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Diablo Clan <WQW> Quantum Warriors

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T5, T6)
Recruiting: closed
WQW= We're Quantum Warriors.

Quantum= The minimum amount of any physical entity involved in a interaction.

Vision: We want to be the 'First Movers' in D3. Our goal is to set some records and show the world what we are capable to do.

Website: Coming soon..

profile administrators: WengMonk
updated 3 years ago by WengMonk

Roster Season 15

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
XocoAtldh90 (10m 15.366s)0.0020981 year ago
Xocodh0.004132 days ago

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Nadixnecromancer119 (14m 26.400s)0.0041034 months ago
Clemzizmonk0.0024125 months ago
Juannecromancer0.006473 months ago
Blomm123monk0.005683 months ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Blattywizard113 (13m 47.000s)4,399,645.4014289 months ago
Glimwickcrusader112 (14m 4.032s)3,126,640.5021799 months ago
Sicariusdh112 (14m 54.899s)5,643,649.4031219 months ago
NetQvistbarb100 (12m 53.782s)3,234,311.2012919 months ago
Eloidsbarb93 (13m 47.816s)277,308.0894810 months ago
Richiwd90 (12m 56.850s)2,477,695.5091710 months ago
Schinkiwinkinecromancer4,743,132.0021859 months ago
Skyemonk1,057,569.6091210 months ago
DemonTHCnecromancer193,329.00109910 months ago
Razielwd3,600,768.0015639 months ago
Dennis199921barb1,707,756.006108 months ago
Juanmonk9.59118010 months ago
DutchFreakbarb1,238,160.3251310 months ago
Nadixnecromancer1,518,542.0039518 months ago
SuperStoffenwd2,714,542.80130210 months ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Galeowizard108 (11m 39.533s)5,840,217.2023621 year ago
Bryxwizard95 (13m 31.499s)4,217,788.4016331 year ago
Sicariuswd95 (14m 14.899s)6,859,085.1034881 year ago
Naelienecromancer93 (12m 31.283s)1,239,948.007171 year ago
Naelienecromancer93 (12m 31.283s)1,239,948.007171 year ago
RapDuckwizard90 (14m 15.183s)143.9017741 year ago
Txadh89 (11m 8.833s)3,305,702.4011541 year ago
Blomm123wizard75 (06m 53.816s)2,115,276.0011281 year ago
Quicksilverwizard1,849,236.0011231 year ago
Glimwickwizard187.0125731 year ago
NetQvistmonk55.5713421 year ago
Hustlewd2,439,567.408741 year ago
Juanmonk337,135.0010001 year ago
SuperStoffenmonk3,093,103.8014421 year ago
Nadixwizard752,908.5025791 year ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Galeowizard96 (14m 39.266s)2,333,054.5011191 year ago
Juandh82 (13m 32.000s)335.0820001 year ago
Skyedh11.5114141 year ago
Frozewizard1,789,601.608691 year ago
SoArZmonk252,199.002591 year ago
Dennis199921barb1,896,175.907931 year ago
Noursswizard3,886,159.2026511 year ago
Rejkomonk1,169,698.146541 year ago
Loelwizard3,382,598.5020791 year ago
