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Diablo Clan <VoiD> VoiD

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Bounties (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)
all classes

    +++---\\ VoiD //---+++

Clan Info/About us:

Our members possess a great knowledge of the game, has a great joy, and love to explore and discover new things all the time. Together we share customer partnerships with each other and are constantly trying to come up with new goals and develop.

We release sometimes weekly and monthly information under clan information, where we share news about the game, tips and tricks. We are also involved in the Diablo 3 community with streaming, forum and posts.

Our three leaders words are: Knowledge, interest and drive.

A brief description of the majority of our members:

We have a wide choice among our players with everything from:
Normal softcore, season softcore,. Greater Rift Players, theorycrafters, explorers and etc, there is always someone to ask and discuss ideas and thoughts with the clan.

Requirements / wants to become a member:

# A total Paragon of 800+

# Active Players
# Main Class
# Kind and respectable against other members
# Great Knowledge about your class and the Game
# Progress intressted
# Ts3 activity
wgr_user. Minimum: Rank 550 (4 men) or Rank 200 (3 men) or Rank 150 (2 men) or Rank 50 (solo) - season or non-season

Recruitment and inquiry:

# Moojjo#2824 - Season Officer
# GajA#2483 - Ns Officer
# Nevetser#2694 - Coleader
# Raa # 2202 - Leader
# or search for VoiD in English Clans in game.

Visit our

Please note!
Some members below are not in the clan anymore or was never part of the clan!
profile administrators: Void_raa
updated 2 years ago by Void_raa

