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Diablo "powerPL#21632"

Last Time Played: 3 days ago


Powerpl70 necromancerSeason 20View Profile3,379,480.00 elemental dps
Powerpl70 wdSeason 20View Profile3,122,250.00 elemental dps
Powerpl70 wizardSeason 20View Profile1,554,350.00 elemental dps
Powerpl70 monkSeason 20View Profile1,109,160.00 elemental dps
Powerpl70 barbSeason 20View Profile324,666.00 elemental dps
Powerpl70 dhSeason 20View Profile278.36 elemental dps


Paragon: 2151
world: 6105
Europe: 2090
Paragon HC: 3933
world: 36781
Europe: 23809
Elite Kills: 616920
world: 35922
Europe: 41393
Lifetime Kills: 9266943
world: 35585
Europe: 41321

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