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Diablo Clan <ZE> Zero Empathy

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Rifts (T6)
Demon Hunterhigh
Witch Doctorhigh
Zero Empathy

Zero Empathy are looking for the best players in Europe.

About us:
Oldest clan in Europe
Europe first Greater Rift 50 4 man
Europe first Greater Rift 60 4 man
Europe first Greater Rift 70 4 man
Europe first Greater Rift 80 4 man
Europe first Greater Rift 100 4 man
Many Europe first 2, 3 and solo records

Members in Zero Empathy all come from different backgrounds but we are all here because of our passion for Diablo 3.
We are dedicated to find information before anyone else and our goal is to be always on top of our game. In this clan you will find theorycrafters and only hardcore players.
We have a competitive mindset and a natural curiosity. One of the many great things is that we always share information between ourselves and aim to find some new ways to improve our gameplay.
Most importantly however, we believe that in order to achieve such things, we must have respect for one another and strive to be more than just clan members, namely be friends.

The vision of the clan:
We are a rather small group of elite players who aim to be and remain the best at what we do. What we do, is many things. It may be the best runs, it may be the highest level, it may be other future ranking parameters. While we do that, we stand together as a whole.

Few important clan rules:
1. One should always prioritize a clan member over a non-clan member when making groups, to ensure that there is always a spot for a fellow clan member.
2. Do whatever is best for the clan. It is necessary for a small community such as us, that we work for the greater cause rather than ourselves individually.
2a. That means, among other things, sharing loot, knowledge and otherwise helping each other out.
3. Try to be on teamspeak even if you are not playing the game.
3a. Being able to chat with clan members and discuss various things even while not playing will further improve internal relations and help to keep everyone on the same page.

What we expect of our applicants:
1. A main class.
2. A competitive mindset.
3. In-depth knowledge of your class.
4. In-depth knowledge of Diablo 3 mechanics.
5. Natural curiosity.
6. Perfect gameplay.
7. Very high activity.

What can be an asset for you as an applicant:
1. Former competitive experience in gaming.
2. Theorycrafting notions.
3. Involved in the Diablo 3 community (Streaming, Forum posts, Guides).

If you feel that you are among the very best players in Europe and that you can abide by the above rules and guidelines, then please send an application using this link:

We do our best to read and act on all applications as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions then you c*****e our public section on the forum. Simply create a thread and we will get back to you.

More information can be found on our website:

