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Diablo Clan <WQW> Quantum Warriors

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T5, T6)
Recruiting: closed
WQW= We're Quantum Warriors.

Quantum= The minimum amount of any physical entity involved in a interaction.

Vision: We want to be the 'First Movers' in D3. Our goal is to set some records and show the world what we are capable to do.

Website: Coming soon..

profile administrators: WengMonk
updated 2 years ago by WengMonk

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Remindwizard104 (12m 32.833s)3,037,542.3012291 hour ago
Chewingnomnecromancer102 (12m 58.782s)1,335,863.005885 days ago
LouLouwizard101 (14m 46.200s)2,438,375.609791 day ago
Galeowizard99 (13m 6.050s)2,094,440.409711 day ago
Glimwickcrusader97 (13m 58.516s)552,995.2211774 hours ago
SVrwizard95 (12m 43.816s)2,712,804.0011201 day ago
SuperStoffennecromancer95 (14m 9.200s)1,516,713.009312 days ago
Naelienecromancer93 (12m 31.283s)1,422,192.007052 days ago
NetQvistnecromancer93 (12m 38.416s)1,052,187.282366 days ago
Hustlewizard85 (12m 45.033s)410,079.60336 days ago
Txadh85 (13m 37.483s)1,303,929.907054 days ago
Sicariuswizard83 (11m 53.299s)1,666,738.208694 days ago
Quasimododh83 (12m 0.699s)1,985,156.409572 days ago
Blomm123wizard75 (06m 53.816s)1,645,803.907545 days ago
Sciencenecromancer70 (08m 18.283s)1,676,712.009201 day ago
RapDuckwizard70 (09m 32.566s)2,157,816.008984 days ago
KoBewizard70 (13m 6.250s)1,446,644.607965 days ago
VRIGLYwizard990,215.446904 days ago
Darkpatatorwizard1,574,305.209289 hours ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Skyemonk97 (13m 9.716s)114,659.0014141 month ago
Galeowizard96 (14m 39.266s)2,333,054.5011193 months ago
Eloidswizard95 (14m 59.066s)2,914,606.0012322 months ago
DutchFreakwd83 (13m 45.099s)2,690,789.8010543 months ago
Juandh82 (13m 32.000s)335.08200021 day ago
Nadixwizard70 (06m 23.416s)2,073,216.008273 months ago
Hodordh47 (07m 18.866s)3,919,293.9013392 months ago
VRIGLYmonk174,407.0017453 months ago
Frozewizard1,789,601.608692 months ago
SoArZmonk252,199.002593 months ago
Dennis199921barb2,503,558.4079325 days ago
Reminddh3,140,655.0019142 months ago
SVrbarb196,268.0016402 months ago
Noursswizard3,886,159.2026511 month ago
Rejkomonk1,169,698.146543 months ago
Loelwizard3,382,598.5020791 month ago
Richidh1,854,745.506393 months ago
Rxtbarb9.025633 months ago
Bartezpvpdh2,530,380.0024081 month ago
Kirutomonk294,478.20272 months ago
KIDOJIdh8,596,681.4025591 month ago
KoBemonk344,694.0026481 month ago
NetQvistbarb153,950.0013623 months ago
SuperStoffenwd2,740,301.4012122 months ago
Txabarb189,157.413723 months ago
RapDuckwizard1,790,564.4010202 months ago
Chewingnomwizard1,273,073.909851 month ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Sicariuswizard100 (14m 30.250s)3,628,920.0023804 months ago
Glimwickcrusader98 (14m 44.300s)1,158,186.3522144 months ago
