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Diablo Clan <DNA> Demons N Angels

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T6)
- Bounties (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)
all classes
Welcome to DNA, one of the top Diablo 3 clans. We are always looking for the best players the Americas can offer.

About Us:
DNA has been around since vanilla D3 and is primarily a season clan pushing for competitive ranks. We have achieved many world firsts and hold numerous front page and rank 1 titles across every season.

DNA is a teamspeak clan and as such we provide teamspeak for all our members to use.

What We Expect From You:
- must be competitive; simply achieving a leaderboard ranking is not enough as many of our members aim for front page/rank1
- willingness to use teamspeak often
- dedication to progressing whether it's gear, paragon, and/or rankings

How To Apply:
Please visit our website and read through our application using this link:

If you have any questions, please contact an officer. Don't send friend requests - we get enough of those as is.

clan leader:


Disclaimer: since dprog does a poor job of keeping track of who is actually in a certain clan, please be aware some of the members listed on dprog are not actually true DNA members ingame.
profile administrators: dreamed
updated 3 years ago by dreamed

Roster Season 18

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Mooshinecromancer100 (01m 51.649s)1,004,090.007652 months ago
SweeNeYnecromancer75 (03m 47.516s)419,947.00572 months ago
Kriddh71 (02m 46.616s)2,440,280.0026402 months ago
Foolishcrusader70 (05m 20.699s)269,989.002382 months ago

Roster Season 17

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Omeknecromancer115 (12m 43.883s)0.0015325 months ago
JLawwizard115 (13m 8.616s)0.008936 months ago
Jewelsmonk95 (08m 2.216s)0.006725 months ago
Kridmonk0.0011424 months ago
DrKrandh0.0013554 months ago
Mooshidh0.0036015 months ago

Roster Season 16

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Uckeswd113 (12m 31.116s)0.00589unknown
Camaroobarb100 (09m 2.566s)0.00105310 months ago
Omekwd0.0010477 months ago

Roster Season 15

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Skittlesdh101 (14m 42.883s)0.0013191 year ago

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Mooshiwizard0.0020401 year ago

