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Diablo Clan <TAW> The Art Of War

Clan Profile

Primary Language: unknown
Recruiting: unknown
profile administrators: none

Roster Season 17

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Yuxiaodh75 (13m 31.900s)0.0062227 days ago

Roster Season 16

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
MonstaxDwd95 (07m 52.300s)0.00243 months ago
Broodthornebarb89 (08m 51.466s)0.0012688 months ago
Bladeseverdh0.006584 months ago

Roster Season 15

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Svthcrusader80 (06m 27.315s)0.00858 months ago

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 13 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Babylondh75 (05m 1.566s)0.00741 year ago
Almostdvswizard70 (05m 25.716s)0.00600unknown
MARSnecromancer70 (11m 23.849s)0.0020891 year ago
Kapteurwd65 (05m 13.533s)0.008182 years ago
Nukleusdh0.007651 year ago
Broodthornebarb0.007241 year ago

Roster Season 12 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Foxcrusader102 (13m 3.433s)2,289,072.0014841 year ago
LordOshuawizard96 (14m 44.583s)3,426,878.009531 year ago
Lotusmonk92 (13m 53.633s)1,544,970.009571 year ago
Avectusmonk82 (07m 33.416s)1,182,314.547601 year ago
Avectusmonk82 (07m 33.416s)1,182,314.547601 year ago
Stephenrc87monk80 (06m 50.283s)761,440.547861 year ago
DooBDruBnecromancer80 (13m 28.050s)1,655,809.707501 year ago
Rb20detdh78 (07m 52.600s)1,472,037.605941 year ago
Badenmonk78 (11m 22.983s)857,398.626491 year ago
MARSmonk73 (09m 9.133s)274,816.005951 year ago
Crusaderdh71 (07m 54.216s)663,663.854271 year ago
MOrSnecromancer70 (07m 56.333s)1,135,588.446931 year ago
Colantnecromancer70 (08m 40.083s)783,700.545581 year ago
DateSamawd70 (10m 20.133s)1,304,896.255271 year ago
DruBnecromancer70 (11m 25.416s)825,090.265061 year ago
IRocnecromancer70 (12m 27.400s)858,864.186181 year ago
Hazemakernecromancer70 (12m 59.366s)680,719.274761 year ago
Circlewizard60 (05m 46.550s)1,104,472.806721 year ago
Xavwd58 (05m 8.316s)514,522.801831 year ago
Playah8trnecromancer55 (03m 36.866s)827,700.542151 year ago
Darkclawercrusader55 (05m 5.199s)360,576.753971 year ago
JohnnyDeathnecromancer25 (05m 34.683s)446,917.008181 year ago
Necromancerbarb29.669661 year ago
Violaterbarb486,698.002861 year ago
SuperMagestKwd443,208.876171 year ago
DarkSiriuscrusader244,860.00991 year ago
Canwolfdh2,347,350.008881 year ago
LilBosswizard427,914.004041 year ago
Rustifymonk302,260.257331 year ago
Babylonnecromancer227,541.007901 year ago
AmBADASSadorbarb1,372,248.0015521 year ago
Silentopnecromancer27,039.801931 year ago
Monziemonk836,051.167361 year ago
Grichymonk501,072.008101 year ago
Bossnecromancer774,431.856661 year ago
Vimmwd941,628.873601 year ago
CAVALIERdh501,435.656531 year ago
Nukleuswizard783,075.146421 year ago
Ariacrusader919,774.802941 year ago
Uglythingdh306,813.90651 year ago
Maklindh2,680,500.008851 year ago
Willnecromancer552,802.606471 year ago
Almostdvsnecromancer660,993.009001 year ago
Melkordh812,129.006041 year ago
Naterdd3barb96,586.8981 year ago
Anhydrousdh676,824.401071 year ago
Anhydrousdh676,824.401071 year ago
LqdCokanemonk744,632.005901 year ago
JeanbuteOstiwd515,440.508951 year ago
SNOMANX3monk360,688.956871 year ago
I0IGODI0Inecromancer261,214.455321 year ago
TigerAcedh684,886.1611661 year ago

