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Diablo Clan <TAW> The Art Of War

Clan Profile

Primary Language: unknown
Recruiting: unknown
profile administrators: none

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Serrobarb45 (04m 36.116s)934,449.6022727 days ago
Poonerswd45 (05m 11.416s)1,279,904.5059513 days ago
KosherCashewwd33 (05m 3.416s)1,192,976.407373 days ago
Ednugwd741,761.0023823 days ago
Ellstamonk591,195.5728119 days ago
LordCuedh1,498,446.606399 days ago
Xddbielwizard1,187,710.445644 days ago
Muntakadh2,413,692.008236 days ago
Gunner07dh3,542,073.6010273 days ago

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Melakaimonk80 (11m 57.100s)1,019,285.1011303 months ago
I0IGODI0Iwd75 (13m 29.433s)1,711,292.008442 months ago
Bubucrusader72 (09m 48.616s)563,406.007871 month ago
Jeffersonwd71 (14m 22.016s)1,499,138.206212 months ago
Aphyraxwizard70 (10m 21.733s)896,849.565762 months ago
DateSamabarb70 (12m 2.283s)1,336,068.007341 month ago
DooBDruBdh70 (12m 25.866s)1,236,005.407171 month ago
Gunner07dh69 (13m 56.633s)2,134,363.208843 months ago
Vapalawd67 (08m 48.566s)1,688,740.907773 months ago
ItsJoeRogandh67 (12m 51.900s)1,431,036.005933 months ago
Cmcccdh65 (07m 27.866s)1,511,160.307121 month ago
Dritzwizard64 (09m 24.683s)1,393,070.007221 month ago
MOrSbarb61 (07m 4.816s)468,345.805663 months ago
Bloouewd60 (07m 0.133s)1,008,885.578233 months ago
StayDankmonk55 (07m 9.383s)607,388.005612 months ago
Marcbarb53 (06m 44.916s)959,083.207913 months ago
Melkorcrusader50 (04m 29.433s)268,330.725312 months ago
Maklinwizard45 (03m 39.200s)980,040.359643 months ago
Uglythingdh45 (06m 42.783s)994,485.004263 months ago
Caseywizard35 (04m 52.016s)989,436.003893 months ago
DeathRAWKSwd30 (08m 37.233s)497,530.804282 months ago
Ednugwd21 (10m 46.466s)0.004863 months ago
Bilbowizard20 (05m 21.750s)142,875.002023 months ago
DarkMartyrdh494,984.073 months ago
IsuxUroxdh2,273,836.407413 months ago
EtaCarinaedh893,324.605551 month ago
LilChalupadh234,053.004552 months ago
Xddbielwd221,244.006293 months ago
CAVALIERdh880,302.006562 months ago
Sliverwolfdh654,211.003962 months ago
Justiciardh199,015.001243 months ago
KopfJagermonk18.358893 months ago
Muntakacrusader49,436.407972 months ago
Garrgoyledh480,818.311393 months ago
Gate3535wd496,237.006893 months ago
DarkWeedzdh1,129,609.284252 months ago
Serrobarb1,832,611.5011921 month ago
TigerAcewizard719,127.208462 months ago
Mezmerizewd184,749.8873 months ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Yuxiaodh75 (13m 31.900s)2,186,112.006954 months ago
Ednugmonk229,584.327744 months ago
Xddbielmonk214,476.006595 months ago
Fe2O3wd550,373.003595 months ago
Crosswizard1,433,051.006514 months ago
Gunner07barb344,768.1610345 months ago
JJSTRATOdh294,041.00256 months ago
Maklinwizard589,250.61745 months ago
Khaidh541,303.203856 months ago
JakEwizard2,444,954.4011824 months ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Lhasawd75 (13m 10.783s)1,489,908.005838 months ago
Fe2O3wd964,774.802017 months ago
Muntakamonk41,297.519716 months ago
Gunner07wizard1,447,411.6012908 months ago
Khaidh1,633,025.105978 months ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
GEOistheONEmonk70 (12m 7.666s)1,942,728.5084011 months ago
I0IGODI0Iwd70 (13m 28.933s)1,002,657.156089 months ago
Crosscrusader63 (14m 3.883s)716,857.0048511 months ago