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Cappucicrusader121 (13m 30.216s)0.0024351 month ago
Artcrusader117 (12m 40.116s)0.0025602 months ago
RustyChriswizard105 (13m 39.766s)0.0035271 month ago
Chessmasterdh102 (13m 43.800s)0.0047004 months ago
Sciencemonk100 (06m 18.666s)0.00408220 days ago
UnTouchablenecromancer100 (09m 42.649s)0.001305unknown
Nazgul29necromancer100 (11m 22.849s)0.0004 months ago
Knightbarb100 (12m 16.050s)0.0020002 months ago
Sinisternecromancer100 (14m 33.865s)0.0013872 months ago
Nuclidnecromancer70 (10m 4.033s)0.00253128 days ago
Stamatismonk0.0034765 months ago
Kecksnecromancer0.0026458 months ago
Matasbarb0.007803 months ago
Moriseikdh0.008403 months ago
Max666dh0.0013812 months ago
Becksulinaamonk0.008253 months ago
Stratovariusbarb0.007143 months ago
Danimonk0.006651 month ago
B1ngbarb0.001722 months ago
MaverickEKdh0.0064311 days ago
Butchabarb0.0012292 months ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
CSCicuscrusader114 (12m 25.900s)3,684,341.0020904 months ago
DeeMeRcrusader113 (14m 42.500s)3,305,182.8017496 months ago
No1theRockbarb113 (14m 50.866s)0.0027423 months ago
AnTiRaXdh111 (14m 18.100s)5,594,028.0035064 months ago
Stelldevilcrusader110 (14m 40.099s)3,175,608.0021635 months ago
Chidoribarb107 (14m 43.433s)3,628,992.0015765 months ago
Knightbarb106 (11m 55.283s)4,212,763.2024194 months ago
Cherudh106 (14m 50.583s)1,003,502.0117576 months ago
N0F3aRbarb106 (14m 56.616s)2,692,410.0019305 months ago
Rejektzwd105 (11m 40.433s)2,259,864.0022196 months ago
Rejektzwd105 (11m 40.433s)2,259,864.0022196 months ago
Onduwd103 (14m 4.716s)3,675,574.0017506 months ago
Naptunenecromancer101 (12m 28.433s)3,591,353.4017526 months ago
Keckswizard100 (13m 25.349s)2,144,403.8014615 months ago
AbdulKamoussmonk100 (13m 37.782s)55,677.9422615 months ago
Artdh99 (11m 20.550s)208.9422437 months ago
Gaulothdh20 (09m 55.333s)3,559,812.0015656 months ago
HiCokynTVbarb0.0016841 year ago
Dawndh9.75134 months ago
DjH00krbarb16.225847 months ago
Cappucibarb9.5934936 months ago
Faustmonk322,351.224715 months ago
Gh4ztmonk1,031,751.428176 months ago
KarmaPolicebarb21,803.709164 months ago
Chr1stiannecromancer4,043,830.0020215 months ago
Stamatisbarb153,585.0014054 months ago
Christopherbarb367,852.241967 months ago
Hillexbarb1,348,260.0010587 months ago
Sinistermonk4,919,258.4026495 months ago
Llllbarb146,320.0016865 months ago
Georgebarb144,567.0017145 months ago
Siadh1,855,582.407296 months ago
Pardosdh1,409,297.405905 months ago
MrL1fenecromancer1,755,254.009577 months ago
Saylonecromancer2,882,433.209727 months ago
Petrdh837,268.803386 months ago
FErdaMmtdh4,322,424.0022755 months ago
Alexisdh1,545,340.006215 months ago
Chrisnecromancer3,539,410.0014985 months ago
Becksulinaacrusader392,483.0027255 months ago
Lomaaadh668,162.392434 months ago
Yackydh2,661,970.509347 months ago
RustyChrisdh1,661,013.006285 months ago
MAHARAJAHnecromancer5,461,184.4031475 months ago
NeMEsySdh1,207,850.005847 months ago
Dantonmonk3,188,187.6022675 months ago
NoVanecromancer408,230.445214 months ago
Stratovariusnecromancer1,901,136.009217 months ago
Emsowd2,618,660.4014157 months ago
Foutograffnecromancer2,361,609.2011836 months ago
S0RRYbarb97,193.3014047 months ago
Pacmandh2,340,758.007146 months ago
Danimonk926,485.046474 months ago
UnTouchabledh5,994,692.4030674 months ago
Sciencemonk375,369.6023424 months ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Cappucicrusader97 (13m 45.866s)1,067,063.386648 months ago
MercuryCromenecromancer96 (13m 56.049s)1,551,001.20107410 months ago
Mariachimonk90 (13m 16.183s)123,066.00115210 months ago
TheBeastOnewizard89 (13m 7.449s)1,576,393.0075111 months ago
NeMEsySwizard76 (10m 56.782s)1,012,164.0066111 months ago
Suturanecromancer73 (12m 11.300s)1,797,552.00140110 months ago
APOSTOLwizard70 (05m 51.982s)5,809,452.0029158 months ago
Tornadodh70 (06m 26.116s)1,474,818.7043911 months ago
