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Diablo "시끄럽따구요#3410"

Last Time Played: 3 months ago


시끄럽따구요70 barbSeason 21View Profile128,716.00 elemental dps
시끄럽따구요70 monkView Profile3,947,600.00 elemental dps
시끄럽따구요70 necromancerView Profile3,274,740.00 elemental dps
시끄럽따구요70 monkView Profile2,564,710.00 elemental dps
시끄럽따구요70 dhView Profile66,533.50 elemental dps


Paragon: 2389
world: n/a
Korea: n/a
Paragon HC: 491
world: n/a
Korea: 25946
Elite Kills: 167509
world: n/a
Korea: 35193
Lifetime Kills: 3078709
world: 26521
Korea: 35059

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