Roster Season 13 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Starfruitnecromancer55 (04m 0.833s)0.006071 year ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Sootymonk1,034,504.827072 years ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Sootywizard84 (10m 41.083s)2,245,006.008922 years ago
Dragodh77 (07m 59.366s)1,306,768.956902 years ago
Karshmonk75 (12m 0.783s)1,209,499.206492 years ago
Kridwd77.0510462 years ago
JLawnecromancer238,706.007162 years ago
Khanhwd4,365,536.0013162 years ago
Omekmonk125,532.009672 years ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
CrPeterwd86 (14m 43.033s)4,334,014.2017152 years ago
Camaroowd70 (11m 22.183s)1,632,688.208982 years ago
HKs2dh375,128.911362 years ago
Kridwd261,911.3513252 years ago
SweeNeYwd1,272,761.106952 years ago
Omekwd287,721.0010112 years ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Dragodh70 (08m 52.100s)2,248,323.606512 years ago
Alibabadh1,855,608.007742 years ago
Omekwd38.128022 years ago
Khanhbarb235,743.0010422 years ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SweeNeYmonk77 (07m 57.683s)2,669,976.0012133 years ago
Dragodh75 (10m 27.600s)871,320.111053 years ago
Khanhcrusader19.3610663 years ago
Galentirmonk431,826.2410263 years ago
Starfruitwd1,441,228.405022 years ago
Omekmonk4,549.228003 years ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
GalegoBRmonk55 (05m 19.766s)1,746,852.0010993 years ago
AtomicAdobobarb21 (05m 40.933s)893,395.442793 years ago
SweeNeYdh467,896.007353 years ago
Omekwd1,052,184.008163 years ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Eldeedh90 (13m 50.850s)1,812,771.5011703 years ago
GreenTeawd90 (14m 53.616s)1,850,166.007303 years ago
Raukesdh88 (14m 25.133s)2,220,991.6013503 years ago
Angeldh86 (12m 45.700s)1,163,407.9816433 years ago
Countryfallswizard86 (13m 15.300s)1,388,856.009533 years ago
Kinetikwd86 (13m 58.566s)3,284,570.0011143 years ago
Kinetikwd86 (13m 58.566s)3,284,570.0011143 years ago
TPhozwizard85 (11m 32.550s)1,302,972.007213 years ago
P0WD3RB1ANK3wd84 (13m 25.350s)2,445,042.607843 years ago
Bennywizard81 (10m 42.500s)3,729,067.3018263 years ago
FrenzyStormswd81 (14m 4.433s)2,294,125.809703 years ago
KNscrusader80 (11m 4.449s)277,872.995783 years ago
Reppiksdh80 (11m 30.500s)3,492,622.009193 years ago
Hestiamonk80 (13m 55.066s)1,289,257.908713 years ago
RattleLamiabarb78 (11m 40.166s)1,724,652.608373 years ago
FalconPUNCHwizard75 (13m 30.583s)2,061,036.009443 years ago
Dolosmonk63 (06m 34.133s)579,046.868573 years ago
C0ZMiCwizard2,711,136.0010823 years ago
GalegoBRmonk1,714,911.2010213 years ago
Sootywizard1,445,004.008143 years ago
Karshbarb186,583.0015953 years ago
TonyXCoredh2,564,817.609013 years ago
Snowflakedh412,619.20863 years ago
Tylermonk992,306.407033 years ago
Khanhwd35.4510353 years ago
Uckeswizard1,595,950.006853 years ago
Mooshimonk290,529.004403 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Waremonk85 (13m 26.333s)3,734,900.4017883 years ago
SoDarnCoolcrusader84 (14m 55.949s)146,998.0810793 years ago
Kahrnagecrusader80 (09m 49.916s)186,036.5327903 years ago
Perkulatinwizard77 (13m 43.633s)3,016,208.0010233 years ago
Doomeeddh76 (13m 10.633s)3,468,528.0017503 years ago
Doomeeddh76 (13m 10.633s)3,468,528.0017503 years ago
Phanaticmonk75 (07m 15.266s)3,193,356.0018233 years ago
Zephyerwizard75 (12m 27.416s)2,211,869.808053 years ago
KedSteinmonk75 (14m 47.266s)3,158,470.0015813 years ago
SweeNeYdh68 (13m 7.966s)2,233,772.8016073 years ago
TheMidgetCowmonk65 (13m 18.183s)182,570.0011283 years ago
Buzzqcwd8.1220893 years ago
DeathElementwd2,297,904.009713 years ago
Carncrusader403,244.596533 years ago
TonyXCorewd148.5912133 years ago
HKs2monk8,429.208823 years ago
Tylerbarb79.4716313 years ago
Angeldh3,859,877.1025133 years ago
AnimeBomberwd3,280,041.009253 years ago
Infinitedh685,613.741333 years ago
IwwwwHbarb856,198.984473 years ago
Perennismonk2,310,231.007203 years ago
AtomicAdobodh137.2913093 years ago
GalegoBRwizard1,569,672.0014053 years ago
Hackagedh367,364.68843 years ago
Dolosdh1,353,658.5019603 years ago
MezsiaHwd115,961.006353 years ago
ShoutingEggswizard3,360,696.0011413 years ago
Snowflakewizard198,702.0010093 years ago
P0WD3RB1ANK3crusader145,180.7314733 years ago
Jewelsdh780,605.4013223 years ago
RattleLamiabarb829,243.153743 years ago
Valantwizard1,913,827.5010603 years ago
Alibabadh1,770,303.506553 years ago
Foolishbarb8.1211413 years ago
Dragodh3,648,213.0030123 years ago
Omekbarb1,254,474.006713 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Waremonk9.598304 years ago
Unicorncrusader93,358.9022094 years ago
Infinitemonk2,962,680.0017384 years ago
NotMaddmonk2,112,866.008094 years ago
Tylerdh8.1213123 years ago
Angelmonk1,098,480.0014374 years ago
Alibabamonk123,534.0013294 years ago
P0WD3RB1ANK3dh59.8612164 years ago
TonyXCorebarb97.1115433 years ago
RattleLamiawd2,749,518.0016393 years ago
Dolosmonk31,446.606474 years ago
Karshcrusader734,306.4016624 years ago
DrKranmonk226,541.0013723 years ago
Dragobarb2,190,756.0020884 years ago
Foolishwd20.727683 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Beaver13dh53 (12m 5.316s)2,727,985.108414 years ago

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Braindrainerdh1,244,391.402115 years ago