Pacmandh70 (08m 54.549s)627,605.443911 months ago
Rejektzwd70 (11m 9.616s)1,591,008.0076311 months ago
Rejektzwd70 (11m 9.616s)1,591,008.0076311 months ago
UnTouchablemonk70 (12m 34.466s)2,998,895.2026098 months ago
BULKSEASONbarb70 (14m 28.433s)907,540.8065110 months ago
Foutograffwizard21 (03m 7.233s)2,611,633.5099210 months ago
MaverickEKdh20 (05m 9.033s)0.00100unknown
AnTiRaXmonk9.5922149 months ago
Jekwizard1,134,711.6364311 months ago
KarmaPolicenecromancer1,485,912.00148010 months ago
Penthwd2,752,005.9026168 months ago
Zondermonk9.59152110 months ago
Chr1stianbarb246,943.00124810 months ago
Luvbloodmonk4,619,990.0023318 months ago
Stamatismonk166,914.0015699 months ago
Hillexnecromancer901,542.81115610 months ago
Prototypenecromancer1,823,737.5078810 months ago
Yackywizard125.60153110 months ago
Siabarb13,613.2475510 months ago
MAHARAJAHwizard218.0122589 months ago
Chidoridh85.9713209 months ago
Johncarterwizard1,535,659.3082611 months ago
Llllwizard1,223,040.0071011 months ago
Chrisnecromancer2,864,670.0010228 months ago
Max666barb28,648.4023479 months ago
Knightmonk49,743.5019319 months ago
Nazgul29wizard177.63180810 months ago
Sciencewizard165.53183510 months ago
Becksulinaanecromancer1,914,168.0016079 months ago
N0F3aRbarb89,341.7013519 months ago
Dantonmonk36,320.5015259 months ago
Amarunecromancer1,078,234.5657110 months ago
Freenecromancer4,057,200.0014118 months ago
Emsowizard39,737.8051210 months ago
Ciamanaccebarb115,437.0021499 months ago
Butchamonk263,576.0094710 months ago
Daniwizard1,363,232.0070810 months ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Mariachiwizard102 (13m 1.283s)3,341,999.7017641 year ago
Backermannbarb97 (14m 52.750s)4,054,044.00186811 months ago
Rampgedh96 (14m 35.033s)5,428,196.40155311 months ago
Freakindh91 (14m 42.616s)3,586,876.1011681 year ago
MaverickEKdh67 (08m 57.083s)1,140,158.405441 year ago
Sequenzydh60 (14m 32.666s)1,374,108.006541 year ago
Majesteedh50 (05m 25.400s)1,011,820.803541 year ago
FenrisUlvenwizard3,120,792.001 year ago
Penthwizard348.9924671 year ago
Cappuciwizard223.7622701 year ago
Restromonk155,243.0010771 year ago
Nuclidwd178.5425041 year ago
BRUDDAbarb303,811.209881 year ago
Christopherwd1,056,151.9218431 year ago
KarmaPolicebarb116,787.0017211 year ago
MrL1fewizard123.9317171 year ago
AnTiRaXwizard4,012,596.0001 year ago
Chr1stianbarb96,843.508291 year ago
Knightwizard148.5917291 year ago
Chrisdh9.5924161 year ago
Hillexwd2,531,320.2011481 year ago
Sinistermonk131,404.0010431 year ago
Keckswd1,750,764.0012301 year ago
Georgedh2,588,916.0011901 year ago
FErdaMmtwizard3,070,220.4010981 year ago
Lomaaamonk327,091.0011041 year ago
Badswizard4,225,939.5018731 year ago
Tornadomonk279,628.009841 year ago
Nazgul29wizard180.5019511 year ago
Legolazzwd1,778,072.409591 year ago
Jack205monk1,143,169.205711 year ago
Aliaksdh1,511,494.406581 year ago
Dantondh2,265,291.6010531 year ago
Becksulinaawd1,663,036.9011121 year ago
Max666dh727,197.3722341 year ago
NoVadh2,270,502.5011481 year ago
Chidorimonk53,055.3016471 year ago
Foutograffmonk38,334.5015281 year ago
S0RRYmonk56,352.4016311 year ago
Pacmanmonk256,999.006541 year ago
Ciamanaccemonk244,680.0020901 year ago
CSCicusbarb153,155.0014761 year ago
BULKSEASONcrusader1,128,643.2017161 year ago
Freedh3,318,945.0016081 year ago
Realtecdh2,444,464.0018981 year ago
Butchamonk48,080.0012451 year ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Daniwizard98 (14m 13.583s)86.4211881 year ago
HiCokynTVbarb93 (14m 53.800s)0.0016841 year ago
Impulswizard92 (13m 33.650s)3,311,173.6013051 year ago
Thraummonk78 (13m 50.516s)1,263,992.405661 year ago
Amarubarb75 (14m 6.333s)1,533,228.006571 year ago
Majesteedh70 (09m 32.100s)0.00623unknown
Chr1stiandh70 (09m 33.566s)1,718,389.805961 year ago
MaverickEKdh70 (10m 56.983s)1,864,345.505831 year ago
Christophermonk227,063.009531 year ago
Penthwizard285,405.6016741 year ago
