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Diablo Clan <Viz> Vizjerei

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T6)
Demon Huntermedium
Witch Doctormedium

The Vizjerei clan was one of the oldest and most powerful mage clans in Sanctuary, with its history predating the events of the original Diablo game.

The clan is known for its strict discipline and ability to curb even the wildest of young magic wielders in to proper sorcerers.

Most members in the clan consist of community icons, influencers, contributors, theorycrafters and veterans of Diablo III dating back to the original launch date.

You can find or contact most members on the official U.S. wizard forum

Twitch channel:


Please see the application process here:
profile administrators: Jaetch
updated 2 years ago by Jaetch

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Venaliterwizard100 (12m 23.932s)2,598,540.0011593 months ago
GunnersDreamcrusader100 (13m 3.866s)1,747,669.709272 months ago
Paglackywizard100 (14m 5.866s)2,168,428.508003 months ago
Elunedh96 (13m 48.816s)1,920,898.007523 months ago
Amiarcrusader94 (11m 36.549s)1,399,896.007323 months ago
Kennecromancer93 (14m 15.132s)1,769,836.208161 month ago
ZMAN1978dh91 (09m 36.265s)1,818,328.507742 months ago
Dolynickcrusader40 (11m 54.400s)994,059.895603 months ago
Poltergeistbarb25 (05m 32.833s)951,317.006003 months ago
Kizamonk1,246,033.606083 months ago
PBznecromancer110,004.6311822 days ago
Pendragonnecromancer560,904.003791 month ago
Jeffbotmonk3,105,804.0083912 days ago
Mnkmonk228,965.525253 months ago
Chuckmatewd1,518,948.006873 months ago
Pallisbarb1,288,708.206942 months ago
Maggiedh2,782,660.309351 month ago
Nerowizard1,301,280.006001 month ago
Baroncrusader703,222.1615841 month ago
Redruddh862,220.105873 months ago
Alavarbarb969,960.007072 months ago
Wootytootydh375,175.681751 month ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Melkorwizard85 (11m 29.466s)1,728,891.507996 months ago
Ridpathdh83 (13m 50.849s)1,932,002.406776 months ago
Poltergeistbarb75 (11m 39.000s)1,610,688.008336 months ago
Noctemwd75 (13m 30.933s)1,462,462.406077 months ago
Jungerdh70 (12m 21.499s)1,445,850.908377 months ago
Anillomonk60 (11m 58.982s)857,420.466067 months ago
PhoenixRisendh20 (08m 33.049s)517,861.12877 months ago
Wellybellenecromancer1,349,769.405796 months ago
Gingernecromancer1,261,312.527566 months ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Ceforiummonk70 (13m 35.400s)35,790.0084510 months ago
Enremeitwd60 (08m 53.250s)1,266,345.5039910 months ago
Xtxinversewizard2,419,637.208 months ago
WitchesStonewizard1,309,367.2050810 months ago
PhoenixRisenmonk265,033.2062510 months ago
Wootytootycrusader19.136667 months ago
Heartbreakerdh687,573.9062110 months ago
Baronmonk171,354.8895010 months ago
ZMAN1978dh1,809,877.5080010 months ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Baronwizard86 (10m 45.216s)1,959,510.809721 year ago
Wootytootydh82 (13m 33.283s)28.0270411 months ago
PhoenixRisendh22.6577611 months ago
WitchesStonedh1,387,699.554021 year ago
PBzwd1,573,062.0056311 months ago
Óðrdh604,000.804611 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Wootytootymonk75 (11m 58.650s)19.036011 year ago
Alavarbarb75 (13m 0.016s)687,083.667851 year ago
Redrudmonk75 (13m 48.783s)1,477,313.606311 year ago
Pendragondh65 (08m 9.650s)1,264,957.994421 year ago
Poltergeistwizard60 (07m 18.300s)430,072.007311 year ago
Baronwizard60 (07m 32.016s)48.3110511 year ago
Txag2kmonk55 (06m 42.483s)991,293.085411 year ago
Mearmadamonk45 (09m 51.683s)927,275.375931 year ago
Vladwd30 (03m 14.599s)1,291,507.005141 year ago
WitchesStonedh1,986,420.007361 year ago
PhoenixRisencrusader596,331.126041 year ago
