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Diablo Clan <王者> King of the World

Clan Profile

Primary Language: unknown
Recruiting: unknown
profile administrators: none

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Wrobossbarb114 (14m 52.066s)0.0035291 month ago
Hurtmachinemonk104 (14m 26.433s)0.0020021 month ago
SuicuneRid3rwizard100 (12m 4.950s)0.00194211 months ago
AngelofLightcrusader96 (11m 50.416s)0.0022974 months ago
Snoopynecromancer85 (09m 13.166s)0.007153 months ago
熊熊dh78 (06m 31.149s)0.007423 months ago
妖影wizard75 (04m 1.766s)0.002283 months ago
血羅王wizard75 (05m 5.733s)0.003263 months ago
凱莉根dh75 (05m 46.366s)0.005493 months ago
臨兵鬥陣者dh70 (07m 0.883s)0.006613 months ago
Mickeywizard65 (09m 44.516s)0.00196126 days ago
DeadlyShitmonk0.0026656 months ago
Hello383monk0.001202 months ago
愛煞濃necromancer0.009723 months ago
拼圖殺人狂dh0.008211 days ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
DeadlyShitnecromancer116 (14m 39.733s)4,367,879.4022135 months ago
Amenageurnecromancer110 (11m 30.999s)1,392,689.2028225 months ago
Homunculuscrusader110 (13m 0.366s)3,879,840.0023875 months ago
滷雞腳wd102 (11m 52.099s)3,395,675.2014646 months ago
Genoshernecromancer100 (14m 6.333s)3,192,360.0013814 months ago
Tealeavesmonk99 (14m 52.532s)1,757,844.009185 months ago
Garethcrusader92 (07m 28.433s)1,082,552.067495 months ago
CHUNGdh1,963,333.406 months ago
Emperonecromancer1,728,492.008876 months ago
Maseratiwd1,145,943.826355 months ago
Maimaimoonecromancer877,562.005677 months ago
孓孑monk90,230.17155 months ago
Perseidsdh1,585,544.106716 months ago
阿佑necromancer269,896.771405 months ago
Aberrancymonk2,491,622.0014465 months ago
DeadSexydh1,312,514.006397 months ago
CKloveallsdh827,715.333687 months ago
Yiheiyaowd716,852.504486 months ago
Kromwd1,106,515.555814 months ago
Gianne0308crusader792,077.455035 months ago
心靈點滴necromancer39,031.307547 months ago
AngelofLightcrusader1,157,124.156254 months ago
SeaBreezewd386,896.802857 months ago
Bra79dh857,886.477434 months ago
Aphrodotsbarb1,197,811.206096 months ago
Lucioledh2,253,741.006506 months ago
Hide0629necromancer0.006643 months ago
Hurtmachinebarb9.4212097 months ago
ANDYmonk257,637.0011225 months ago
拼圖殺人狂wd8.17476 months ago
Doraemonmonk1,763,847.008227 months ago
Skywingwd2,140,504.007135 months ago
Gardandh3,295,000.7015954 months ago
Juiminliumonk147,081.0010955 months ago
FRENZYbarb796,594.506727 months ago
Waspnecromancer161,012.0025324 months ago
凱莉根dh1,697,524.806566 months ago
Snoopynecromancer744,635.366125 months ago
XENTANIUSdh897,765.005647 months ago
Thornrosewd513,782.04655 months ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Ednarnecromancer96 (14m 16.233s)2,179,894.00100510 months ago
Aphrodotswizard77 (05m 54.966s)1,282,296.008329 months ago
LINdh75 (09m 16.949s)770,961.6061111 months ago
Snoopydh75 (10m 29.482s)1,820,515.5067710 months ago
Tealeaveswizard75 (10m 44.882s)23.2077110 months ago
Zortdh75 (12m 50.749s)23.5557410 months ago
DKeywd75 (13m 3.632s)1,886,685.5064310 months ago
臨兵鬥陣者dh70 (12m 13.866s)3,642,984.0018369 months ago
Genosherwizard1,517,273.806869 months ago
Blinkmonk2,730,248.60113110 months ago
HEXZcellencynecromancer880,629.7535510 months ago
血羅王necromancer771,784.9061411 months ago
Aberrancycrusader307,690.8012710 months ago
滷雞腳barb91,071.707289 months ago
CKloveallswizard913,715.014598 months ago
Luciolewizard1,541,859.206299 months ago
愛煞濃monk123,820.0082110 months ago
Gardandh1,692,660.4092310 months ago
妖影necromancer1,031,159.5253910 months ago