NetQvistcrusader70 (06m 15.133s)932,278.5011306 months ago
VriGlimonk0.00152210 months ago
Regainzoredwd611.1332515 months ago
Omfgkittensmonk153,982.0011706 months ago
VRIGLYwd61,659.9023595 months ago
WRIGLImonk2,673,079.2017365 months ago
Frozebarb169,000.0010745 months ago
Alphamonk121,588.0014705 months ago
Regainwizard583,271.649646 months ago
SVrwizard1,525,536.006024 months ago
Hodorwd8.1214894 months ago
Sciencemonk1,437,410.007375 months ago
Loelmonk125,393.0012736 months ago
SuperStoffenwd9.5918516 months ago
KoBewizard8.1221925 months ago
Redeemermonk915,223.765005 months ago
Juanmonk55,189.3017434 months ago
RapDuckmonk3,519,688.8016454 months ago
Eloidsmonk108,036.486336 months ago
Nadixwizard348,367.727536 months ago
Blomm123monk2,299,192.5010686 months ago
Rxtcrusader1,146,893.9223855 months ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Eloidsbarb93 (13m 9.566s)2,227,361.4013088 months ago
Skyemonk85 (13m 53.449s)1,304,508.0011238 months ago
Chewingnombarb75 (14m 58.766s)322,066.808788 months ago
Heromanwd60 (04m 22.950s)1,628,384.1014398 months ago
Alexbarb50 (03m 52.766s)152,860.009018 months ago
Omfgkittensbarb74.9313618 months ago
Regainbarb9.599597 months ago
WRIGLIwd2,860,947.0022668 months ago
Frozebarb118,026.008257 months ago
Alphamonk99,455.1015388 months ago
Juanwd30.7915327 months ago
Bartezpvpwd320.2620707 months ago
SuperStoffendh470,555.0012639 months ago
Richimonk174,940.007179 months ago
DontDoDrugsmonk1,782,684.007558 months ago
Rxtmonk261.3621207 months ago
NetQvistmonk762,584.557519 months ago
RapDuckwd2,085,468.0016077 months ago
KoBedh2,203,308.0017558 months ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Chewingnommonk75 (11m 28.050s)1,264,711.50116911 months ago
Ramcodh21 (08m 53.750s)2,257,540.60184610 months ago
VriGliwizard2,491,042.00162610 months ago
WRIGLIwizard206,147.1821929 months ago
Fstmonk1,879,320.00118611 months ago
Heromanwizard9.5919209 months ago
Alphadh3,347,639.10219310 months ago
SVrmonk171,353.0018009 months ago
NetQvistbarb80,426.4098911 months ago
Glimwickdh306.6920539 months ago
Hodorbarb150,744.00115610 months ago
SuperStoffenwd411.1019149 months ago
Rxtmonk275,579.0024119 months ago
RapDuckmonk76,269.4074611 months ago
Sciencemonk43,485.8066311 months ago
Hustlemonk454,067.5495911 months ago
Sicariusmonk5,524,771.8024519 months ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Pinkywizard96 (14m 9.266s)393,307.1718461 year ago
SlaYeRwizard95 (13m 9.966s)3,226,273.4012381 year ago
Patchoulibarb95 (14m 25.416s)5,413,326.0026211 year ago
Alexcrusader93 (11m 55.583s)774,618.701 year ago
Rlii86wd88 (14m 29.250s)138,171.0019311 year ago
Dyadyaruslanbarb88 (14m 50.766s)166.4418011 year ago
Zayldh60 (05m 17.766s)1,560,108.007081 year ago
Redeemerbarb50 (04m 1.066s)9.5918861 year ago
Hustlewizard45 (04m 52.016s)1,213,968.005391 year ago