Roster Season 11 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Melakainecromancer97 (14m 5.966s)2,018,668.509111 year ago
Spectredh80 (11m 40.750s)2,169,204.0012371 year ago
AmBADASSadorcrusader75 (06m 56.216s)1,063,600.505841 year ago
SugahDaddynecromancer75 (10m 51.783s)349,035.747561 year ago
Hazemakernecromancer74 (12m 37.366s)1,146,825.606131 year ago
Metallicanecromancer72 (09m 49.083s)1,171,040.005691 year ago
GEOistheONEwizard70 (03m 29.633s)1,643,304.007801 year ago
Krackalackwizard70 (06m 51.883s)74,422.708101 year ago
Naterdd3wd70 (13m 47.800s)1,606,704.005171 year ago
ZGuardianznecromancer64 (09m 37.533s)1,012,531.603941 year ago
TimeLordmonk57 (09m 2.433s)812,090.403691 year ago
Foxcrusader50 (04m 10.716s)270,804.008161 year ago
LordOshuawizard50 (07m 14.466s)853,139.006741 year ago
Rontharbarb50 (14m 44.666s)344,178.896671 year ago
MARSnecromancer40 (05m 28.333s)170,952.052261 year ago
CruelSeraphdh1,316,148.406231 year ago
Kerbozbarb546,856.685431 year ago
Scaithenecromancer542,562.004171 year ago
Uglythingnecromancer531,087.277361 year ago
Gate3535necromancer763,271.734371 year ago
Melkordh759,926.906731 year ago
MonstaxDnecromancer191,382.87921 year ago
LqdCokanenecromancer732,504.986741 year ago
JohnnyDeathnecromancer740,504.006141 year ago
I0IGODI0Inecromancer196,692.008951 year ago
KopfJagermonk1,145,280.246371 year ago

Roster Season 10 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
TigerAcewizard74 (06m 43.066s)1,632,144.009022 years ago
Hemodekcrusader70 (10m 38.333s)258,483.203552 years ago
KopfJagerwizard65 (07m 59.233s)691,890.647212 years ago
Babylonwd65 (09m 48.850s)593,197.325412 years ago
Tobbibarb64 (11m 35.983s)1,031,998.503752 years ago
Playah8trwd47 (08m 7.533s)421,142.007312 years ago
Nukleusdh45 (03m 56.999s)1,604,100.008102 years ago
StayDankcrusader30 (02m 40.250s)309,849.541172 years ago
XZANZIBARZxdh331,886.003642 years ago
Kerbozwd747,835.001001 year ago
CalamityVwd1,763,016.008322 years ago
Monziemonk512,354.702352 years ago
Melakaibarb165,148.084052 years ago
TimeLordmonk523,481.156522 years ago
CAVALIERdh605,010.005092 years ago
Bloouewd648,961.562332 years ago
PropaPandawd655,220.205672 years ago
Gate3535dh1,291,966.207312 years ago
Hazemakerdh942,909.598342 years ago
DooBDruBbarb7,905.825822 years ago
MARSmonk942,314.007812 years ago
JohnnyDeathmonk1,113,112.888241 year ago
I0IGODI0Idh1,689,133.608632 years ago

