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Diablo "강부장#31909"

Last Time Played: 6 days ago


강부장70 dhSeason 21View Profile629,098.00 elemental dps
강부장70 wdView Profile4,536,600.00 elemental dps
강부장70 necromancerView Profile3,195,820.00 elemental dps
강부장70 barbView Profile198,347.00 elemental dps
강부장70 monkView Profile18,845.10 elemental dps


Paragon: 2415
world: 4384
Korea: 1727
Paragon HC: 5830
world: 42125
Korea: 22688
Elite Kills: 940680
world: 31195
Korea: 38219
Lifetime Kills: 11660998
world: 30463
Korea: 37813

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