Loroesewizard1,027,328.755681 year ago
Chuckmatedh1,009,245.243661 year ago
Dacdh918,573.162071 year ago
Gingerwizard520,440.558101 year ago
Phattymonk1,524,949.407071 year ago
Kenmonk727,908.724031 year ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
GrizZwd88 (13m 58.716s)3,551,604.009511 year ago
ZMAN1978dh74 (11m 49.600s)2,217,204.006411 year ago
Enremeitmonk55 (05m 33.000s)1,364,345.609111 year ago
Pendragondh50 (08m 20.616s)1,562,185.406531 year ago
Redbeardwizard46 (05m 6.516s)1,396,069.807251 year ago
Pallismonk20 (07m 44.566s)975,119.322971 year ago
ChangBoosterbarb1,600,344.005761 year ago
Chuckmatewd1,586,960.205781 year ago
Jungerwd2,735,703.809281 year ago
Baronwizard10.987041 year ago
Heartbreakerwd339,044.947671 year ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Baronwizard85 (10m 12.083s)987,792.829961 year ago
Enremeitdh75 (12m 50.466s)2,102,458.4013021 year ago
Capalbodh70 (12m 58.550s)2,070,456.005371 year ago
EmperorMaodh64 (09m 28.333s)1,112,635.724451 year ago
Romadcrusader63 (09m 1.816s)574,282.157241 year ago
Vincemonk50 (10m 29.850s)863,220.1512061 year ago
Paglackybarb139,416.004731 year ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
S8a8i14wizard62 (14m 50.183s)905,889.964132 years ago
Chuckmatedh23.985611 year ago
JellzRocbarb72,292.9072 years ago
Romadmonk1,391,196.007682 years ago
BDFwizard1,562,944.505222 years ago
Vikesfan353wizard357,900.32232 years ago
Nelwizard777,489.604702 years ago
FrogSandwichwizard727,150.694352 years ago
Machadowizard1,068,931.544272 years ago
Pendragondh1,528,807.505882 years ago
Loroesewizard1,136,500.804732 years ago
Mnkwizard208,276.67192 years ago
Kahlebarb1,435,279.564922 years ago
Phattybarb125,371.0018671 year ago
Dacwd2,226,180.606042 years ago
Pallisdh473,422.956302 years ago
Gingerwizard1,268,492.405261 year ago
Baronmonk163,008.0013202 years ago
Vincemonk1,019,534.1115461 year ago
Anillowizard1,746,248.325852 years ago
Gbrav13crusader402,310.35622 years ago
Amiarcrusader483,157.856082 years ago
ZMAN1978wizard1,353,096.006011 year ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Snickerersdh2,072,059.107462 years ago
Txag2kbarb443,013.007712 years ago
NoObZmonk760,774.4012312 years ago
Lewsmonk81,515.364282 years ago
Palliswizard519,387.405872 years ago
Jungerbarb2,374,855.8010752 years ago
Dacmonk342,733.207182 years ago
Amiarmonk2,317,712.008132 years ago
Barondh2,372,166.5010192 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Wootytootycrusader114 (14m 16.283s)4,318,393.5030621 month ago
Kizanecromancer113 (13m 17.766s)2,257,501.4028091 month ago
Gbrav13wizard109 (14m 59.133s)4,704,322.00176622 days ago
Kahlewizard108 (14m 23.983s)4,481,228.4020181 month ago
Kencrusader108 (14m 24.683s)3,603,096.00202823 days ago
Redruddh107 (14m 5.783s)5,151,520.0028511 month ago
Mastawizard107 (14m 30.183s)3,563,444.8017911 month ago
OscarMKwizard106 (11m 40.933s)3,516,132.0015532 months ago
GunnersDreamwizard106 (11m 49.550s)2,547,242.1013223 months ago
Myrkitedoccrusader105 (11m 12.466s)3,121,608.0017941 month ago
Dolynickwizard105 (12m 51.882s)3,211,788.0012042 months ago
Voxmonk104 (13m 59.766s)2,019,754.2041072 months ago
ZMAN1978dh103 (11m 11.050s)5,634,306.0026091 month ago
Pendragoncrusader103 (14m 29.666s)1,114,402.8728871 month ago
Maggiedh103 (14m 44.849s)3,433,272.00160722 days ago
Alavarwizard102 (12m 26.983s)3,848,388.0020893 months ago
Mnkdh101 (14m 21.383s)3,141,976.5014811 month ago
Baronmonk100 (10m 34.033s)2,203,020.0021561 month ago
Nerowd100 (14m 6.333s)3,798,933.0027663 months ago
Jeffbotnecromancer97 (14m 38.316s)2,451,092.0015315 months ago
Chuckmatewd95 (12m 42.800s)5,133,617.5017211 month ago