Timeswizard35 (01m 44.399s)1,813,296.008361 year ago
BoGingWanwizard280.1724921 year ago
Omfgkittensbarb17.8022131 year ago
Frozewizard209.9926671 year ago
Selene613monk1,325,327.169111 year ago
BoGingWan1wizard2,130,108.0011061 year ago
WRIGLImonk102,240.0022791 year ago
Anton87crusader128,655.6015491 year ago
Pivwd9.5925541 year ago
SVrwizard1,016.7023241 year ago
Jenkxwizard5,481,126.0023741 year ago
Darkwizard3,316,922.0018361 year ago
Pinkywizard1,310,921.0017391 year ago
Alphadh255,308.0024711 year ago
Nadixwizard324.0428591 year ago
Regainwizard2,209,736.5027641 year ago
Blattywizard242.9722941 year ago
Alexbarb115,200.005021 year ago
RapDuckwd9.5916051 year ago
Rejkomonk204,974.007491 year ago
Sicariuswizard2,952,510.0025611 year ago
Sciencewd9.599171 year ago
Bartezpvpdh95.7425241 year ago
Rxtwizard8.1229521 year ago
Kirutocrusader446,287.3821581 year ago
Blomm123monk2,675,880.0014101 year ago
Chewingnommonk186,489.0013021 year ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Omfgkittensdh8.3810641 year ago
Regainbarb9.5919811 year ago
Airsupremmonk165,270.0026871 year ago
Naeliedh29,946.0012671 year ago
Deyronmonk26,082.878331 year ago
Cevwizard2,019,132.006111 year ago
Pivbarb1,155,525.7020611 year ago
DontDoDrugscrusader7.3318201 year ago
Loeldh462,194.0026921 year ago
Nadixwd112,073.0024281 year ago
Heromanbarb306,953.0011781 year ago
Tubbydh601,693.2013101 year ago
Richimonk163,792.0014591 year ago
Ramcowd308.6825201 year ago
Relimabarb292,315.051001 year ago
Victorzbarb200,006.007311 year ago
RapDuckwizard8.1228611 year ago
Sciencemonk9.1213881 year ago
Harrisdh230,846.9410141 year ago
Txamonk31,103.2027461 year ago
KIDOJIwizard4,590,155.3033821 year ago
Bartezpvpmonk207.2127071 year ago
Redeemerdh4,332,818.4016901 year ago
Blomm123wizard3,960,992.0018111 year ago
NetQvistwd157,241.0014851 year ago
Rxtbarb136,490.0028761 year ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Fstmonk70 (13m 58.916s)2,684,775.001 year ago
Loeldh67 (12m 58.750s)2,999,584.0020781 year ago
DontDoDrugswd67 (14m 33.250s)3,017,966.0017041 year ago
Educationmonk66 (13m 22.800s)942,741.6010751 year ago
Cevmonk68,456.307441 year ago
Brynhildmonk1,767,858.3011931 year ago
Victorzbarb9.5917141 year ago
ISeeUSouRCemonk3,254,921.3020171 year ago
Airsupremwd1,013,808.8016641 year ago
Richimonk266,939.009821 year ago
Rejkodh1,875,679.9014491 year ago
Pivwizard457,777.056701 year ago
Nadixwd94.3413801 year ago
Delacroixbarb306,582.0011751 year ago
KIDOJIcrusader130,743.0024471 year ago
Ramcomonk1,776,000.0010331 year ago
Kirutowd1,222,488.006761 year ago
RapDuckmonk2,702,736.0015391 year ago
Eloidsbarb1,657,572.006641 year ago
NetQvistbarb2,055,504.008181 year ago
Sciencemonk2,433,228.7015321 year ago
SuperStoffenwd2,138,670.0014771 year ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Minguscrusader41 (14m 12.833s)794,828.406692 years ago
Educationdh1,542,283.207782 years ago

