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Diablo "ankan999#2506"

Last Time Played: 1 day ago


Ankan99970 necromancerSeason 21View Profile28,440.40 elemental dps
Ankan99970 dhView Profile3,215,660.00 elemental dps
Ankan99970 barbView Profile226,738.00 elemental dps
Ankan99970 necromancerView Profile173,987.00 elemental dps
Ankan99970 monkView Profile513,744.00 elemental dps


Paragon: 5816
world: 429
Europe: 126
Paragon HC: 191
world: 27101
Europe: 10812
Elite Kills: 57433
world: 49265
Europe: 49603
Lifetime Kills: 467816
world: 49250
Europe: 49595

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