Kecksbarb176,318.0017731 year ago
Nuclidmonk251,449.007611 year ago
Aliaksdh17.245631 year ago
MrL1fewizard1,955,088.0013061 year ago
Sinistermonk355,336.3814171 year ago
MAHARAJAHmonk9.5914041 year ago
S0RRYmonk22.315951 year ago
Zonderwizard1,439,547.0013121 year ago
Georgebarb127,454.008121 year ago
Stelldevilmonk3,204,319.0014781 year ago
MercuryCromemonk1,195,918.8014661 year ago
UnTouchablemonk9.5918121 year ago
Sciencemonk1,437,410.007371 year ago
Badswd2,774,973.0014761 year ago
Legolazzmonk2,159,698.6015381 year ago
Lomaaabarb127,384.007871 year ago
Taiiwd1,019,407.204831 year ago
NoVamonk185,448.007361 year ago
Chrisdh1,854,888.005891 year ago
Backermannwizard1,419,138.8018901 year ago
Suturamonk225,964.007971 year ago
Jack205wd938,314.376251 year ago
Becksulinaawizard178,405.2013861 year ago
Max666wd5,708,748.9017491 year ago
NeMEsySbarb1,574,988.0017481 year ago
Emsowd1,163,521.806311 year ago
Freemonk1,418,134.9011361 year ago
Chidoriwd2,228,016.0014741 year ago
Sequenzymonk903,202.806491 year ago
Foutograffdh2,194,836.009721 year ago
No1theRockwd856,928.0010291 year ago
Burakmonk276,035.0014391 year ago
Stratovariusmonk168,613.0011981 year ago
Pacmanmonk244,332.009351 year ago
Redeemermonk915,223.765001 year ago
CSCicusbarb203,119.0013031 year ago
Ciamanaccemonk2,086,560.0019201 year ago
Butchamonk1,036,823.2020191 year ago
Nazgul29monk1,497,192.0011561 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Komosdh83 (14m 10.800s)3,171,564.009721 year ago
Ciamanaccewd80 (13m 53.483s)4,378,698.6016661 year ago
Sequenzymonk78 (13m 18.766s)1,325,292.006861 year ago
MaverickEKdh75 (08m 49.083s)18.186671 year ago
Danimonk75 (10m 44.366s)1,240,700.046791 year ago
Hillexwd75 (10m 55.133s)1,451,436.006301 year ago
CSCicusdh75 (12m 48.866s)3,358,101.0013631 year ago
Nuclidmonk75 (13m 39.466s)356,901.2317291 year ago
Parasitdh75 (13m 50.066s)1,529,032.20381 year ago
Roidzillawd73 (12m 5.083s)788,289.788141 year ago
Majesteebarb60 (04m 0.433s)822,187.427661 year ago
Pardoswd37 (11m 32.450s)904,515.303551 year ago
MrL1femonk0.0017981 year ago
APOSTOLwizard265.6414001 year ago
MrEiskaltdh1,656,303.605171 year ago
Fanbogomonk325,928.4012021 year ago
Penthbarb243,321.0011911 year ago
MercuryCromewd46.228471 year ago
STAHLMACHTwd3,754,436.0012331 year ago
Majinbuubarb161,740.006241 year ago
Siamonk201,343.0011791 year ago
Georgebarb168,255.0012041 year ago
HiCokynTVwizard220,515.008091 year ago
S0RRYmonk9.5913551 year ago
Anatolmonk3,850,184.8016031 year ago
Burakbarb784,342.0018021 year ago
Lomaaacrusader177,289.0013741 year ago
TheDeanAlexwd1,198,842.006181 year ago
Legolazzdh3,258,630.0012851 year ago
Chrismonk172,088.956641 year ago
Jack205dh1,757,487.2016831 year ago
Stelldevilmonk141,352.0013421 year ago
Taiiwd749,364.184971 year ago
UnTouchablewd175.5117471 year ago
MAHARAJAHbarb300,730.004071 year ago
Becksulinaamonk1,333,551.5010411 year ago
Max666monk2,469,432.3016851 year ago
Yackybarb142,502.528621 year ago
Chidorimonk49,095.1012671 year ago
Emsomonk1,613,390.108541 year ago
Bladebarb221,544.8811611 year ago
BULKSEASONwd2,179,081.2016981 year ago
Foutograffmonk1,576,452.508551 year ago
Nazgul29monk115,357.0012781 year ago
Stratovariusmonk216,090.008671 year ago
Pacmanwd1,119,912.757291 year ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
ChopThePandawizard96 (14m 54.316s)190.4818481 year ago
Ferdyzzwizard90 (11m 39.933s)4,078,038.0014281 year ago
Icandothiswizard90 (12m 39.050s)1,867,634.5016941 year ago
RustyChrismonk89 (14m 36.433s)4,733,588.6015961 year ago
Anatolwd85 (11m 49.383s)3,401,556.0021791 year ago
Idrismonk85 (14m 23.383s)6,388,116.0020251 year ago
Petrbarb80 (13m 6.500s)9.5913671 year ago
Bladedh78 (12m 31.900s)1,175,257.588151 year ago
Carverdh75 (13m 6.550s)1,937,548.806381 year ago
UnTouchablewd75 (14m 20.233s)2,329,033.506671 year ago
Pacmandh72 (10m 22.616s)2,437,812.007351 year ago
Artmonk71 (10m 37.099s)204,126.007191 year ago