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Mingusdh39 (13m 19.033s)2,647,484.007852 years ago
Educationmonk1,859,722.556712 years ago

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
LouLouwizard112 (12m 59.850s)30,555.30404812 days ago
Rxtwizard111 (14m 34.283s)5,950,128.0048508 days ago
Galeowizard108 (12m 54.349s)2,176,235.10331022 days ago
Glimwickcrusader107 (14m 13.950s)2,093,378.0035306 days ago
Chewingnomwd106 (14m 32.932s)11,518,038.00436015 days ago
SVrwizard105 (14m 22.599s)363.3630516 days ago
Hustlewd103 (14m 50.250s)8,794,380.0040907 days ago
VRIGLYwizard102 (11m 34.316s)4,800,828.0035853 months ago
Sicariusdh100 (13m 34.383s)2,936,419.20361516 days ago
Nadixwizard100 (14m 32.383s)4,649,460.0035344 months ago
Darkpatatorwizard99 (12m 2.050s)1,677,134.00379721 day ago
KoBemonk99 (14m 13.566s)6,106,548.0035769 days ago
Terminwd99 (14m 13.883s)5,979,792.0030746 months ago
Blattywizard99 (14m 39.383s)2,368,856.0034029 months ago
Alphacrusader98 (13m 27.516s)3,830,302.0032624 months ago
Blomm123monk98 (13m 46.600s)6,177,220.0026571 month ago
Pivwd98 (13m 50.250s)7,529,998.00296611 months ago
Icaresdh98 (14m 26.133s)2,075,723.20278710 months ago
Jenkxbarb98 (14m 52.516s)4,907,408.9024056 months ago
Ramcowizard97 (13m 30.433s)3,486,528.0031996 months ago
Bartezpvpwd96 (12m 5.516s)4,128,383.40422217 days ago
KIDOJImonk95 (13m 10.133s)4,768,367.2030634 months ago
Dyadyaruslanbarb95 (14m 14.166s)4,203,052.2019306 months ago
Pinkymonk95 (14m 50.966s)3,624,438.9017399 months ago
NetQvistdh94 (14m 5.133s)5,666,302.7021181 month ago
Eloidsbarb94 (14m 17.133s)2,177,685.0026224 months ago
Kirutomonk94 (14m 46.050s)3,740,740.20256611 months ago
Skyemonk93 (14m 6.550s)248,752.5625609 months ago
Noursswd92 (14m 5.900s)6,743,242.8029963 months ago
SuperStoffenwd90 (12m 1.750s)6,343,354.5028099 days ago
Airsupremwd90 (13m 21.183s)2,084,868.0020921 year ago
Juanmonk88 (12m 57.733s)4,274,301.6033551 month ago
Feelgoodbarb87 (14m 49.932s)0.002147unknown
Pinkywizard85 (13m 17.250s)3,037,358.5013941 year ago
Mrtigercrusader84 (14m 16.850s)1,053,467.2234761 year ago
Omfgkittensmonk83 (10m 52.833s)3,015,664.8027036 months ago
Redeemermonk80 (08m 8.700s)8,687,061.20391621 day ago
WRIGLIwizard80 (13m 15.900s)2,373,785.3015711 year ago
Sciencewizard80 (14m 4.133s)4,079,498.5021634 months ago
Delacroixwd79 (14m 48.100s)2,742,156.0014361 year ago
Toasteddh79 (14m 52.900s)2,734,248.0015031 year ago
DutchFreakwizard78 (14m 21.083s)4,544,502.3016831 year ago
Foudroxbarb75 (12m 14.300s)1,961,725.2013719 months ago
DontDoDrugsmonk75 (13m 28.516s)2,882,352.0028956 months ago
Rejkomonk71 (11m 49.966s)2,695,305.6017511 year ago
PitMasteRcrusader71 (14m 54.716s)3,172,078.0010711 year ago
Harrisbarb70 (14m 37.716s)2,438,397.0015861 year ago
ISeeUSouRCebarb68 (13m 6.433s)3,063,200.0021141 year ago
Deyronmonk67 (07m 56.216s)2,195,568.00129711 months ago
Fstwizard65 (04m 43.683s)1,923,577.0012141 year ago
Tubbydh64 (14m 21.600s)1,326,660.0018701 year ago
Hodorwd64 (14m 45.233s)903,501.0026164 months ago
Educationmonk62 (13m 49.966s)2,230,080.009721 year ago
Txabarb60 (08m 6.483s)2,309,016.5019001 year ago
DemonTHCmonk60 (08m 38.449s)2,032,682.7013641 year ago
XaHdh59 (12m 23.166s)1,691,312.0002 years ago
Lin2adh57 (13m 49.966s)3,248,160.0011781 year ago
Mingocrusader56 (06m 0.333s)421,732.2619281 year ago
Baguettecrusader53 (11m 36.433s)14,630.6015231 year ago
Loelmonk20 (07m 24.716s)48,902.5033794 months ago
Selene613crusader423,295.506991 year ago
BoGingWan1wizard2,251,711.409101 year ago
VriGliwizard2,800,049.60152211 months ago
Skyemonk4,424,574.0026201 month ago
Omfgkittensbarb220,651.0025578 months ago
Bacinowd4,492,162.2012149 months ago
Mianmarwd3,513,180.0019341 year ago
WRIGLImonk191,413.0029969 months ago
Quasimododh4,284,852.0021317 days ago
Darkwizard3,632,157.7016291 year ago
WQWengmonk2,158,867.009821 year ago
Dennis199921barb2,432,547.00102516 days ago
Mingusdh1,966,247.508172 years ago
Cevcrusader3,055,234.0014441 year ago
Frozewizard4,501,877.1027633 months ago
Heromancrusader350.0528819 months ago
Rlii86monk140,697.0012581 year ago
Relimadh3,128,970.609744 months ago
SoArZmonk2,918,953.8011801 year ago
Brynhildwd2,368,548.0015041 year ago
Tajjduswizard3,409,475.4013201 year ago
Timeswizard6,184,892.0021101 year ago
Regainwizard3,212,064.0031829 months ago
Remindwizard1,071,377.23192313 days ago
Gregosmonk245,460.60158211 months ago
Victorzbarb1,767,559.2019541 year ago
Richidh3,170,478.80168811 months ago
RapDuckwizard5,352,762.0026557 days ago