SNOMANX3wizard62 (07m 1.050s)787,722.8880611 months ago
Xddbielmonk60 (04m 21.950s)952,013.0972611 months ago
MOrSbarb60 (06m 7.866s)1,112,127.6051711 months ago
FREEmaxwd60 (07m 53.000s)1,331,951.4080611 months ago
Uglythingwd50 (09m 28.033s)670,347.9939211 months ago
Idababwd39 (08m 17.916s)867,932.4828411 months ago
Willcrusader30 (08m 37.016s)312,554.9757311 months ago
Honestlydudewizard51.3183411 months ago
Gunner07dh11.032079 months ago
Muntakamonk683,030.005961 year ago
Vetandadh709,295.851109 months ago
Jabzrielmonk10.3581610 months ago
JulioFoxxdh1,776,960.007179 months ago
DeathRAWKScrusader353,140.2733110 months ago
ManicGhostmonk221,214.0058011 months ago
Bloouewd307,091.461691 year ago
KopfJagerbarb1,142,757.3071910 months ago
Lockzilladh1,441,916.5042010 months ago
Melkmanndh634,624.20111511 months ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
AppleCowizard75 (14m 19.116s)1,371,158.108611 year ago
Lhasadh345,855.646971 year ago
Floodwd1,157,262.585561 year ago
CAVALIERbarb680,282.501741 year ago
KosherCashewdh1,238,920.905171 year ago
Poonerscrusader327,725.005931 year ago
天竺鼠dh804,748.007551 year ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
CAVALIERbarb620,552.007211 year ago
天竺鼠monk417,018.847591 year ago
Jeffersondh376,618.326331 year ago

Roster Season 3 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 2 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 1 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Non-Season (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
SleepWalkercrusader100 (14m 57.316s)3,343,424.0025201 month ago
Honestlydudewizard93 (13m 19.433s)2,463,912.0019847 months ago
Serrobarb89 (14m 34.866s)2,976,796.6014391 month ago
Aphyraxmonk87 (13m 40.383s)3,851,344.0013776 months ago
Gunner07crusader86 (13m 43.866s)1,030,378.44176829 days ago
Melakaimonk83 (12m 17.650s)3,457,884.3014041 month ago
Bubudh82 (12m 11.583s)2,187,324.0013351 month ago
John83crusader82 (13m 46.400s)124,724.38114214 days ago
MOrSbarb82 (14m 1.933s)2,876,182.4011121 month ago
ChairStackercrusader81 (11m 23.783s)731,081.80118410 days ago
Khaicrusader80 (05m 19.600s)157,887.6520066 months ago
Jabzrielwizard80 (06m 49.916s)252,534.5010002 months ago
Melkmanndh80 (13m 36.449s)4,061,328.0017781 month ago
Bloouewd80 (13m 53.266s)3,226,824.0010831 month ago
Ffabraowd80 (14m 2.816s)4,328,052.60149911 months ago
KopfJagermonk79 (12m 36.583s)2,351,718.6012071 month ago
BarbarianKandh79 (14m 39.699s)1,666,309.4010911 month ago
Mrduckywd76 (11m 10.933s)2,220,599.5011104 months ago
FREEmaxwd76 (11m 49.250s)3,179,200.4010242 months ago
Melkorcrusader75 (07m 13.600s)129,919.2012341 month ago
Fizzlesprigcrusader75 (08m 22.816s)125,100.8011826 months ago
DateSamadh75 (08m 29.000s)2,874,624.0011101 month ago
Hazemakerdh75 (10m 57.533s)2,541,947.10140219 days ago
Maklinwd75 (11m 44.466s)2,884,608.0011601 month ago
JeanbuteOstiwizard75 (13m 45.016s)2,568,156.0010263 months ago
Yuxiaocrusader75 (14m 18.966s)77,390.9710035 months ago
LLChickenwd74 (12m 53.833s)1,990,356.009323 months ago
Huckjaidh74 (14m 16.583s)2,835,894.0010111 year ago
Dritzwizard73 (11m 25.983s)2,595,210.0011201 month ago
Agent0rangedh72 (08m 39.349s)2,552,148.009991 month ago
Lockzilladh72 (10m 17.833s)3,075,540.008637 months ago
Voidcrusader72 (12m 2.016s)791,736.2486815 days ago
AllenROTHcrusader71 (12m 8.933s)418,844.407387 months ago