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Sootywizard123 (13m 29.050s)0.0033215 months ago
Jewelsdh123 (14m 30.349s)2,597,190.0026612 months ago
Omekwizard121 (14m 15.550s)1,652,710.0019513 months ago
Sootywizard120 (12m 35.849s)2,296,188.3018903 years ago
Kridnecromancer110 (14m 46.016s)1,080,180.0026401 year ago
Foolishcrusader109 (14m 49.816s)0.0016445 months ago
Mooshinecromancer106 (02m 1.383s)3,708,360.0036353 months ago
DrKranwizard106 (13m 53.232s)0.0031438 months ago
Skittlesnecromancer104 (14m 12.216s)0.0013681 year ago
Dolosnecromancer101 (13m 36.666s)4,508,214.8019972 years ago
JLawbarb100 (09m 49.783s)833,298.008633 months ago
Karshmonk95 (07m 51.316s)5,319,790.0032362 years ago
CrPeterwizard95 (13m 28.000s)4,238,148.0020862 years ago
Dragonecromancer95 (13m 38.433s)2,833,652.0034022 years ago
Galentircrusader85 (12m 54.866s)175,547.4824672 years ago
AtomicAdobocrusader85 (14m 4.516s)172,230.1515553 years ago
TonyXCorewd85 (14m 44.466s)1,362,498.8017663 years ago
Tylercrusader83 (13m 36.183s)843,640.2018913 years ago
DMASSmonk81 (13m 16.116s)2,763,290.0020483 years ago
KNswd80 (13m 56.000s)3,439,728.0020683 years ago
KedSteinmonk78 (14m 17.099s)4,139,464.0021433 years ago
GalegoBRcrusader77 (09m 23.983s)1,043,621.0421043 years ago
Buzzqcwd77 (14m 43.766s)4,244,484.0018793 years ago
RattleLamiadh76 (14m 36.666s)2,925,312.0017553 years ago
Alibabadh75 (11m 16.849s)3,646,527.3016282 years ago
Hatorademonk75 (14m 47.833s)1,229,220.005934 years ago
AnimeBomberbarb74 (14m 27.883s)2,266,167.8012673 years ago
Kahrnagemonk70 (09m 57.783s)3,369,369.3016243 years ago
NlTRO420barb70 (13m 5.233s)2,127,936.0013983 years ago
Phanaticmonk70 (13m 33.500s)4,145,979.5014643 years ago
Mattbarb70 (14m 9.033s)2,501,562.0013083 years ago
Raukesdh70 (14m 35.049s)2,293,505.606603 years ago
SoDarnCoolwd69 (14m 23.666s)1,512,984.0013153 years ago
Invaynewd68 (13m 41.916s)3,328,116.0018884 years ago
Valantwd68 (14m 35.133s)3,019,788.0014044 years ago
Hackagemonk67 (13m 3.699s)3,695,379.2012714 years ago
Waremonk66 (13m 6.699s)1,840,560.0011303 years ago
IwwwwHbarb65 (14m 40.833s)2,872,198.0012103 years ago
Beaver13monk62 (14m 51.616s)0.0010484 years ago
Khanhmonk60 (02m 58.049s)3,248,480.0017262 years ago
Snowflakedh57 (12m 18.866s)4,021,881.6014043 years ago
HADEScrusader57 (14m 37.766s)3,313,311.0014394 years ago
HADEScrusader57 (14m 37.766s)3,313,311.0014394 years ago
Perkulatinbarb54 (09m 46.050s)954,745.208164 years ago
Irishdawg867barb54 (14m 11.450s)1,080,477.1616874 years ago
HTIDmonk47 (14m 25.183s)1,409,760.008744 years ago
N8Dizzledh45 (14m 5.033s)2,047,692.507874 years ago
MezsiaHwd45 (14m 41.866s)978,829.2812644 years ago
Joebiemonk44 (11m 56.300s)400,660.968144 years ago
Braindrainerwd37 (13m 35.133s)1,622,154.406075 years ago
Perennisbarb36 (08m 33.466s)636,390.8210744 years ago
TPhozbarb45,618.90353 years ago
DoctorPatelwizard2,980,376.146605 years ago
Hestiawizard2,252,292.009833 years ago
Combomonk3,437,295.0012374 years ago
TheMidgetCowmonk776,198.921793 years ago
FrenzyStormsdh1,825,450.506803 years ago
FalconPUNCHmonk3,132,896.0018983 years ago
Infinitewd4,175,212.5021124 years ago
Kinetikmonk26.047414 years ago
HKs2dh2,533,986.0011352 years ago
Kinetikmonk26.047414 years ago
Bennywizard2,437,820.008914 years ago
Angeldh2,011,790.2015043 years ago
Zenmastermonk3,594,199.8013034 years ago
Countryfallswizard1,268,169.6013543 years ago
Eradh4,586,750.0014984 years ago
ShoutingEggsbarb2,633,196.0011603 years ago
Sleeperdh3,171,659.6012054 years ago
Zephyerwd2,638,536.0010494 years ago
YYJYx3dh3,162,390.0010654 years ago
P0WD3RB1ANK3monk2,291,164.8016853 years ago
Mooshidh3,349,232.8013744 years ago
Lottonbarb2,644,788.0014974 years ago
Camaroobarb684,956.4020734 years ago
SweeNeYdh1,743,570.0013212 months ago