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Diablo "SeasonIV" (MunQ#2808)

Softcore Europe Witch Doctor 70
Last Time Played: 3 years ago
Battletag: MunQ#2808


Paragon S4: 2058
world: 100
Europe: 43
Solo GRift: 66 (14m 10.100s)
3 Player GRift: 61 (07m 47.633s)


Registered to: MunQ - confirmed
General Info:

One of the founders and oldest members of Clan ZE

Zero Empathy

Zero Empathy are looking for the best players in Europe.

If you feel that you are among the very best players in Europe and that you can abide by the above rules and guidelines described on our clan page, then please send an application using this link:

More information can be found on our website:


Gabynator no Thud, no macros, no razer synapse, no exploits, no bots;

Rest in Pepperonis 22.09.2015

1531 people are online.