Jskmnecromancer675,636.7844311 months ago
Amenageurmonk153,462.00166810 months ago
Hurtmachinemonk210,469.359229 months ago
Thornrosenecromancer1,096,188.5665910 months ago
拼圖殺人狂necromancer515,564.5510611 months ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Hurtmachinecrusader100 (13m 46.433s)1,251,505.9618681 year ago
Tealeaveswizard96 (14m 55.133s)1,623,060.008611 year ago
SuicuneRid3rwd93 (11m 4.750s)7,403,872.00172211 months ago
豬可殺不可滷wd89 (14m 22.333s)1,678,729.505451 year ago
妖影wizard70 (05m 1.850s)1,182,144.405931 year ago
Gardandh70 (13m 16.966s)1,312,212.5811201 year ago
XENTANIUSdh68 (07m 22.083s)937,785.744341 year ago
FRENZYdh50 (11m 53.283s)695,703.885561 year ago
DeadlyShitbarb64.78172611 months ago
CKloveallsdh22.485741 year ago
滷雞腳dh2,402,727.608551 year ago
HEXZcellencywizard476,931.221721 year ago
台北老虎monk217,695.602691 year ago
SeaBreezemonk262,409.00150111 months ago
愛煞濃dh253.86117411 months ago
Aphrodotsbarb147,418.0013771 year ago
Ednarmonk195,241.008581 year ago
Doraemonmonk227,663.0014311 year ago
拼圖殺人狂dh8.412601 year ago
Alan1902wizard1,427,554.806471 year ago
Marsukedh1,404,673.116021 year ago
Amenageurbarb113,897.0023051 year ago
Jskmbarb675,113.403051 year ago
Hide0629wd1,530,032.007481 year ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SpikeMonkmonk76 (11m 39.550s)4,307,957.5014631 year ago
Juiminliucrusader75 (13m 7.433s)504,138.128601 year ago
妖影dh70 (08m 37.500s)1,620,216.006381 year ago
滷雞腳monk9.5912331 year ago
DeadlyShitmonk3,343,442.0015111 year ago
臨兵鬥陣者dh2,372,520.007351 year ago
CaptainSidwd1,415,029.007731 year ago
Tealeaveswd1,609,891.506681 year ago
Gianne0308dh796,653.203051 year ago
Aphrodotsmonk135,311.0010791 year ago
SeaBreezewd1,832,864.005661 year ago
台北老虎wd99,612.121061 year ago
拼圖殺人狂wd8.251271 year ago
愛煞濃monk1,704,304.006641 year ago
Doraemonbarb223,702.0012141 year ago
Waspbarb1,989,300.0014821 year ago
Jskmbarb320,249.326431 year ago
Gardanbarb198,813.567271 year ago
Hurtmachinemonk2,363,550.0011801 year ago
Amenageurmonk5,973,590.7018771 year ago
Thornrosewd1,281,300.006601 year ago
Snoopywd1,747,848.206101 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Waspbarb91 (14m 23.833s)3,198,480.0014231 year ago
XENTANIUSdh76 (12m 53.733s)4,278,410.406951 year ago
妖影dh75 (10m 4.550s)1,478,580.005961 year ago
血羅王wd75 (10m 8.933s)1,133,709.606731 year ago
Juiminliudh75 (10m 52.016s)5,040,048.008021 year ago
Gardandh75 (12m 2.533s)1,520,400.004571 year ago
Hurtmachinemonk75 (13m 26.449s)1,972,788.0010461 year ago
Gianne0308wd75 (13m 30.833s)25.626311 year ago
Thornrosewd71 (13m 44.816s)33,682.906701 year ago
Tealeavesmonk70 (11m 19.133s)607,909.765691 year ago
Snoopywd65 (07m 38.216s)1,507,016.005851 year ago
LINcrusader60 (03m 57.316s)251,170.926221 year ago
熊熊dh60 (04m 21.950s)1,599,396.005191 year ago
Jskmdh30 (04m 58.883s)425,335.556151 year ago
亞拉臘山wd594,888.982201 year ago
阿佑monk225.049321 year ago
HEXZcellencywd1,815,844.807471 year ago
滷雞腳wizard1,284,456.008611 year ago
宇宙翱翔wd1,322,954.205291 year ago
豬可殺不可滷barb61,437.146151 year ago
SeaBreezedh2,743,009.5014451 year ago
Aphrodotsmonk215,332.009011 year ago
Amenageurbarb9.5916291 year ago
Bra79dh1,858,470.006841 year ago
漓娜wd1,599,966.905801 year ago
Snakewd1,313,292.802911 year ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
妖影wd75 (13m 23.333s)1,620,635.606051 year ago
熊熊dh75 (14m 46.733s)1,064,299.116641 year ago
Tealeaveswizard75 (14m 52.200s)1,213,196.407161 year ago
LINcrusader60 (05m 50.833s)257,735.256281 year ago
SeaBreezedh1,070,441.7610771 year ago
愛煞濃wd9.318071 year ago