Rxtbarb9.025631 year ago
Bartezpvpdh2,530,380.0024081 year ago
Kirutomonk294,478.20271 year ago
KIDOJIdh8,596,681.4025591 year ago
Txabarb189,157.413721 year ago
RapDuckwizard1,790,564.4010201 year ago
NetQvistbarb153,950.0013621 year ago
SuperStoffenwd2,740,301.4012121 year ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Sicariuswizard100 (14m 30.250s)3,628,920.0023801 year ago
Glimwickcrusader98 (14m 44.300s)1,158,186.3522141 year ago
XocoAtldh93 (14m 49.199s)2,331,108.0016591 year ago
Quicksilverdh85 (14m 40.150s)3,191,963.0019471 year ago
NetQvistcrusader70 (06m 15.133s)932,278.5011301 year ago
VriGlimonk0.0015222 years ago
Regainzoredwd611.1332511 year ago
Omfgkittensmonk153,982.0011701 year ago
WRIGLImonk2,673,079.2017361 year ago
Frozebarb169,000.0010741 year ago
Regainwizard583,271.649641 year ago
Loelmonk125,393.0012731 year ago
SuperStoffenwd9.5918511 year ago
RapDuckmonk3,519,688.8016451 year ago
Eloidsmonk108,036.486331 year ago
Rxtcrusader1,146,893.9223851 year ago
Clemzizbarb2,018,376.0016461 year ago
Juanmonk55,189.3017431 year ago
Nadixwizard348,367.727531 year ago
Blomm123monk2,299,192.5010681 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Eloidsbarb93 (13m 9.566s)2,227,361.4013081 year ago
Skyemonk85 (13m 53.449s)1,304,508.0011231 year ago
Heromanwd60 (04m 22.950s)1,628,384.1014391 year ago
Alexbarb50 (03m 52.766s)152,860.009011 year ago
Omfgkittensbarb74.9313611 year ago
Regainbarb9.599591 year ago
WRIGLIwd2,860,947.0022661 year ago
Frozebarb118,026.008251 year ago
Bartezpvpwd320.2620701 year ago
Clemzizwd28.018581 year ago
SuperStoffendh470,555.0012631 year ago
DontDoDrugsmonk1,782,684.007551 year ago
Juanwd30.7915321 year ago
Richimonk174,940.007171 year ago
Rxtmonk261.3621201 year ago
RapDuckwd2,085,468.0016071 year ago
NetQvistmonk762,584.557511 year ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
VriGliwizard2,491,042.0016262 years ago
WRIGLIwizard206,147.1821921 year ago
Fstmonk1,879,320.0011862 years ago
Heromanwizard9.5919202 years ago
NetQvistbarb80,426.409892 years ago
Glimwickdh306.6920532 years ago
SuperStoffenwd411.1019141 year ago
Rxtmonk275,579.0024111 year ago
RapDuckmonk76,269.407462 years ago
Hustlemonk454,067.549592 years ago
Sicariusmonk5,524,771.8024511 year ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Pinkywizard96 (14m 9.266s)393,307.1718462 years ago
SlaYeRwizard95 (13m 9.966s)3,226,273.4012382 years ago
Patchoulibarb95 (14m 25.416s)5,413,326.0026212 years ago
Alexcrusader93 (11m 55.583s)774,618.702 years ago
Rlii86wd88 (14m 29.250s)138,171.0019312 years ago
Dyadyaruslanbarb88 (14m 50.766s)166.4418012 years ago
Zayldh60 (05m 17.766s)1,560,108.007082 years ago
Hustlewizard45 (04m 52.016s)1,213,968.005392 years ago