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Melakaimonk80 (11m 57.100s)1,019,285.1011302 years ago
Crusaderwd78 (14m 10.983s)2,071,320.008042 years ago
I0IGODI0Iwd75 (13m 29.433s)1,711,292.008442 years ago
Jeffersonwd71 (14m 22.016s)1,499,138.206212 years ago
DooBDruBdh70 (12m 25.866s)1,236,005.407172 years ago
Vapalawd67 (08m 48.566s)1,688,740.907772 years ago
MOrSbarb61 (07m 4.816s)468,345.805662 years ago
Broodthornewd60 (06m 16.866s)1,063,721.965732 years ago
Bloouewd60 (07m 0.133s)1,008,885.578232 years ago
StayDankmonk55 (07m 9.383s)607,388.005612 years ago
Maklinwizard45 (03m 39.200s)980,040.359642 years ago
Uglythingdh45 (06m 42.783s)994,485.004262 years ago
Naterdd3wd45 (10m 39.699s)1,602,216.005972 years ago
Caseywizard35 (04m 52.016s)989,436.003892 years ago
Bilbowizard20 (05m 21.750s)142,875.002022 years ago
DateSamabarb20 (05m 21.783s)0.00734unknown
DarkMartyrdh494,984.072 years ago
IsuxUroxwd1,054,260.207412 years ago
EtaCarinaedh893,324.605552 years ago
LilChalupadh234,053.004552 years ago
Sliverwolfdh654,211.003962 years ago
Justiciardh199,015.001242 years ago
Nukleuswizard1,130,833.627322 years ago
CAVALIERdh880,302.006562 years ago
DarkWeedzdh1,129,609.284252 years ago
Gate3535wd496,237.006892 years ago
Anhydrousdh467,167.004342 years ago
Anhydrousdh467,167.004342 years ago
Mezmerizewd184,749.8872 years ago
Bubucrusader511,981.407872 years ago
LqdCokanewizard1,416,985.206382 years ago
Melkordh950,325.605312 years ago
KopfJagermonk18.358892 years ago
TigerAcewizard719,127.208462 years ago
MARSwd1,642,536.008842 years ago

Roster Season 8 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Crusaderwd76 (13m 57.916s)2,211,012.009002 years ago
Naterdd3wd73 (09m 42.483s)895,289.207542 years ago
I0IGODI0Iwd65 (06m 34.900s)1,335,075.607282 years ago
SNOMANX3wd65 (06m 53.000s)964,789.007262 years ago
Gate3535dh55 (03m 26.700s)1,067,180.106412 years ago
Scaithebarb50 (07m 17.950s)570,561.037522 years ago
Justiciarmonk50 (09m 50.016s)421,332.007832 years ago
KosherCashewdh47 (04m 45.066s)648,246.007372 years ago
GEOistheONEcrusader35 (03m 4.750s)208,801.005622 years ago
Mrduckywd35 (05m 43.666s)548,506.007162 years ago
XZANZIBARZxcrusader35 (09m 7.033s)427,908.802992 years ago
Helpfulwd343,285.006122 years ago
CalamityVdh325,464.955512 years ago
Wyattdh514,494.54712 years ago
Grichybarb201,768.005252 years ago
Melakaidh586,162.009112 years ago
Bloouewd846,991.207432 years ago
Kapteurwd959,369.105882 years ago
Virusstwizard4,468.0582 years ago
Fearlesswd611,756.391562 years ago
天竺鼠dh936,194.986992 years ago
SugahDaddywd1,323,878.407942 years ago
Windlessmonk1,170,811.106302 years ago
KopfJagerwizard194,964.008572 years ago
TigerAcedh1,247,857.806652 years ago