ButteryNubwd94 (14m 52.233s)4,341,006.0014651 year ago
Venaliterwizard93 (11m 24.833s)3,406,872.4014043 months ago
ChangBoosterwizard90 (09m 58.966s)3,055,530.409811 year ago
Voidwizard90 (11m 29.333s)3,719,820.0014257 months ago
Amiardh90 (14m 12.983s)3,787,008.0012284 months ago
PBzwd90 (14m 47.350s)3,730,063.50416621 day ago
MuseofAngerwizard89 (13m 10.566s)391,576.147551 year ago
BabyJesuswizard86 (14m 32.483s)2,629,188.0013671 year ago
Heartbreakercrusader85 (11m 47.633s)860,510.4012881 year ago
PeterBizwizard85 (13m 9.366s)283,074.4024171 year ago
Paglackymonk85 (13m 56.750s)2,502,744.8014881 year ago
Enremeitwizard85 (14m 10.816s)5,258.30168811 months ago
Loroesewizard85 (14m 32.883s)2,229,624.008691 year ago
GrizZcrusader85 (14m 47.300s)676,285.839071 year ago
BeerLeaguedh84 (11m 51.216s)4,677,828.0016741 year ago
Jungerwd84 (13m 2.366s)4,334,384.6017627 months ago
NoObZwizard83 (13m 44.683s)3,324,550.6020251 year ago
Elunecrusader83 (14m 55.633s)868,828.68152510 months ago
Wellybellewizard82 (14m 21.415s)1,852,344.008887 months ago
Gingerwizard81 (12m 31.733s)2,380,524.0013067 months ago
Anillowizard81 (13m 2.266s)2,139,871.5010281 year ago
Vladcrusader81 (13m 19.750s)105,000.6911721 year ago
Vincewizard80 (11m 29.183s)3,007,032.0016902 months ago
Dacdh80 (13m 7.033s)3,715,691.4010461 year ago
PLAGUEY23dh79 (13m 57.633s)1,640,462.6016652 years ago
Serasbarb77 (11m 15.266s)2,002,876.808332 years ago
Victorious86wizard75 (10m 14.733s)2,292,357.609421 year ago
Capalbodh75 (13m 19.600s)2,953,348.4012081 year ago
WeAreLasersmonk68 (11m 41.283s)1,918,877.0013462 years ago
Jaetchwd65 (12m 42.416s)3,590,967.0011422 years ago
Zenxbarb64 (13m 47.133s)2,123,744.0010782 years ago
TheOmegadh62 (13m 23.833s)2,287,838.009692 years ago
Gcanumwd62 (13m 58.950s)2,374,228.507682 years ago
Boozorwizard60 (13m 46.600s)1,734,758.2015662 years ago
RayFinklewizard59 (13m 52.916s)2,427,035.8011422 years ago
FrogSandwichwizard57 (12m 31.349s)2,693,980.8010532 years ago
Atanatarwizard55 (12m 49.816s)1,148,991.606012 years ago
Hubwizard54 (12m 49.199s)2,147,810.009042 years ago
Phattybarb54 (12m 58.350s)223,409.0022551 year ago
Machadowizard54 (14m 26.466s)2,216,909.407602 years ago
EmperorMaowizard54 (14m 53.000s)1,173,482.407042 years ago
BDFwizard53 (12m 53.416s)2,801,423.009192 years ago
S8a8i14wizard53 (14m 38.333s)2,270,484.008742 years ago
Vikesfan353wizard52 (11m 57.750s)7,155,820.808592 years ago
PieHolewizard49 (10m 30.616s)2,070,165.607322 years ago
Palliswizard49 (14m 36.666s)1,542,226.4013551 month ago
Ceforiummonk47 (11m 59.083s)1,788,094.00126211 months ago
Snickerersdh47 (12m 36.850s)1,855,577.508962 years ago
Melkorwizard41 (12m 3.800s)1,023,043.2010089 months ago
DEFORCEwd39 (14m 11.866s)1,087,318.808373 years ago
Yodatoywd39 (14m 57.016s)2,410,860.006852 years ago
MrDuMawizard38 (13m 40.866s)1,739,655.607452 years ago
Nelwizard38 (13m 52.783s)20.038502 years ago
JellzRocwd36 (14m 8.349s)1,542,597.0011152 years ago
Poltergeistbarb20 (06m 2.000s)2,591,122.1015856 months ago
Mearmadadh2,381,082.906761 year ago
DestroyAllwizard3,314,365.207903 months ago
Masterfuuwizard581,686.8012671 year ago
WitchesStonewizard2,840,413.40108211 months ago
BeerManwizard1,546,550.605372 years ago
PhoenixRisendh3,608,549.1013317 months ago
Salutationsdh2,372,016.0010582 years ago
Rognarwizard4,602,442.9013741 year ago
Lewsmonk3,444,337.6010622 years ago
Ridpathwizard1,799,880.007917 months ago
Noctemnecromancer2,468,880.008967 months ago
MadSpiritdh2,719,428.0012882 years ago
Romadmonk2,614,026.509361 year ago
FL0Maxxwizard2,429,946.007261 year ago
Txag2kwizard2,227,400.8010231 year ago
Redbeardmonk2,001,922.008991 year ago
Óðrdh3,372,168.0011531 year ago