BrownieMixdh70 (03m 51.016s)1,419,277.3010071 month ago
I0IGODI0Icrusader70 (06m 8.700s)175,175.82160820 days ago
GEOistheONEcrusader70 (06m 37.200s)93,433.44116118 days ago
Willcrusader70 (06m 41.799s)662,140.8012257 months ago
JakEwizard70 (08m 31.716s)2,410,030.0014053 months ago
Gate3535wd70 (09m 1.416s)1,472,088.009367 days ago
ItsJoeRogandh70 (09m 32.650s)2,140,599.208941 month ago
Mapchicowd70 (12m 27.249s)1,878,300.009123 months ago
DeathMakerdh70 (13m 51.500s)1,548,552.108485 months ago
Stephenrc87barb69 (13m 51.216s)1,353,861.208206 months ago
SNOMANX3wd68 (11m 53.199s)1,197,723.1210674 months ago
THE5RINGSmonk68 (13m 50.199s)477,498.008458 months ago
CLOWNAG3wd67 (10m 14.300s)1,682,328.005421 year ago
Abomb77barb67 (10m 50.533s)1,698,699.607575 months ago
RaptorJezusdh67 (13m 0.866s)2,186,424.006741 year ago
TigerAcebarb66 (10m 17.733s)1,477,690.00128326 days ago
OyTheBumblermonk66 (10m 18.283s)1,171,015.567506 months ago
VeggieD3wd66 (12m 18.683s)1,055,173.707798 months ago
Justiciarwd66 (12m 53.733s)1,592,267.609106 months ago
Dbizz11wd65 (06m 25.583s)1,199,560.006379 months ago
Chacalusdh65 (06m 30.100s)2,352,900.008841 year ago
Scaithewd65 (07m 59.733s)1,647,675.908324 months ago
Vapalabarb65 (07m 59.750s)1,307,691.007163 months ago
Kapteurwd65 (08m 11.616s)1,228,740.007554 months ago
Cmccccrusader65 (08m 13.016s)574,695.809531 month ago
Sinsealdh65 (10m 49.933s)1,399,106.808371 month ago
Threenilbarb65 (11m 18.716s)712,655.0067210 months ago
DidDieAlotdh65 (11m 36.600s)0.009328 months ago
Hulkcrusader65 (12m 47.616s)394,745.136579 months ago
Pravdabarb64 (09m 16.783s)1,475,654.406199 months ago
ManicGhostmonk64 (10m 56.766s)1,637,317.608275 months ago
Fe2O3crusader64 (12m 11.083s)337,090.607493 months ago
KosherCashewmonk63 (08m 57.283s)1,325,888.747791 month ago
MonstaxDwd63 (10m 22.383s)1,068,883.167374 months ago
Garrgoyledh63 (11m 12.316s)959,083.008892 months ago
Stormydh63 (12m 20.833s)1,350,360.007201 month ago
天竺鼠dh62 (05m 11.483s)2,861,628.708933 months ago
Bilbobarb62 (07m 21.100s)1,616,706.007756 months ago
FREEwolfwd62 (11m 53.050s)2,035,248.0077711 months ago
Crosscrusader61 (10m 25.099s)1,084,801.2073810 months ago
Thanatosdh60 (05m 50.483s)1,955,335.806434 months ago
Caseydh60 (07m 10.516s)1,520,004.005892 months ago
Flooddh60 (07m 38.283s)158.3410621 year ago
Barbarianbarb60 (08m 29.133s)2,061,912.0076110 months ago
Ednugwd60 (08m 50.516s)1,632,252.006273 months ago
Sindrobarb60 (09m 2.450s)1,377,852.0072225 days ago
Lhasawd60 (09m 2.500s)1,185,467.4057611 months ago
Odinbarb60 (09m 15.583s)1,153,724.406009 months ago
DarkWeedzbarb60 (10m 34.583s)2,703,596.7012002 months ago
Smileypetedh60 (12m 31.566s)1,243,800.006871 year ago
LordCuedh59 (07m 27.883s)1,254,180.4055911 months ago
JJSTRATOdh58 (04m 26.950s)2,695,548.0010348 months ago
Polvenomdh58 (05m 26.966s)1,995,028.007798 months ago
DruBwd57 (11m 40.266s)1,282,716.007637 months ago
Bossdh56 (09m 36.100s)1,348,663.045534 months ago
Minawizard56 (10m 12.516s)1,035,196.8010462 months ago
Wolfwoodmonk56 (11m 31.483s)1,674,980.587381 year ago
Xddbielbarb55 (02m 50.050s)1,026,635.618401 month ago
Wyattdh55 (04m 6.733s)1,542,913.906828 months ago
Wiltong2710crusader55 (06m 16.000s)648,733.408417 months ago
Plasmicmonk55 (08m 44.983s)1,481,097.807505 months ago
BoAdh55 (08m 57.416s)666,847.205291 year ago
