Zanandh65 (09m 18.350s)1,456,449.6012193 months ago
Phyxioscrusader65 (13m 37.966s)1,313,328.009634 months ago
Azraelwd65 (14m 20.750s)3,121,482.0010681 year ago
HyperFoxmonk65 (14m 33.466s)1,773,365.609459 months ago
SnizzelPWNcrusader64 (12m 25.683s)282,585.287506 months ago
Renuilzdh64 (13m 43.683s)1,619,380.007941 year ago
BK201barb63 (09m 48.116s)692,440.007317 months ago
Panginawizard61 (08m 5.983s)727,478.407895 months ago
Everblackcrusader60 (02m 39.566s)958,533.6715384 months ago
Capspowaacrusader60 (03m 49.116s)529,777.6310857 months ago
Rockawizard60 (05m 54.383s)1,889,339.2013241 month ago
Niklasbarb60 (06m 8.849s)1,329,667.9213041 month ago
Snoweezmonk60 (06m 46.750s)178,663.009164 months ago
Latciibarb60 (07m 53.149s)1,570,816.009664 months ago
Rhaeswynwizard60 (09m 19.016s)421,235.006664 months ago
Mmsdoswizard60 (13m 22.083s)1,319,216.408234 months ago
LeGenDariioOdh58 (13m 21.600s)2,032,843.5097210 months ago
Canisdh57 (14m 25.883s)0.0010671 year ago
Cabanamonk57 (14m 53.150s)878,464.717521 year ago
Insillico78dh55 (05m 31.699s)1,098,748.809546 months ago
Takticbarb55 (11m 46.433s)2,219,219.108261 year ago
Ilovemfbarb54 (02m 53.666s)2,493,070.0021601 month ago
Slamacrusader54 (13m 57.550s)1,993,142.9098728 days ago
Quincywizard50 (02m 11.066s)0.0016881 year ago
Dageredendh50 (08m 50.750s)1,908,492.008941 year ago
Grenchbarb47 (13m 54.750s)1,343,746.807542 years ago
LordDejvbarb47 (14m 8.849s)1,311,475.207842 years ago
Arryasdh37 (13m 16.533s)2,161,436.106782 years ago
Jewhandh37 (14m 36.300s)1,553,456.005332 years ago
Rumcaxbarb24 (08m 19.116s)912,731.753152 years ago
Daydreamzwd1,260,708.009 months ago
McToEzmonk653,386.007971 year ago
Satebarb1,891,345.2010111 year ago
SnusarNdh4,106,592.0010581 month ago
TxGwizard541,073.966154 months ago
Cirindebarb634,808.005171 year ago
Jäkelwd2,082,490.0012581 year ago
DanShamanwd1,152,230.0076611 months ago
Probertmonk1,214,219.704082 months ago
Devizzcrusader1,242,984.004974 months ago
Ignus81wizard827,193.007381 year ago
Graftcrusader794,720.646259 months ago
KunoEnochwd1,377,019.807283 months ago
Agamendorbarb456,218.404461 month ago
Twenmonk814,981.207814 months ago
Zvonzybarb8.127941 year ago
AquuL1337crusader486,573.676791 year ago
Touchmewizard1,495,056.0011432 months ago
Kipewizard1,262,619.606372 years ago
Riverawd3,932,600.0017462 months ago
ScubaGreedwd1,723,018.5010376 months ago
IdanZamirwd1,297,200.0011981 month ago
Alexandersonwizard2,856,337.8010324 months ago
MyVeryBeingwizard7,972.888821 year ago
Moranmoacrusader412,142.647901 year ago
Enigmadh2,166,984.0016541 year ago
Nastyqtcrusader791,081.108171 year ago
Poeschelmonk403,647.218531 year ago
Willeywizard398,208.512672 years ago
Fearlofdh1,556,531.907171 year ago
Avatarbarb1,791,540.008231 year ago
Ragefreakwizard1,558,899.004841 year ago
Narvewd1,035,133.006682 years ago
Hiriyatimonk1,289,368.509871 year ago
Fabfabulousmonk395,305.653901 year ago
Wavewizard2,286,984.0016317 months ago
Redknappcrusader970,446.3612551 year ago
Trelokodosbarb694,701.609432 years ago
Aquiluscrusader399,797.5111343 months ago
Killuimonk2,774,305.5017731 year ago
Nasultwd1,361,324.309012 months ago
Tiestowizard488,527.208311 year ago
Kushawd1,138,415.5664510 months ago
Tidewizard3,219,177.0011467 months ago
Yababarb208,074.0019431 year ago
Asianhostagebarb1,064,851.2794211 months ago
Carousiwizard1,351,932.009214 months ago
ANTROPiAdh1,406,798.208694 months ago
ArlDreammonk1,557,928.009383 months ago
Iissbarb1,773,076.2014791 year ago
PHumikbarb652,717.0012313 months ago
Faraveretewizard1,127,709.608872 months ago
Simseywizard1,282,820.006694 months ago
Iceteawizard1,168,624.537712 years ago
OneManWalkmonk1,823,820.409606 months ago
Suffermandh1,158,534.9011602 years ago
SoHighMoglimonk1,797,984.0011126 months ago