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Diablo "Yong#32847"

Last Time Played: 2 months ago


Yong70 dhView Profile2,300,270.00 elemental dps
Yong70 dhView Profile2,029,060.00 elemental dps
Yong70 barbView Profile1,747,880.00 elemental dps
Yong70 dhView Profile1,128,850.00 elemental dps
Yong70 wdView Profile783,701.00 elemental dps
Yong70 dhView Profile769,541.00 elemental dps
Yong70 wdView Profile26.38 elemental dps


Paragon: 676
world: n/a
Korea: 12260
Paragon HC: 1877
world: 42431
Korea: 38065
Elite Kills: 351972
world: n/a
Korea: 40901
Lifetime Kills: 7395106
world: n/a
Korea: 40833

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