Stratovariusmonk60 (11m 23.433s)207,017.006591 year ago
Freemonk60 (14m 51.433s)1,749,267.4012421 year ago
GLaDOSmonk58 (04m 18.283s)0.0013252 years ago
MrNobodymonk3,386,380.0019561 year ago
Valuemonk3,355,083.6011501 year ago
Hillexmonk9.598961 year ago
Nuclidcrusader109.1113181 year ago
IDodh1,087,092.3714061 year ago
IDodh1,087,092.3714061 year ago
Georgebarb9.5914241 year ago
Kecksmonk1,727,543.6014701 year ago
Ithurielmonk2,624,208.0012981 year ago
Stelldevilmonk9.5917801 year ago
Mariachidh646,650.066481 year ago
Rejektzcrusader179,670.0015631 year ago
Rejektzcrusader179,670.0015631 year ago
Max666monk1,330,240.0011291 year ago
NoVabarb106.2116391 year ago
Sinistermonk149,661.007601 year ago
Gaulothmonk167,512.006511 year ago
Zonderbarb1,780,848.0012231 year ago
Saylowd1,809,084.009281 year ago
Legolazzmonk314,628.0017121 year ago
Nazgul29monk93.3813281 year ago
Freakinmonk49,494.2011591 year ago
Danimonk20.786941 year ago
Sepehwizard1,633,215.5015041 year ago
Chidoriwizard97,719.1014001 year ago
Lomaaabarb210,812.948511 year ago
Becksulinaawd1,766,662.1012841 year ago
SARLATANuwd427.595821 year ago
BULKSEASONmonk1,820,001.4011941 year ago
Majesteebarb35,261.9010731 year ago
No1theRockwd1,229,017.209931 year ago
Foutograffbarb1,044,922.2013391 year ago
Burakmonk3,252,597.5016611 year ago
Emsobarb142,955.0016701 year ago
Sciencemonk43,485.806631 year ago
Ciamanaccewizard2,691,156.0016281 year ago
Butchabarb156,517.0013701 year ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Qziwizard100 (14m 23.616s)268,394.6419652 years ago
Jeki13wizard95 (14m 25.066s)4,840,803.0021291 year ago
DvstaRRRwizard95 (14m 40.449s)343,715.2211272 years ago
Butchawd87 (14m 14.716s)323.8912891 year ago
MJaymonk83 (13m 32.750s)452,229.0012892 years ago
Yackybarb83 (14m 4.516s)1,935,225.6010302 years ago
Darkleywd83 (14m 31.466s)3,343,891.8011722 years ago
Abovewd83 (14m 57.800s)264,337.0010932 years ago
Abovewd83 (14m 57.800s)264,337.0010932 years ago
BULKSEASONbarb82 (13m 26.133s)2,430,480.0016222 years ago
Rainbobarb81 (12m 24.583s)1,686,840.007212 years ago
Eakingdevilwizard80 (14m 21.583s)3,336,050.6015142 years ago
Majesteedh73 (14m 22.416s)1,633,548.706272 years ago
Pardosbarb70 (12m 58.900s)16.975482 years ago
Komosdh69 (11m 12.316s)1,882,246.806482 years ago
Stratovariusdh68 (13m 16.633s)1,433,076.005662 years ago
MaverickEKdh60 (04m 46.383s)13.205352 years ago
Backermanndh60 (05m 38.833s)0.00560unknown
FErdaMmtbarb60 (05m 56.699s)554,942.405362 years ago
SORwizard52 (04m 40.500s)1,287,180.007322 years ago
Redeemerbarb50 (04m 1.066s)9.5918862 years ago
Sc3perbarb930,424.807272 years ago
Llllbarb9.5919192 years ago
Petrwizard164.1719802 years ago
Busemonk3,170,126.1020581 year ago
Busemonk3,170,126.1020581 year ago
GLaDOSmonk2,797,632.6014192 years ago
MasakAmonk1,836,776.909602 years ago
Emdoudarmonk2,417,746.8011342 years ago
Akanashbarb147,594.0018151 year ago
Gaddockbarb1,571,484.008152 years ago
GajAwd9.5916702 years ago
Esbiniamonk1,866,468.009452 years ago
Necklacebarb1,365,552.0012642 years ago
DjH00krdh1,172,859.825482 years ago
SoMaRyuShimonk1,587,483.2010272 years ago
Kecksdh979,713.6026451 year ago
Suturawd179,919.328852 years ago
Drudgerdh214,228.8017352 years ago
Hamadabarb2,066,748.0011392 years ago
Christopherwd30,563.4012321 year ago
Sinisterdh1,616,960.107692 years ago
Sepehmonk150,994.009442 years ago
Tornadodh1,326,996.006952 years ago
MAHARAJAHmonk213.2017302 years ago
Anatolmonk1,836,662.6016082 years ago
Chrismonk191,392.0014132 years ago
Legolazzmonk2,403,240.0019192 years ago
Lomaaabarb89,918.7015352 years ago
Knightwizard1,325,458.569002 years ago
Nazgul29barb8.1219251 year ago
Sciencewd9.599172 years ago
RustyChrismonk729,070.005672 years ago
Chidoribarb138,250.0013602 years ago
Taiiwd2,057,962.207512 years ago
Jack205wd121,077.0018292 years ago
Bladewd321,343.0011052 years ago
Amarucrusader194,162.40942 years ago