Gardanbarb9.5913221 year ago
Amenageurmonk93.0818271 year ago
Bra79monk222,886.668171 year ago
Hurtmachinecrusader7.8016201 year ago
Strucknbarb184,266.007331 year ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Amenageurdh90 (14m 24.333s)977,598.0014732 years ago
FRENZYwizard90 (14m 28.750s)645,392.128792 years ago
妖影wd75 (11m 18.633s)1,668,694.505962 years ago
DKeydh75 (12m 39.400s)2,391,852.006432 years ago
Waspdh75 (13m 33.350s)1,984,428.006942 years ago
XENTANIUSdh74 (11m 32.033s)2,026,236.006502 years ago
Gardandh72 (14m 38.883s)916,574.008512 years ago
LINcrusader60 (07m 41.483s)261,957.155672 years ago
阿佑monk264,608.0030161 year ago
心靈點滴barb255,279.009392 years ago
SeaBreezebarb613,763.0010831 year ago
Aphrodotsmonk169,026.009452 years ago
Wrobosswizard11,449.9042 years ago
Alan1902dh1,673,110.205162 years ago
Marsukedh2,363,998.506442 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Gianne0308wizard13.365992 years ago
Alan1902dh22.365522 years ago
CKloveallsdh792,150.005552 years ago
Aphrodotsdh3,990,816.0022142 years ago
Bra79wd1,645,808.006072 years ago
AngelofLightbarb638,078.766752 years ago
Amenageurwd167,008.005932 years ago
Sandrosedh442,756.924882 years ago
Megadragon85dh995,358.004362 years ago
熊熊crusader477,154.805802 years ago
Doraemonbarb1,559,096.005962 years ago
豬可殺不可滷crusader381,940.8015252 years ago
MonkFunwd1,025,884.8013952 years ago
妖影dh2,238,828.006452 years ago
DKeywizard1,392,744.005452 years ago
拼圖殺人狂wd106.274872 years ago
Snoopywd1,823,892.005322 years ago
Hurtmachinemonk420,308.0025672 years ago
Juiminliuwd106,527.0016152 years ago
Snakedh1,814,964.004832 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Doraemonwd263.428862 years ago
Ednarmonk647,628.006692 years ago
妖影monk917,562.5910602 years ago
拼圖殺人狂wd4,330.111132 years ago
Snoopymonk317,666.008172 years ago
漓娜wd560,135.38502 years ago
Hide0629monk3,000,872.7010562 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Hionpotusecrusader125 (14m 29.866s)0.00550613 days ago
滷雞腳necromancer122 (13m 8.016s)3,253,860.0043434 months ago
FarAwaywizard122 (14m 22.400s)0.0050521 month ago
妖影necromancer120 (14m 24.150s)9,111,589.0050814 months ago
Wrobossbarb119 (13m 54.816s)0.0042881 month ago
拼圖殺人狂wd118 (14m 55.050s)0.00654410 days ago
DeadSexynecromancer117 (13m 49.315s)2,808,596.0045105 months ago
DeadlyShitnecromancer117 (14m 31.716s)4,173,276.0026655 months ago
Strucknmonk115 (13m 17.916s)6,082,584.6031435 months ago
血羅王necromancer115 (13m 58.016s)7,235,544.0051295 months ago
Marsukenecromancer115 (14m 3.933s)5,131,840.0039384 months ago
Sokonbarb115 (14m 4.250s)2,514,428.0038804 months ago
AdBnecromancer115 (14m 17.433s)2,122,056.0026095 months ago
Kromwd115 (14m 22.533s)8,570,200.2045424 months ago
Evenstarbarb115 (14m 22.900s)6,378,084.0035034 months ago
漓娜necromancer115 (14m 45.882s)8,307,988.3051514 months ago
Luciolewizard114 (13m 19.566s)6,541,572.8046775 months ago
AngelofLightcrusader114 (13m 55.483s)3,855,492.0022974 months ago
SeaBreezewd114 (14m 13.783s)7,749,634.5041035 months ago
豬可殺不可滷wd112 (13m 53.115s)3,460,380.0043385 months ago
Archaelbarb112 (14m 27.533s)0.0069248 days ago
Racerandomcrusader112 (14m 30.083s)3,281,287.0022835 months ago
Ericdh111 (14m 52.250s)8,719,305.6040084 months ago
Genoshernecromancer110 (11m 30.650s)5,351,685.8028034 months ago
Sandrosenecromancer110 (13m 29.583s)5,063,186.2035665 months ago
Irtjames14necromancer108 (13m 39.516s)3,196,102.0027354 months ago
Garethwizard108 (13m 39.866s)6,116,656.0024395 months ago
