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Diablo "Uriaclo" (Uriaclo#1247)

Softcore Americas Witch Doctor 70
Last Time Played: 8 months ago
Battletag: Uriaclo#1247


Paragon: 721
world: n/a
Americas: n/a
Profile DPS: 252,707.00
Elemental DPS: 252,707.00
Elemental Elite DPS: 277,977.70
Weapon EDamage: 144,404.00
+Damage Against Elites: 10.00%
Critical Hit Chance: 15.00%
Critical Damage: 85.00%
Resistance: 1,059
Armor: 5,604
Intelligence: 6,211
Vitality: 10,451
world: 218(wd: 16)
Americas: 67(wd: 5)


Registered to: Uriaclo - confirmed
Languages: English
Clan: <US> Journey
General Info:

I play a high life WD tank that uses the life as a damage source. My aim in a party is support and crowd control.

I, of course have numerous DPS builds as well but my main build is my WD Life Tank.

As of this writing I have the highest life stat in the world for a WD at 4 million life when buffed.

DPS Calculator

(1.80% Critical Hit Chance)
(3.00% Attack Speed)
(8.00% Attack Speed)
(6.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Attack Speed)
Elemental DPS: 252,707.00
  • 1.00% Critical Hit Chance gives you 1,905.11 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Damage gives you 336.20 dps
  • 1.00% Attack Speed gives you 2,021.66 dps
  • 100 Intelligence gives you 4,004.23 dps

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