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Diablo "Lorelei" (Talys#1767)

Softcore Americas Monk 70
Last Time Played: 3 years ago
Battletag: Talys#1767


Paragon: 517
world: n/a
Americas: n/a
Profile DPS: 40,689.80
Elemental DPS: 63,069.19
Elemental Elite DPS: 121,092.84
Weapon EDamage: 46,479.56
+Lightning Skills Damage: 15.00%
+Physical Skills Damage: 55.00%
+Damage Against Elites: 92.00%
Toughness: 10,412,000
Healing: 0
Cooldown Reduction: 59.61%
world: 16601(monk: 9428)
Americas: 4045(monk: 2819)
Resource Cost Reduction: 22.16%
world: 50K+(monk: 46302)
Americas: 50K+(monk: 10357)
Area Damage: 44.00%
world: 50K+(monk: 37398)
Americas: 50K+(monk: 10955)
Critical Hit Chance: 5.00%
Critical Damage: 50.00%
Resistance: 704
Armor: 8,283
Dexterity: 1,402
Vitality: 5,660


Registered to: Talys1767 - confirmed
Languages: English
Clan: Unknown
General Info:

Thank you to all my friends for all the fun, and for putting up with me and my AFKs!

A few special shoutouts:
Ironwilly#1838 - For always being a true friend.
Escoriaz#6570 - I miss you bro. Crazy good monk.
Manson#1716 - Good luck with your mad wizard!
Reaper666#1553 - A great player, and awesome friend.
TigerBlood#6383 - Evil, just evil. Love it!
Kamikaze#6577 - That is some crazy DPS!
Treemeister#1223 - Master of the zombie apocalypse.
Pheebsle#1468 - You're so awesome!

Ashcroft#1559 - It's really because of you that I picked up D3. You know why!


Born's Privilege
Kekegi's Unbreakable Spirit
Halcyon's Ascent
St. Archew's Gage
Born's Frozen Soul
Reaper's Wraps
Stone of Jordan
Thundergod's Vigor
Ring of Royal Grandeur
main hand
Sun Keeper
Captain Crimson's Thrust
off hand
The Fist of Az'Turrasq
Captain Crimson's Waders

DPS Calculator

(1.80% Critical Hit Chance)
(3.00% Attack Speed)
(8.00% Attack Speed)
(6.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Attack Speed)
Elemental DPS: 63,069.19 (Physical)
  • 1.00% +Physical Skills Damage gives you 406.90 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Hit Chance gives you 307.65 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Damage gives you 30.77 dps
  • 1.00% Attack Speed gives you 600.66 dps
  • 100 Dexterity gives you 4,199.01 dps

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