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Diablo "ilovemf#2998"

Last Time Played: 1 hour ago


Ilovemf70 crusaderSeason 19View Profile2,710,060.00 elemental dps
Ilovemf70 barbSeason 19View Profile2,447,650.00 elemental dps
Ilovemf70 barbSeason 19View Profile35,022.90 elemental dps
Ilovemf70 crusaderView Profile983,367.00 elemental dps
Ilovemf70 barbView Profile
Ilovemf70 dhView Profile
Ilovemf70 wizardView Profile


Paragon: 1813
world: 25716
Europe: 9511
Paragon HC: 3457
world: 354
Europe: 170
Elite Kills: 1258512
world: 44019
Europe: 38719
Lifetime Kills: 18615585
world: 43927
Europe: 38706

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