Cheruwd939,320.44622 years ago
Foutograffwd155,295.0023701 year ago
Emsomonk1,433,215.1012672 years ago
Daniwizard1,157,485.2010372 years ago
UnTouchablemonk170,927.6410282 years ago
Artdh1,625,099.508382 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Lomaaacrusader90 (14m 45.166s)206,411.2028432 years ago
Czncrusader86 (14m 46.533s)148,687.8513452 years ago
Emsowizard84 (13m 41.633s)261.2723642 years ago
Zevionawizard84 (13m 53.200s)3,218,194.5011912 years ago
HeiCloudmonk77 (14m 6.033s)2,961,825.0012402 years ago
Komosdh74 (14m 54.550s)4,460,435.407632 years ago
Psiharisbarb73 (13m 23.733s)2,506,309.0013012 years ago
Hamadadh56 (14m 8.566s)855,999.6016882 years ago
SoMaRyuShiwd9.7525422 years ago
DvstaRRRbarb454,356.002542 years ago
Parasitdh28.027042 years ago
Hillexwd1,467,310.0015352 years ago
Emdoudarbarb22.6314852 years ago
SixtyNinebarb233,016.001842 years ago
Cheffedwizard8.1221282 years ago
Busebarb150.8814702 years ago
Busebarb150.8814702 years ago
Eakingdevilbarb161,661.2421062 years ago
Kraumwizard1,463,670.005922 years ago
MercuryCromecrusader348,382.0016862 years ago
Qziwd148,304.0021742 years ago
Darkleybarb110,379.0011172 years ago
Khandarbarb398,609.007572 years ago
Rampgedh1,574,360.005872 years ago
Majinbuubarb642,426.222872 years ago
Abovemonk151,537.0019572 years ago
Abovemonk151,537.0019572 years ago
Thraumdh978,054.804372 years ago
Alpahcwizard4,755,064.9017032 years ago
Neldariecrusader310,723.923602 years ago
Johncartermonk5,349.8020202 years ago
Jack205barb8.9420952 years ago
Genesiswd225,254.129652 years ago
Neldariecrusader310,723.923602 years ago
Anatolmonk44.8432262 years ago
AmuNdh772,071.602652 years ago
TheDeanAlexwd1,316,009.105142 years ago
Gaulothdh284,545.2020532 years ago
SARLATANubarb11.584922 years ago
Drudgerbarb175,524.0022572 years ago
Ithurielwizard1,765,758.702292 years ago
Pardoscrusader281,395.734842 years ago
Idrisdh1,839,537.706682 years ago
MAHARAJAHwd6,115.086732 years ago
Stelldevilwizard249,637.801142 years ago
Moriseikbarb517,628.001862 years ago
FErdaMmtmonk394,137.701522 years ago
Bladebarb1,643,904.008422 years ago
Sciencemonk9.1213882 years ago
Legolazzwizard938,272.9618172 years ago
Aliaksbarb263,488.008402 years ago
Majesteedh35.0923352 years ago
Becksulinaawizard2,202,960.0017332 years ago
Amarubarb876,230.324862 years ago
Burakdh923,292.4525212 years ago
Foutograffbarb971,626.5018322 years ago
CSCicusmonk1,488,324.0020812 years ago
Butchamonk186.6924872 years ago
Chidoribarb319,239.0013822 years ago
RustyChrisbarb1,828,332.006902 years ago
S0RRYdh1,880,520.006362 years ago
Freedh2,149,282.8018522 years ago
Artcrusader652,777.2610852 years ago
Cherudh398,319.6410102 years ago
Pacmandh1,768,056.005842 years ago
Danidh311,089.2010792 years ago
Redeemerdh4,332,818.4016902 years ago
UnTouchablewizard1,791,780.005772 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Christopherbarb64 (13m 17.416s)559,994.8017202 years ago
Zevionabarb946,194.009032 years ago
HeiCloudmonk246,737.0012612 years ago
Anatolmonk2,553,320.0021152 years ago
GajAwd106.1217562 years ago
Ferdyzzmonk34,446.9018502 years ago
DvstaRRRmonk547,868.403502 years ago
Johncartermonk883,451.362202 years ago
Tornadobarb2,115,344.008972 years ago
Drudgerbarb451,387.6513852 years ago
Saylobarb30.767192 years ago
Lomaaawd2,277,168.0016042 years ago
Jack205barb670,230.6112032 years ago
Legolazzdh1,434,136.6013172 years ago
Max666monk1,012,092.304532 years ago
MAHARAJAHbarb288,629.3012962 years ago
S0RRYmonk3,036,898.7019972 years ago
No1theRockwd747,012.986202 years ago
Burakmonk257,871.0015212 years ago
Dunkelviehbarb1,696,980.0013622 years ago
Emsobarb137,942.0015482 years ago
Foutograffbarb2,197,514.0013392 years ago
Sciencemonk2,433,228.7015322 years ago
Euclidewd2,631,631.1021132 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Lobos187dh924,675.44513 years ago
Raadh385,364.252203 years ago

