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Diablo "WizBiz" (Birdy000#2322)

Softcore Europe Wizard 70
Last Time Played: 6 months ago
Battletag: Birdy000#2322


Paragon S11: 982
world: 22641
Europe: 8587
Solo GRift: 89 (13m 17.149s)
world: 7743(wizard: 1502)
Europe: 3589(wizard: 884)


Registered to: Birdy000 - confirmed
Languages: English
Looking for Group: Greater Rifts, Nefalem Rifts
General Info:

Like to play with a group as the game is just more fun that way. :) Play multiple builds per class (only the fun ones ofc). Enjoy playing support / DPS toons in GRifts.

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