Roster Season 7 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
SNOMANX3wd70 (13m 32.616s)456,810.108362 years ago
Naterdd3wd70 (13m 49.066s)1,771,793.607452 years ago
DidDieAlotdh65 (06m 35.783s)618,778.805772 years ago
FREEmaxwd64 (05m 36.400s)1,505,592.008092 years ago
Melakaibarb17.1210692 years ago
Darkendonedh58,391.182512 years ago
Honestlydudedh119,073.843432 years ago
Justiciarwd556,601.088012 years ago
Gate3535dh1,004,233.187042 years ago
VeggieD3wizard667,877.005642 years ago
LqdCokanewizard801,146.845902 years ago
KopfJagermonk797,428.527222 years ago
I0IGODI0Iwd1,417,102.406932 years ago
MARScrusader70,941.928202 years ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
GEOistheONEmonk70 (12m 7.666s)1,942,728.508403 years ago
I0IGODI0Iwd70 (13m 28.933s)1,002,657.156082 years ago
Windlessmonk66 (11m 13.300s)1,361,252.904643 years ago
Crosscrusader63 (14m 3.883s)716,857.004853 years ago
Crusaderwd63 (14m 20.299s)816,282.884943 years ago
SNOMANX3wizard62 (07m 1.050s)787,722.888063 years ago
MOrSbarb60 (06m 7.866s)1,112,127.605173 years ago
FREEmaxwd60 (07m 53.000s)1,331,951.408063 years ago
Uglythingwd50 (09m 28.033s)670,347.993923 years ago
Idababwd39 (08m 17.916s)867,932.482843 years ago
Willcrusader30 (08m 37.016s)312,554.975733 years ago
IRocbarb560,735.148442 years ago
Honestlydudewizard51.318343 years ago
Vetandadh709,295.851102 years ago
Jabzrielmonk10.358163 years ago
Bloouewd307,091.461693 years ago
Lockzilladh1,441,916.504202 years ago
Naterdd3monk351,647.087213 years ago
MARSbarb8.128083 years ago
LqdCokanewizard1,625,820.307043 years ago
KopfJagerbarb1,142,757.307192 years ago

Roster Season 5 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
BoAdh1,615,106.007023 years ago
Honestlydudewizard5,942.23963 years ago
Bencrusader53,636.354303 years ago
Fe2O3barb1,135,204.845953 years ago
Huckjaidh1,268,441.005973 years ago
Crosscrusader877,522.003953 years ago
Silentopdh237,438.00153 years ago
ZGuardianzcrusader196,651.724493 years ago
Chacaluscrusader252,413.802163 years ago
Playah8trwizard1,027,670.914333 years ago
FREEmaxwd673,012.806553 years ago
Metallicadh862,693.006133 years ago
Willdh1,048,965.965593 years ago
Mrduckybarb781,986.005243 years ago
Naterdd3barb339,501.009473 years ago
Windlessmonk754,795.207113 years ago
Bubuwd209,136.21193 years ago
GEOistheONEwizard1,269,300.007653 years ago
SNOMANX3wd316,788.706573 years ago
SleepWalkercrusader384,496.985033 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
CAVALIERbarb620,552.007673 years ago
天竺鼠monk417,018.847593 years ago
Jeffersondh376,618.326333 years ago
LqdCokanemonk1,401,204.005803 years ago

Roster Season 3 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 2 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Season 1 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout