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
NeMEsySwizard124 (13m 58.966s)0.0046951 month ago
Cappucicrusader123 (14m 15.665s)0.0039303 months ago
Daninecromancer120 (14m 18.316s)0.0073061 day ago
UnTouchablenecromancer119 (14m 32.383s)0.0057076 days ago
RustyChrismonk117 (13m 55.833s)0.0039292 months ago
Ciamanaccenecromancer117 (14m 25.200s)3,031,570.2037597 months ago
Chessmasternecromancer116 (14m 43.000s)2,240,112.0047004 months ago
Artnecromancer115 (13m 36.133s)0.0026463 months ago
Faustcrusader115 (14m 34.083s)3,565,155.4031245 months ago
Realtecwd115 (14m 42.700s)7,616,000.0040845 months ago
S0RRYmonk114 (13m 18.783s)7,454,528.0047485 months ago
DjH00krbarb113 (14m 19.350s)2,521,812.0034655 months ago
Fanbogomonk112 (14m 22.699s)0.0017931 year ago
Taiiwd112 (14m 33.166s)3,881,626.0043925 months ago
Backermannbarb112 (14m 55.533s)2,240,084.00409311 months ago
Chidoribarb111 (13m 25.766s)1,874,166.5030175 months ago
Chrisdh111 (14m 41.016s)0.0056216 days ago
Zonderwd111 (14m 48.233s)0.0034303 months ago
SARLATANubarb111 (14m 59.416s)5,605,905.0031355 months ago
Painwizard110 (13m 2.599s)7,810,502.0037345 months ago
Amarubarb110 (14m 29.933s)4,737,012.0035556 months ago
Sciencemonk110 (14m 41.366s)0.00311020 days ago
Pardoswizard110 (14m 49.150s)4,504,968.0037415 months ago
B1ngbarb110 (14m 56.549s)0.0031519 days ago
Max666monk108 (13m 45.666s)0.0044192 months ago
Knightbarb108 (14m 5.083s)0.0040372 months ago
MAHARAJAHwizard108 (14m 55.166s)6,139,519.4035945 months ago
Sinisterwd107 (11m 44.566s)0.0029383 months ago
Alexisdh107 (13m 35.066s)3,507,602.0040665 months ago
SYSPROGbarb107 (14m 3.150s)2,986,816.0023375 months ago
Parasitwizard107 (14m 11.799s)912,936.0033241 year ago
Llllwd107 (14m 12.283s)0.0028992 months ago
Emesskawd107 (14m 23.616s)6,546,218.0039335 months ago
AnTiRaXdh106 (12m 52.483s)7,241,898.4043177 months ago
Butchacrusader105 (09m 55.083s)0.0045592 months ago
Emsomonk105 (11m 10.716s)5,462,296.0038205 months ago
Stamatisbarb105 (13m 51.550s)4,472,398.0034765 months ago
N0F3aRbarb105 (14m 26.066s)5,035,914.4028705 months ago
BULKSEASONwizard105 (14m 56.699s)4,805,100.00270611 months ago
NoVadh104 (11m 15.116s)6,209,542.2032174 months ago
Jekwizard104 (14m 13.850s)4,393,045.80235311 months ago
Majesteewizard103 (12m 30.150s)6,977,875.8041331 year ago
Becksulinaamonk102 (12m 19.365s)0.0037443 months ago
Petrwizard102 (12m 51.116s)4,413,649.50312511 months ago
Necklacecrusader100 (08m 4.333s)189,061.2215942 years ago
Euclidewd100 (08m 30.433s)0.0044712 months ago
Pacmandh100 (08m 33.549s)9,201,990.0034814 months ago
Foutograffwizard100 (08m 50.700s)5,320,742.0036525 months ago
Stratovariusmonk100 (08m 53.883s)4,322,733.0040245 months ago
CSCicusdh100 (08m 54.966s)7,777,832.5035055 months ago
VerstingeNwizard100 (11m 48.500s)3,815,592.2041214 months ago
Chr1stianwizard100 (12m 18.382s)4,821,492.0030455 months ago
No1theRockbarb100 (12m 45.266s)3,390,936.0021335 months ago
Penthbarb100 (12m 57.883s)2,460,120.0030408 months ago
Nazgul29crusader100 (13m 50.766s)233,074.0842705 months ago
Dantonnecromancer100 (13m 51.116s)6,716,813.6027247 months ago
Matasbarb100 (14m 5.516s)4,397,988.0037097 months ago
Dunkelviehdh100 (14m 41.233s)1,534,372.0024391 year ago
Lomaaacrusader100 (14m 50.566s)1,728,144.0034791 year ago
Aliakscrusader100 (14m 52.850s)2,894,178.0022201 year ago
Sequenzydh98 (12m 30.716s)5,803,731.0028101 year ago
MissVipwd98 (12m 51.000s)5,572,635.1026622 years ago
Mariachimonk98 (14m 40.333s)4,846,486.50314110 months ago
Moriseikwizard97 (10m 48.083s)4,590,389.3032367 months ago
Georgewizard97 (13m 45.533s)3,410,682.8030014 months ago
Badsmonk97 (14m 37.383s)2,163,630.0017091 year ago
DeeMeRwd96 (14m 57.182s)4,259,016.0021447 months ago
Nuclidwizard95 (14m 22.000s)0.00309427 days ago
Rejektzwizard95 (14m 28.600s)1,414,460.0021987 months ago
Rejektzwizard95 (14m 28.600s)1,414,460.0021987 months ago
Johncarterdh95 (14m 35.733s)407,551.00287411 months ago
Carvermonk94 (13m 15.433s)4,477,630.8033791 year ago
MercuryCromemonk94 (14m 18.083s)4,036,541.60209311 months ago
Freakinwd94 (14m 44.950s)4,938,051.2021351 year ago
Tharkunbarb92 (13m 10.783s)4,920,683.4023781 year ago
Suturawd92 (13m 19.816s)1,395,110.00253511 months ago
Majinbuumonk92 (13m 28.300s)4,053,658.0025091 year ago
Komoswizard92 (14m 26.416s)4,760,820.0032351 year ago
Keckscrusader92 (14m 33.300s)1,219,502.9726457 months ago
Tornadodh90 (11m 35.883s)5,596,323.00169911 months ago
IDowizard90 (13m 2.016s)3,460,317.7028991 year ago
IDowizard90 (13m 2.016s)3,460,317.7028991 year ago
Anatolwizard90 (13m 50.916s)5,099,290.0039801 year ago
