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Diablo Clan Ranking - Paragon, Season 3

Calculated as Top 4 Players Average Value



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1<ZE> Zero Empathy (info)1,573.75
2<SoS> SonsofSanctuary (info)1,463.75
3<DNA> Demons N Angels (info)1,386.00
4<WQW> Quantum Warriors (info)1,311.25
5<wp> warpath (info)1,209.00
6<Rival> Rivals of RNG1,203.75
7<RLC> Real Life Canceled1,183.50
8<GA> TheGermanAllstars1,177.00
9<Juice> Juice Blasters1,139.00
10<hellas> Hellenic clan1,138.75
11<TOP> Te falta equipo (info)1,096.50
12<VR> Virtual Reality (info)1,064.25
13<WTF> WirTötenFertig (info)1,061.00
14<至高天> High Heaven1,045.75
15<IEX> Immortalis Exercitus (info)1,040.25
16<Noobs> The Noobs (info)1,035.75
17<P2W> Play To Win1,011.75
18<Juice> Juice Blasters EU (info)989.75
19<VoiD> VoiD (info)950.25
20<Leth4L> Leth4L948.50
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