Roster Non-Season (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
BarbarianKandh113 (12m 58.033s)0.0026311 month ago
SleepWalkerwizard112 (14m 8.016s)0.00441821 day ago
Yuxiaowizard110 (11m 37.750s)0.00211927 days ago
I0IGODI0Idh109 (12m 41.216s)0.0022613 days ago
SNOMANX3monk108 (14m 25.100s)0.0023762 months ago
Tofuuuucrusader104 (14m 19.716s)0.00159210 months ago
Aphyraxmonk103 (14m 2.433s)2,716,984.2016361 year ago
Lotuswd102 (14m 23.983s)0.0016185 months ago
AmBADASSadornecromancer101 (06m 11.600s)0.0030232 months ago
JeanbuteOstinecromancer100 (13m 5.783s)0.0013261 day ago
DooBDruBbarb100 (13m 13.816s)0.0014665 months ago
MARSwizard100 (14m 45.350s)0.0020896 days ago
DateSamadh98 (12m 2.233s)0.0015075 months ago
TigerAcewizard97 (10m 2.483s)0.00256027 days ago
Nukleusmonk97 (13m 59.566s)0.0011773 months ago
Windlessmonk97 (14m 28.533s)0.0011935 months ago
Bububarb96 (06m 45.483s)0.0019205 months ago
KopfJagerwizard95 (05m 33.266s)0.0018683 months ago
Anhydrousmonk95 (13m 34.116s)0.0012885 months ago
Anhydrousmonk95 (13m 34.116s)0.0012885 months ago
LilBosswizard94 (10m 43.316s)0.0012925 months ago
Honestlydudewizard93 (13m 19.433s)2,463,912.0019842 years ago
SugahDaddywizard90 (05m 22.133s)0.00145729 days ago
Fearlessdh90 (06m 18.616s)0.0026344 days ago
Chacalusdh90 (07m 27.083s)0.008994 days ago
Almostdvsdh90 (08m 26.766s)0.0013013 months ago
Eltors0necromancer90 (10m 5.383s)0.00100311 months ago
Funtastickdh90 (11m 30.199s)0.001234unknown
Guenlaybarb90 (12m 14.750s)0.0010565 months ago
Badenmonk87 (09m 59.266s)1,676,166.407402 years ago
CLOWNAG3wd87 (12m 30.866s)1,682,328.007513 years ago
Svthbarb86 (09m 33.716s)0.007038 months ago
MagicTurtledh85 (04m 23.200s)0.0010404 days ago
PataponHeromonk85 (08m 14.050s)0.009365 months ago
Grichybarb85 (11m 20.750s)0.001018unknown
Naterdd3wd85 (13m 43.083s)3,649,900.5017371 year ago
Willcrusader83 (07m 57.716s)0.0016695 months ago
DeathMakerdh83 (10m 22.383s)945,355.209361 year ago
MonstaxDnecromancer83 (12m 20.983s)0.0010235 months ago
MeLdmonk82 (03m 56.683s)0.0015345 months ago
MOrSbarb82 (14m 1.933s)2,877,311.2011121 year ago
Maklindh81 (04m 15.833s)4,032,083.6011681 year ago
JohnnyDeathcrusader81 (04m 52.066s)0.0021944 months ago
Khaicrusader80 (05m 19.600s)157,887.6520062 years ago
Jabzrielwizard80 (06m 49.916s)252,534.5010002 years ago
Krackalackwizard80 (07m 36.600s)0.001055unknown
RokNRoleplaycrusader80 (07m 55.549s)0.0011563 months ago
AllenROTHcrusader80 (09m 12.500s)0.0086524 days ago
Melkordh80 (09m 30.950s)3,682,287.0012991 year ago
LqdCokanecrusader80 (12m 6.683s)958,946.009471 year ago
Bloouewd80 (13m 53.266s)3,226,824.0010832 years ago
Ffabraowd80 (14m 2.816s)4,328,052.6014993 years ago
Crusaderdh80 (14m 38.683s)3,411,828.0011102 years ago
GEOistheONEwd79 (08m 57.666s)3,621,480.0012671 year ago
Hazemakerdh79 (14m 35.099s)1,973,565.6018261 year ago
Monziebarb78 (09m 56.266s)1,224,384.009051 year ago
Mrduckywd76 (11m 10.933s)2,220,599.5011102 years ago
Stormymonk75 (04m 21.833s)0.008965 months ago
Uglythingdh75 (04m 39.666s)0.00827unknown
Bladeseverdh75 (05m 21.466s)0.007513 months ago
Darkistsoulbarb75 (06m 50.316s)1,228,327.808571 year ago
Melakaicrusader75 (08m 12.083s)146,846.6815221 year ago