TheBeastOnemonk90 (14m 5.066s)3,666,546.0017621 year ago
Oktariumbarb90 (14m 33.716s)3,904,294.5028411 year ago
Jack205monk90 (14m 54.750s)1,231,320.0031931 year ago
Stelldevilmonk89 (14m 20.916s)7,149,842.8028125 months ago
TheDeanAlexwd88 (13m 3.283s)4,456,645.8027321 year ago
MasakAwd88 (14m 16.849s)4,478,832.0024552 years ago
STAHLMACHTmonk87 (11m 25.816s)3,684,204.9016451 year ago
FErdaMmtbarb87 (13m 56.349s)2,262,195.0028195 months ago
Roidzillawd87 (14m 52.049s)152,531.8219751 year ago
Freemonk86 (13m 21.450s)7,298,889.0032008 months ago
SeeUrDeathmonk86 (13m 31.783s)3,830,168.0018282 years ago
Burakdh86 (13m 40.116s)8,817,347.4033391 year ago
Gaulothwd86 (13m 47.199s)4,154,268.00241711 months ago
Idrismonk85 (09m 55.666s)9,868,174.8038641 year ago
Drudgerdh85 (10m 52.683s)8,418,965.1029671 year ago
Yackywizard85 (11m 24.650s)2,632,524.0024557 months ago
AmuNbarb85 (13m 8.199s)4,834,702.6017611 year ago
Bladedh85 (13m 14.333s)2,773,332.0018411 year ago
Sepehmonk85 (13m 50.466s)4,894,885.00170211 months ago
SoMaRyuShidh85 (14m 52.483s)5,579,410.0028302 years ago
Akanashwizard83 (13m 19.750s)4,481,694.7022412 years ago
Ferdyzzwizard83 (13m 42.550s)6,947,976.0033461 year ago
Busewizard83 (14m 11.133s)5,526,122.0021711 year ago
Busewizard83 (14m 11.133s)5,526,122.0021711 year ago
Siadh82 (10m 17.733s)1,760,719.00252911 months ago
Hillexwd81 (13m 45.916s)4,517,310.00203611 months ago
Cherudh81 (13m 59.250s)3,244,207.0012467 months ago
Gaddockwizard81 (14m 12.566s)4,707,832.7013772 years ago
Redeemermonk80 (08m 8.700s)0.0060096 days ago
Eakingdevilbarb80 (13m 4.183s)194,545.1021121 year ago
Legolazzwd80 (13m 27.800s)6,003,915.4032451 year ago
Shadowbarb79 (14m 56.433s)3,695,436.0017522 years ago
Psiharisbarb78 (13m 32.050s)1,190,612.8420492 years ago
Qzimonk78 (14m 30.049s)7,247,182.8028192 years ago
Abovewd77 (12m 28.449s)217,117.0020082 years ago
Abovewd77 (12m 28.449s)217,117.0020082 years ago
Kraummonk77 (14m 56.933s)245,781.0013432 years ago
Khandarwizard76 (14m 58.683s)3,235,456.0015982 years ago
GajAwd75 (11m 15.216s)5,914,712.4028741 year ago
Shlomi1991crusader75 (13m 35.200s)933,728.7416431 year ago
Bagai17monk72 (13m 13.083s)3,934,528.5016772 years ago
Darkleybarb70 (11m 10.433s)2,366,580.0011632 years ago
AbdulKamoussmonk70 (11m 18.783s)249,146.0014597 months ago
Sehmonk70 (14m 10.233s)4,272,849.2030802 years ago
SixtyNinewd70 (14m 50.699s)2,778,901.9013822 years ago
Ithurielmonk69 (12m 38.950s)2,270,232.0014222 years ago
Christopherwd65 (06m 14.783s)2,969,665.5029525 months ago
Hamadabarb65 (12m 6.350s)312,908.0020741 year ago
Neldariedh60 (12m 59.083s)1,826,002.8015802 years ago
Neldariedh60 (12m 59.083s)1,826,002.8015802 years ago
HeiClouddh60 (13m 59.316s)3,387,840.0012962 years ago
Alpahcwizard58 (12m 43.716s)1,722,453.6011092 years ago
Rampgecrusader55 (09m 28.383s)849,207.1515871 year ago
Prototypewd49 (14m 30.400s)1,988,870.40131011 months ago
Angryninjabarb45 (13m 18.199s)404.947923 years ago
Silvadh43 (11m 58.100s)3,459,821.2010772 years ago
Komatsubarb42 (10m 55.333s)1,254,816.008443 years ago
Raamonk40 (11m 44.650s)130,601.00157011 months ago
Lobos187crusader39 (14m 29.583s)1,736,409.806883 years ago
Icandothismonk0.0017231 year ago
HiCokynTVmonk0.0016841 year ago
MrNobodywizard3.3821101 year ago
Gh4ztcrusader262.9828367 months ago
Restromonk2,709,154.0014771 year ago
Ondudh3,215,665.2025676 months ago
PorscheSarpwd5,930,401.5025791 year ago
BRUDDAdh3,000,396.0013591 year ago
MJaymonk1,890,510.0027332 years ago
Sehdh3,253,620.0013671 year ago
Dawnbarb1,992,828.0023364 months ago
GLaDOSdh314.5413252 years ago
Sc3perdh1,265,226.305362 years ago
Ragnarwd8,832,530.0044915 months ago
Lylawd7,794,074.4034315 months ago
Abakandh2,906,384.009413 years ago
Yologrumplesmonk2,829,718.808192 years ago
SORwizard1,019,838.005082 years ago
KarmaPolicedh8,533,952.0046754 months ago
Arrowdh3,572,133.2012612 years ago
Czncrusader806,728.379272 years ago
H4adsh0tmonk5,236,612.0024411 year ago
Luvbloodmonk5,535,223.20202410 months ago
Impulswd5,930,401.5025791 year ago
APOSTOLwizard5,770,836.00280610 months ago
DJMascotawd8,935,514.0050514 months ago
Thraummonk1,944,516.0012312 years ago
Christophermonk1,004,317.1626462 years ago
Emdoudarmonk3,136,380.0015372 years ago
Esbiniadh2,193,675.6020432 years ago
Naptunedh2,865,166.209921 year ago
DvstaRRRmonk2,097,312.0011712 years ago
ChopThePandamonk3,100,653.0020102 years ago
Cheffeddh6,857,383.2024241 year ago
Jeki13dh4,000,766.0012792 years ago
Saylodh4,415,434.2016541 year ago
MrL1femonk5,168,157.4031981 year ago
MaverickEKdh0.00569611 days ago