CalamityVdh55 (09m 4.116s)1,045,623.9671829 days ago
Monziebarb55 (09m 18.766s)1,097,843.764831 month ago
Aleriuswd54 (12m 46.833s)1,713,612.007391 year ago
EdgeWalkerwd53 (05m 14.549s)1,022,854.807804 months ago
Mezmerizewd53 (11m 9.583s)1,545,588.506491 year ago
DooBDruBbarb52 (13m 13.616s)1,364,528.4010404 months ago
Drezdeinbarb51 (09m 47.283s)785,671.325144 months ago
EllisDdh51 (11m 4.483s)2,343,178.606061 year ago
Jeffersonwizard50 (02m 41.650s)591,216.008501 year ago
Virusstbarb50 (04m 1.083s)714,249.907313 months ago
MrIronkiddh50 (04m 38.116s)745,221.925964 months ago
Facedh50 (04m 56.283s)1,249,452.006201 year ago
PataponHeromonk50 (06m 7.899s)518,180.005334 months ago
MB3NSLP8DEcrusader50 (06m 49.350s)480,668.407318 months ago
MrJuskzmonk48 (05m 18.133s)597,098.645018 months ago
Philbertwd48 (11m 17.483s)291,850.8046610 months ago
Xmanwizard48 (13m 28.250s)863,354.006674 months ago
Benwizard45 (04m 43.233s)1,517,464.206601 year ago
AppleCodh45 (05m 4.299s)1,462,449.206311 year ago
Zavierbarb45 (06m 46.933s)597,659.006379 months ago
Idababcrusader45 (07m 44.799s)760.897039 months ago
Prometheuswd45 (08m 10.083s)192,289.0083410 months ago
DjoeJoewd43 (07m 39.333s)1,164,395.963271 year ago
Windirwizard40 (04m 27.100s)1,164,361.604091 year ago
CAVALIERbarb40 (04m 29.033s)832,714.808521 month ago
Torthbarb40 (04m 49.850s)705,301.744801 year ago
Darkistsoulbarb40 (05m 2.650s)311,959.207236 months ago
Gooberdh40 (10m 27.099s)1,675,996.007031 year ago
Silentopwizard40 (11m 15.516s)841,550.043911 year ago
Joebarb35 (02m 34.549s)1,392,210.106161 year ago
Poonerscrusader35 (06m 22.299s)608,600.703568 months ago
Lenogenwizard35 (13m 29.850s)1,449,840.009341 year ago
Freefrosty1dh31 (11m 20.799s)1,563,362.506052 years ago
Rb20detwizard30 (05m 20.633s)1,102,400.008841 year ago
LucidxDreamRcrusader23 (08m 4.666s)449,895.4274010 months ago
JulioFoxxwizard20 (09m 20.916s)1,813,860.007599 months ago
AFDave85dh20 (10m 37.033s)1,329,889.774532 years ago
Sliverwolfdh19 (04m 21.883s)975,457.005938 months ago
LeJockermonk15.643576 months ago
XeroDuskcrusader379,502.002892 months ago
LilChalupawizard743,155.924784 months ago
EtaCarinaewizard790,574.801282 months ago
Uglythingbarb736,635.006221 year ago
AmBADASSadorwd2,344,958.0010418 months ago
IsuxUroxwd1,762,020.007039 months ago
Vintherdh363,035.792144 months ago
Ellstamonk568,948.7060616 days ago
MagicTurtledh815,656.005847 months ago
Whodatdaredh2,470,272.0011171 month ago
Silvertonebarb363,155.401854 months ago
Ketapsimonk343,338.805544 months ago
CatseatNemo5dh864,129.212969 months ago
Onenone666wizard706,630.244907 months ago
Swsebwizard545,839.914763 months ago
Tathskbarb837,644.576661 year ago
Vetandadh1,942,717.707381 year ago
XZANZIBARZxwizard477,160.146071 month ago
Fearlesswizard1,733,585.2022291 month ago
Winkwizard1,151,949.048091 year ago
SickChickwizard662,832.0043310 months ago
Mminton94wizard1,189,231.208951 year ago
DeathRAWKSwd1,133,014.9292413 days ago
Quobiecrusader387,302.7527210 months ago
Darkendonedh886,574.995785 months ago
Yoshiogawd861,824.802201 year ago
OuaisBladh1,705,293.806402 months ago
Playah8trwd1,686,172.805901 year ago
PropaPandadh2,356,812.0087729 days ago
Marcbarb1,068,970.0081424 days ago
StayDankwizard1,479,324.007461 month ago
Geotrondh2,173,563.9010461 year ago
Muntakabarb324,631.0012971 month ago