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Diablo "마녀#3979"

Last Time Played: 1 month ago


마녀70 wdSeason 11View Profile11,762,416.00 elemental dps
마녀70 wizardSeason 11View Profile5,818,149.00 elemental dps
마녀70 necromancerSeason 11View Profile5,337,246.60 elemental dps
마녀70 barbSeason 11View Profile168,265.00 elemental dps
마녀70 monkSeason 11View Profile22,277.15 elemental dps
마녀70 dhView Profile4,394,390.30 elemental dps
마녀70 monkView Profile310,781.00 elemental dps


Paragon: 1441
world: n/a
Korea: 24529
Paragon HC: 0
world: n/a
Korea: n/a
Elite Kills: 1051502
world: 7354
Korea: 2995
Lifetime Kills: 16160485
world: 12114
Korea: 4519

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