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Diablo "Windforce#21405"

Last Time Played: 20 days ago


Windforce70 wizardSeason 19View Profile2,403,000.00 elemental dps
Windforce70 monkSeason 19View Profile2,007,430.00 elemental dps
Windforce70 crusaderSeason 19View Profile532,368.00 elemental dps
Windforce70 barbSeason 19View Profile414,049.00 elemental dps
Windforce70 wdView Profile10,038,900.00 elemental dps
Windforce70 dhView Profile
Windforce70 wdView Profile
Windforce70 wdView Profile
Windforce70 dhView Profile
Windforce70 necromancerView Profile
Windforce70 wizardView Profile
Windforce70 wdView Profile
Windforce70 monkView Profile
Windforce70 crusaderView Profile


Paragon: 6505
world: 752
Europe: 185
Paragon HC: 16
world: n/a
Europe: 21167
Elite Kills: 1056865
world: 2677
Europe: 922
Lifetime Kills: 17615882
world: 3136
Europe: 1031

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