Timeswizard35 (01m 44.399s)1,813,296.008362 years ago
BoGingWanwizard280.1724922 years ago
Omfgkittensbarb17.8022132 years ago
Frozewizard209.9926672 years ago
Selene613monk1,325,327.169112 years ago
BoGingWan1wizard2,130,108.0011062 years ago
WRIGLImonk102,240.0022792 years ago
Anton87crusader128,655.6015492 years ago
Pivwd9.5925542 years ago
Jenkxwizard5,481,126.0023742 years ago
Darkwizard3,316,922.0018362 years ago
Pinkywizard1,310,921.0017392 years ago
Regainwizard2,209,736.5027642 years ago
Alexbarb115,200.005022 years ago
RapDuckwd9.5916052 years ago
Rejkomonk204,974.007492 years ago
Bartezpvpdh95.7425242 years ago
Rxtwizard8.1229522 years ago
Nadixwizard324.0428592 years ago
Sicariuswizard2,952,510.0025612 years ago
Blattywizard242.9722942 years ago
Kirutocrusader446,287.3821582 years ago
Blomm123monk2,675,880.0014102 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Omfgkittensdh8.3810642 years ago
Regainbarb9.5919812 years ago
Airsupremmonk165,270.0026872 years ago
Naeliedh29,946.0012672 years ago
Deyronmonk26,082.878332 years ago
Naeliedh29,946.0012672 years ago
Cevwizard2,019,132.006112 years ago
Pivbarb1,155,525.7020612 years ago
DontDoDrugscrusader7.3318202 years ago
Loeldh462,194.0026922 years ago
Heromanbarb306,953.0011782 years ago
Tubbydh601,693.2013102 years ago
Victorzbarb200,006.007312 years ago
RapDuckwizard8.1228612 years ago
Richimonk163,792.0014592 years ago
Harrisdh230,846.9410142 years ago
Txamonk31,103.2027462 years ago
KIDOJIwizard4,590,155.3033822 years ago
Bartezpvpmonk207.2127072 years ago
Nadixwd112,073.0024282 years ago
Rxtbarb136,490.0028762 years ago
NetQvistwd157,241.0014852 years ago
Blomm123wizard3,960,992.0018112 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Fstmonk70 (13m 58.916s)2,684,775.002 years ago
Loeldh67 (12m 58.750s)2,999,584.0020782 years ago
DontDoDrugswd67 (14m 33.250s)3,017,966.0017042 years ago
Educationmonk66 (13m 22.800s)942,741.6010753 years ago
Cevmonk68,456.307443 years ago
Brynhildmonk1,767,858.3011932 years ago
Victorzbarb9.5917142 years ago
ISeeUSouRCemonk3,254,921.3020172 years ago
Airsupremwd1,013,808.8016642 years ago
Rejkodh1,875,679.9014492 years ago
Pivwizard457,777.056702 years ago
Richimonk266,939.009822 years ago
Delacroixbarb306,582.0011753 years ago
Delacroixbarb306,582.0011753 years ago
KIDOJIcrusader130,743.0024472 years ago
Kirutowd1,222,488.006763 years ago
RapDuckmonk2,702,736.0015392 years ago
Nadixwd94.3413802 years ago
Eloidsbarb1,657,572.006643 years ago
NetQvistbarb2,055,504.008182 years ago
SuperStoffenwd2,138,670.0014772 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Minguscrusader41 (14m 12.833s)794,828.406693 years ago
Educationdh1,542,283.207783 years ago

