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Diablo "лука88888888#21358"

Last Time Played: 4 days ago


лука8888888870 barbSeason 19View Profile1,012,740.00 elemental dps
лука8888888870 crusaderSeason 19View Profile398,569.00 elemental dps
лука8888888870 monkSeason 19View Profile131,922.00 elemental dps
лука8888888870 crusaderView Profile3,729,810.00 elemental dps
лука8888888870 necromancerView Profile
лука8888888870 necromancerView Profile
лука8888888870 barbView Profile
лука8888888870 monkView Profile
лука8888888870 crusaderView Profile
лука8888888870 crusaderView Profile
лука8888888870 dhView Profile


Paragon: 768
world: n/a
Europe: 19851
Paragon HC: 5421
world: 36
Europe: 11
Elite Kills: 1242634
world: 1691
Europe: 579
Lifetime Kills: 17880393
world: 2823
Europe: 946

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