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Diablo "Hoya#32258"

Last Time Played: 10 months ago


Hoya70 wdView Profile3,669,440.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 wizardView Profile3,662,360.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 dhView Profile3,165,850.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 necromancerView Profile2,233,850.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 dhView Profile1,213,390.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 monkView Profile546,419.00 elemental dps
Hoya70 crusaderView Profile116,614.00 elemental dps


Paragon: 883
world: n/a
Korea: 7136
Paragon HC: 3430
world: 76
Korea: 22
Elite Kills: 596397
world: 2119
Korea: 805
Lifetime Kills: 8820432
world: 2623
Korea: 993

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