Hide0629crusader108 (14m 37.982s)2,875,668.0031964 months ago
Thornrosecrusader108 (14m 50.032s)3,962,007.0034445 months ago
Ascensionbarb108 (14m 56.516s)4,861,302.6035034 months ago
Gianne0308monk107 (13m 18.383s)4,707,105.0032845 months ago
Juiminliucrusader107 (13m 51.533s)3,776,160.0044465 months ago
Snakedh107 (13m 56.249s)6,200,306.0027075 months ago
LouisLuodh107 (14m 24.149s)8,003,044.0035105 months ago
Perseidswd107 (14m 54.382s)6,986,181.7040684 months ago
TryMewizard106 (11m 2.933s)4,196,376.1024754 months ago
Aberrancywizard106 (13m 58.149s)4,531,044.0021055 months ago
FRENZYcrusader105 (10m 58.866s)3,170,064.0035125 months ago
Blinkbarb105 (12m 33.466s)111,162.0032914 months ago
Maimaimoonecromancer105 (13m 32.566s)6,698,699.4034444 months ago
Emperocrusader105 (13m 40.666s)4,170,324.0035255 months ago
熊熊crusader105 (14m 2.683s)0.0043523 months ago
Alan1902dh105 (14m 14.850s)6,037,092.6032725 months ago
Hello383wd105 (14m 18.400s)0.0048642 months ago
MonkFunnecromancer104 (12m 59.349s)348.2429394 months ago
Yiheiyaowizard104 (13m 34.066s)3,283,597.0018195 months ago
Embedded99wizard104 (14m 29.983s)1,465,764.4021357 months ago
XENTANIUSmonk103 (10m 47.366s)4,882,978.2037766 months ago
Mickeywizard103 (13m 0.949s)0.00259026 days ago
Christmcdh102 (14m 43.866s)5,497,917.9036745 months ago
Greyghostmonk101 (13m 26.633s)1,439,856.0016374 months ago
DKeywd101 (13m 51.333s)5,639,452.4040525 months ago
Hurtmachinecrusader100 (06m 35.166s)5,380,018.0055815 months ago
Gardandh100 (07m 20.849s)8,034,023.2036605 months ago
ANDYmonk100 (07m 47.116s)5,432,356.8044475 months ago
Megadragon85wizard100 (08m 51.449s)2,938,657.4036105 months ago
Jskmcrusader100 (09m 33.400s)4,823,868.0039734 months ago
凱莉根dh100 (09m 54.433s)7,709,466.6038515 months ago
Bra79dh100 (11m 6.333s)5,576,693.6032014 months ago
Waspbarb100 (11m 30.116s)5,165,552.0030854 months ago
Tealeaveswd100 (12m 47.450s)14,186,218.5045255 months ago
Amenageurdh100 (14m 4.849s)7,456,428.0037777 months ago
Od1ndh100 (14m 55.166s)5,799,266.0026996 months ago
Snoopycrusader99 (04m 22.733s)4,722,984.0041564 months ago
Skywingwizard97 (09m 30.416s)4,599,021.5024946 months ago
阿佑wizard97 (10m 20.983s)4,672,125.9030165 months ago
Pkstarnecromancer95 (04m 57.416s)3,190,080.0026124 months ago
Johnymonk95 (14m 36.466s)2,192,695.8010131 year ago
NAGATOnecromancer91 (05m 3.700s)4,382,256.0038866 months ago
Ashitakacrusader90 (03m 10.633s)3,242,476.3019764 months ago
Doraemonwizard90 (08m 19.416s)2,595,204.0027097 months ago
Aphrodotswizard90 (10m 2.366s)4,333,548.0030987 months ago
HEXZcellencywizard90 (11m 5.449s)7,082,677.7047044 months ago
亞拉臘山wd90 (13m 30.266s)3,000,468.0011881 year ago
愛煞濃monk90 (14m 17.100s)0.0025353 months ago
心靈點滴wd88 (14m 16.049s)5,675,022.50268111 months ago
LINcrusader85 (09m 34.916s)217,000.08351811 months ago
Ednarcrusader85 (11m 13.533s)1,552,932.00170711 months ago
CKloveallsmonk80 (13m 2.300s)3,972,624.0044995 months ago
Homunculusmonk77 (03m 11.250s)4,231,382.4020417 months ago
SpikeMonkmonk77 (05m 31.716s)3,124,278.6031974 months ago
PavloGolubevwizard0.0065018 days ago
Zortbarb9.5936269 months ago
CHUNGwd2,800,130.406 months ago
SuicuneRid3rnecromancer3,522,936.00194211 months ago
BubotheOwlmonk9,139,150.8042616 months ago
孓孑dh3,661,820.4021274 months ago
Divinemonk7,828,912.0046055 months ago
ISKwd8,825,471.5043524 months ago
臨兵鬥陣者dh8,410,980.0040115 months ago
CaptainSidwd3,406,036.5016377 months ago
台北老虎monk6,905,676.00357211 months ago
宇宙翱翔monk2,609,991.3019644 months ago
PavloGolubevcrusader287,192.0055181 year ago