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Diablo "Moogle" (Moogle#1151)

Softcore Americas Demon Hunter 70
Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Battletag: Moogle#1151


Paragon: 663
world: n/a
Americas: n/a


Registered to: Moogle_ - confirmed
Languages: English
General Info:

#1 Profile DPS 4/24/2014
Top 3 Profile DPS, Elemental DPS & Elite DPS - World 6/10/2014
#1 Demon Hunter Elemental Damage - World 6/23/14
#1 Ranked Clan - World 6/26/14

**Sorry guys. I'm not ignoring anyones requests.. I am now a new father and spending all my time making money for my family; also I just moved into my new house and life duties are calling. Until then, feel free to contact Cheech#1347, Coldfire, AckcR or any of our members :)

I wanted to get started on twitch, but havnt had as much dedication time as I would like. It'll get moving one day. Subscribe for updates.

Goodbye to my brother, Mallam.

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