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Mingusdh39 (13m 19.033s)2,647,484.007853 years ago
Educationmonk1,859,722.556713 years ago

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Clemzizcrusader123 (14m 17.516s)0.0037731 month ago
Nadixnecromancer122 (14m 2.433s)0.0050652 months ago
Juanmonk117 (14m 56.116s)0.0047303 months ago
Sicariusnecromancer113 (14m 58.216s)6,715,896.20442811 months ago
XocoAtldh112 (14m 42.666s)6,934,088.0020981 year ago
Galeowizard108 (12m 54.349s)5,330,449.8033101 year ago
Glimwickcrusader108 (14m 48.533s)4,543,406.00396911 months ago
Hustlewd103 (14m 50.250s)8,556,758.00413910 months ago
Blomm123monk100 (08m 19.216s)0.0027683 months ago
NetQvistnecromancer100 (08m 27.032s)4,121,292.0023078 months ago
SuperStoffenmonk100 (10m 23.333s)3,046,508.80293810 months ago
Xocodh100 (14m 54.950s)0.0035163 days ago
Terminwd99 (14m 13.883s)5,979,792.0030741 year ago
Blattywizard99 (14m 39.383s)4,174,758.00340210 months ago
Pivwd98 (13m 50.250s)7,529,998.0029662 years ago
Icaresdh98 (14m 26.133s)2,075,723.2027872 years ago
Icaresdh98 (14m 26.133s)2,075,723.2027872 years ago
Jenkxbarb98 (14m 52.516s)4,907,408.9024051 year ago
Skyemonk97 (13m 9.716s)114,659.0028471 year ago
Quicksilverdh97 (13m 59.116s)4,624,020.0031611 year ago
KIDOJImonk95 (13m 10.133s)4,768,367.2030631 year ago
Dyadyaruslanbarb95 (14m 14.166s)4,203,052.2019301 year ago
Pinkymonk95 (14m 50.966s)3,624,438.9017391 year ago
Eloidswizard95 (14m 59.066s)2,914,606.0027101 year ago
Kirutomonk94 (14m 46.050s)3,740,740.2025662 years ago
Skyemonk93 (14m 6.550s)248,752.5625601 year ago
Bryxdh92 (13m 19.816s)3,079,114.1015251 year ago
Noursswd92 (14m 5.900s)6,743,242.8029961 year ago
Bartezpvpwd92 (14m 20.000s)7,008,036.0042221 year ago
Airsupremwd90 (13m 21.183s)2,084,868.0020922 years ago
Feelgoodbarb87 (14m 49.932s)1,160,346.0021541 year ago
Pinkywizard85 (13m 17.250s)3,037,358.5013942 years ago
Mrtigercrusader84 (14m 16.850s)1,053,467.2234762 years ago
Omfgkittensmonk83 (10m 52.833s)3,015,664.8027031 year ago
DutchFreakwd83 (13m 45.099s)2,690,789.8017791 year ago
WRIGLIwizard80 (13m 15.900s)2,373,785.3015712 years ago
Delacroixwd79 (14m 48.100s)2,742,156.0014362 years ago
Delacroixwd79 (14m 48.100s)2,742,156.0014362 years ago
Foudroxbarb75 (12m 14.300s)1,961,725.2013711 year ago
DontDoDrugsmonk75 (13m 28.516s)2,882,352.0028951 year ago
Rejkomonk71 (11m 49.966s)2,695,305.6017512 years ago
PitMasteRcrusader71 (14m 54.716s)3,172,078.0010712 years ago
Harrisbarb70 (14m 37.716s)2,438,397.0015862 years ago
ISeeUSouRCebarb68 (13m 6.433s)3,063,200.0021142 years ago
Deyronmonk67 (07m 56.216s)2,195,568.0012972 years ago
Fstwizard65 (04m 43.683s)1,923,577.0012142 years ago
Tubbydh64 (14m 21.600s)1,326,660.0018702 years ago
Educationmonk62 (13m 49.966s)2,230,080.009723 years ago
Txabarb60 (08m 6.483s)2,309,016.5019001 year ago
XaHdh59 (12m 23.166s)1,691,312.0003 years ago
Lin2adh57 (13m 49.966s)3,248,160.0011782 years ago
Mingocrusader56 (06m 0.333s)421,732.2619282 years ago
Baguettecrusader53 (11m 36.433s)14,630.6015232 years ago
Loelmonk20 (07m 24.716s)48,902.5033791 year ago
Jebaitedmonk534.3455729 months ago
Selene613crusader423,295.506992 years ago
Schinkiwinkimonk6,872,927.6037301 year ago
BoGingWan1wizard2,251,711.409102 years ago
VriGliwizard2,800,049.6015222 years ago
Omfgkittensbarb220,651.0025571 year ago
Bacinowd4,492,162.2012142 years ago
Mianmarwd3,513,180.0019342 years ago
DemonTHCmonk2,279,625.20136411 months ago
WRIGLImonk191,413.0029961 year ago
Darkwizard3,632,157.7016292 years ago
Mingusdh1,966,247.508174 years ago
WQWengmonk2,158,867.0010012 years ago
Cevcrusader3,055,234.0014442 years ago
Frozewizard4,501,877.1027631 year ago
Heromancrusader350.0528811 year ago
Rlii86monk140,697.0012583 years ago
Naeliewd2,858,184.0018461 year ago
SoArZmonk2,918,953.8011802 years ago
Brynhildwd2,368,548.0015042 years ago
Naeliewd2,858,184.0018461 year ago
Dennis199921barb2,464,160.4010331 year ago
Tajjduswizard3,409,475.4013203 years ago
Razielbarb3,088,386.00184710 months ago
Timeswizard6,184,892.0021102 years ago
Regainwizard3,212,064.0031821 year ago
Gregosmonk245,460.6015822 years ago
Rxtwd854.87509011 months ago
Victorzbarb1,767,559.2019542 years ago
Richidh3,381,371.8017451 year ago
RapDuckwizard5,352,762.0026551 year ago