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Diablo "iSappharicus#1819"

Last Time Played: 1 year ago


Isappharicus70 dhView Profile1,341,430.00 elemental dps
Isappharicus70 wizardView Profile795,837.00 elemental dps
Isappharicus70 dhView Profile726,967.00 elemental dps
Isappharicus70 necromancerView Profile487,147.00 elemental dps
Isappharicus70 wizardView Profile313,436.00 elemental dps


Paragon: 683
world: n/a
Americas: 26772
Paragon HC: 792
world: 7719
Americas: 2670
Elite Kills: 261896
world: 13782
Americas: 23737
Lifetime Kills: 5437689
world: 13419
Americas: 23629

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