Fizzlesprigcrusader75 (08m 22.816s)125,100.8011822 years ago
Nuggetzdh75 (09m 24.399s)0.00806unknown
Hulkbarb75 (10m 48.716s)0.006905 months ago
Huckjaidh74 (14m 16.583s)2,835,894.0010113 years ago
FREEmaxwd73 (04m 30.150s)3,179,200.4010242 years ago
Broodthornewd73 (06m 24.599s)0.0081610 months ago
Abomb77barb73 (06m 25.299s)0.008035 months ago
Deadpoolnecromancer72 (06m 39.433s)1,194,220.007801 year ago
Agent0rangedh72 (08m 39.349s)2,552,148.009992 years ago
Lockzilladh72 (10m 17.833s)3,075,540.008632 years ago
LordCuedh71 (10m 49.733s)1,254,180.405593 years ago
JJSTRATOdh70 (03m 50.383s)0.00103826 days ago
Skorchywd70 (05m 1.783s)1,600,312.009231 year ago
Canwolfdh70 (05m 9.883s)1,193,610.0010831 year ago
Darkclawercrusader70 (05m 20.816s)1,752,305.608101 year ago
Smileypetedh70 (06m 6.999s)1,480,164.006921 year ago
Wolfwooddh70 (08m 34.983s)0.00818unknown
Gate3535wd70 (09m 1.416s)1,472,088.009801 year ago
Idababwd70 (12m 0.600s)1,241,026.007032 years ago
Mapchicowd70 (12m 27.249s)1,878,300.009122 years ago
Metallicawizard70 (12m 40.883s)1,293,492.407741 year ago
OyTheBumblerwd70 (14m 43.033s)1,108,988.707502 years ago
Babylonmonk69 (13m 9.150s)0.008132 years ago
THE5RINGSmonk68 (13m 50.199s)477,498.008452 years ago
Sliverwolfdh67 (08m 5.800s)975,457.005932 years ago
Zaviercrusader67 (14m 26.949s)0.00647unknown
PrinceDiablocrusader66 (03m 58.416s)768,119.368992 years ago
Justiciarwd66 (12m 53.733s)1,592,267.609102 years ago
Vimmbarb66 (14m 7.499s)1,236,664.407441 year ago
Xero1024crusader65 (05m 54.183s)603,879.004391 year ago
Sinsealdh65 (06m 14.533s)1,399,106.808372 years ago
Sinsealdh65 (06m 14.533s)1,399,106.808372 years ago
Caseydh65 (06m 58.916s)0.00619unknown
Scaithewd65 (07m 59.733s)1,647,675.908331 year ago
Vapalabarb65 (07m 59.750s)1,307,691.007162 years ago
Plasmicmonk65 (10m 27.183s)1,494,009.807611 year ago
DidDieAlotdh65 (11m 36.600s)0.009322 years ago
Rontharbarb65 (13m 20.716s)143.347381 year ago
Pravdabarb64 (09m 16.783s)1,475,654.406192 years ago
Fe2O3crusader64 (12m 11.083s)340,211.707591 year ago
KosherCashewmonk63 (08m 57.283s)1,325,888.747792 years ago
Xmanwizard63 (09m 16.733s)1,673,270.007941 year ago
天竺鼠dh62 (05m 11.483s)2,861,628.708932 years ago
Bilbobarb62 (07m 21.100s)1,616,706.007752 years ago
FREEwolfwd62 (11m 53.050s)2,035,248.007773 years ago
Stephenrc87dh61 (10m 2.166s)819,334.629021 year ago
Crosscrusader61 (10m 25.099s)1,084,801.207383 years ago
Hartlessdh60 (03m 33.049s)2,077,728.1010231 year ago
MB3NSLP8DEnecromancer60 (04m 8.633s)2,170,089.808161 year ago
Spectrecrusader60 (04m 53.250s)672,345.2012371 year ago
Thanatosdh60 (05m 50.483s)1,955,335.806432 years ago
Rb20detwd60 (06m 38.533s)1,883,016.008911 year ago
IsuxUroxwd60 (07m 57.633s)518,910.908651 year ago
Barbarianbarb60 (08m 29.133s)2,061,912.007613 years ago
Odinbarb60 (09m 15.583s)1,153,724.406002 years ago
DarkWeedzbarb60 (10m 34.583s)2,703,596.7012002 years ago
Ellstacrusader60 (14m 11.033s)410,300.167052 years ago
DruBwd57 (11m 40.266s)1,318,464.007881 year ago
VeggieD3barb56 (05m 48.450s)744,308.118051 year ago
Wiltong2710crusader55 (06m 16.000s)648,733.408412 years ago
Kerbozdh55 (06m 28.066s)0.007895 months ago
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Avectuscrusader757,676.576624 years ago