Please note that some members below may not be in the clan anymore

profile administrators: INVISUK, Mthdraken
updated 2 years ago by Mthdraken

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
ENjibarb118 (14m 54.766s)36,504.0024641 month ago
Wudijodh114 (14m 56.899s)3,871,549.4019089 days ago
DeeMeRcrusader113 (14m 42.500s)3,305,182.8017492 months ago
Tobsdh95 (11m 9.750s)4,474,644.0026062 months ago
Ag2rdh92 (13m 8.516s)2,063,230.007383 months ago
MunQiewd90 (09m 5.266s)7,092,502.8030221 month ago
AceTwowd14.055181 month ago
Nevetsermonk1,179,817.1763319 days ago
OraKwd24.9354424 days ago
Fathnecromancer2,417,568.00334015 days ago
Annoyednecromancer1,132,257.207623 months ago
Framezdh2,218,935.2017683 months ago
KAMILmonk1,325,170.4081623 days ago
Zolbardh2,103,960.008291 month ago
Empyrianbarb251,450.956173 months ago
Robbarb1,108,575.006023 months ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SOuLjAhwd94 (14m 18.516s)4,774,813.8014725 months ago
OraKwd75 (08m 10.716s)9.5918106 months ago
Nesslowmonk75 (09m 1.415s)3,201,655.2014056 months ago
Malacaywizard70 (11m 16.065s)2,703,048.0012006 months ago
Pachimarimonk70 (12m 21.900s)474,516.56437 months ago
Arkismallwizard159.0230036 months ago
MunQienecromancer350.2031564 months ago
Annoyednecromancer118.9422065 months ago
N1vekmonk9.5917276 months ago
Framezwd7,150,041.6019455 months ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
AceTwowd102 (14m 51.733s)5,595,884.0012708 months ago
Pwnzdh101 (13m 35.849s)5,773,334.0019597 months ago
Mostrndmnerdwizard97 (13m 41.800s)1,809,852.0093010 months ago
Biggiedh90 (13m 32.183s)3,378,588.00134510 months ago
Empyrianwizard74 (08m 59.399s)1,336,916.4079210 months ago
Arkismallwizard70 (05m 50.900s)827,295.3079610 months ago
Nevetsermonk252,240.0065710 months ago
Framezmonk9.598008 months ago
Annoyedwizard35.697949 months ago
Fathdh3,885,282.0020848 months ago
Tobsdh1,286,940.8067910 months ago
Zolbardh935,333.5239710 months ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
ENjidh131.2113621 year ago
Nevetsermonk296,865.008591 year ago
OraKwd22.1648811 months ago
Arkismallmonk2,794,190.7019041 year ago
Annoyedmonk1,551,420.006521 year ago
Tobsdh1,275,806.485741 year ago
N1vekbarb149,192.008701 year ago
Wudijobarb14,847.6014291 year ago
Xiansaimonk455,891.674041 year ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Wudijocrusader85 (14m 24.566s)605,286.947701 year ago
Xiansaimonk75 (08m 7.366s)1,138,555.446941 year ago
Malacaymonk75 (12m 45.783s)1,288,116.006901 year ago
N1vekbarb75 (14m 23.383s)1,513,242.008601 year ago
Zolbardh68 (14m 57.699s)947,143.224831 year ago
Robbarb60 (05m 4.400s)980,971.764831 year ago
Tobsbarb60 (05m 21.116s)46,050.8018541 year ago
Mostrndmnerdwizard188.6919421 year ago
Nevetsermonk249,683.006981 year ago
Xabstermonk199.5622601 year ago
Fathdh1,030,347.2219311 year ago
Arkismallbarb119,098.0016161 year ago
Annoyedmonk50,299.6012581 year ago
KAMILdh230,580.0013001 year ago
Jontiewd618,530.5620171 year ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Wudijodh96 (14m 20.449s)1,404,530.4013131 year ago
ENjibarb90 (14m 36.333s)103.2115751 year ago
Malacaydh75 (12m 34.800s)5,859,552.0019661 year ago
Zolbardh75 (12m 44.066s)1,306,123.655561 year ago
Mousydh74 (14m 11.300s)1,036,890.006041 year ago
Mousydh74 (14m 11.300s)1,036,890.006041 year ago
Viking420barb70 (11m 8.133s)294,268.806151 year ago
Xiansaimonk70 (11m 10.966s)0.00590unknown
VeSpeRdh70 (12m 16.183s)0.00589unknown
Robdh60 (04m 15.116s)0.00481unknown
Nevetsermonk130.5915921 year ago
Mostrndmnerdmonk964,719.0016081 year ago
Kalmahwizard1,384,328.4014371 year ago
AceTwobarb141,447.0015031 year ago
Empyrianmonk88.6923381 year ago
Xabsterwizard3,628.2922301 year ago
N1vekmonk130.1315191 year ago
Arkismallbarb2,035,221.3017451 year ago
Framezwizard90,359.5023791 year ago
Annoyedmonk254,304.0015031 year ago
B0nEwizard110,123.009351 year ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Jontiemonk92 (13m 57.150s)1,926,162.6017121 year ago
Acewd76 (12m 56.366s)1,039,270.865071 year ago
VeSpeRdh75 (11m 55.383s)2,122,801.306051 year ago
Viking4400barb75 (12m 50.583s)0.00572unknown
Zolbardh75 (13m 47.683s)1,743,852.006381 year ago
ShAkTybarb72 (09m 39.366s)840,214.976371 year ago
Ag2rdh71 (09m 49.583s)1,758,141.705131 year ago
Xiansaimonk70 (12m 58.766s)180,096.006011 year ago
Nevetsermonk70 (14m 42.483s)230,203.355951 year ago
Robbarb60 (03m 43.833s)549,438.475621 year ago
Fargobarb240,537.0016691 year ago
MunQwd42,243.0023901 year ago
Arkismallwizard350.2031971 year ago
Silecwizard3,147,680.9020801 year ago
Framezwd8.9431781 year ago
B0nEwizard252.3524801 year ago
Annoyedwd9.5926331 year ago
Eiferdh624,261.605731 year ago
Nesslowmonk2,431,272.0013861 year ago
Wudijowizard401.8120021 year ago
Tobswizard2,171,256.0022281 year ago
N1vekwizard2,290,743.0019371 year ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Jontiebarb75 (12m 30.933s)1,991,843.1018602 years ago
Katakouwd119,773.00152 years ago
Kalmahbarb212.2623161 year ago
INSSoulragedh129.8326642 years ago
Sileccrusader44.5321202 years ago
TykEbarb9.5925251 year ago
Biggiemonk134.8821971 year ago
Fathdh31.3611432 years ago
MunQwd395,724.0025511 year ago
Eiferdh1,329,900.005341 year ago
Arkismallcrusader56.7828201 year ago
Mostrndmnerdwd122,725.008042 years ago
Acewd1,849,426.604812 years ago
Framezwd9.5928061 year ago
Nesslowmonk357,891.0010992 years ago
B0nEcrusader11.5127661 year ago
Wudijodh949,325.0023421 year ago
Annoyedbarb88,022.5023862 years ago
Tobsmonk194,611.0019761 year ago
VeSpeRdh1,984,702.405912 years ago
Jaferdh1,142,140.805732 years ago
Mousycrusader296,874.621261 year ago
Mousycrusader296,874.621261 year ago
KAMILdh1,589,928.005132 years ago
ShAkTybarb1,281,255.804282 years ago
Robdh1,143,724.804772 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
MunQwd66 (14m 10.100s)92.0820582 years ago
Katakoubarb153,970.0010342 years ago
Kalmahbarb101,099.0018882 years ago
Silecmonk106,200.0014462 years ago
Nesslowmonk1,711,897.2011922 years ago
Framezmonk85.6711462 years ago
Annoyedbarb158,382.0011822 years ago
N1vekcrusader50.6412422 years ago
Wudijocrusader345,987.7213632 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Robbarb121 (14m 38.083s)8,458,492.80498618 days ago
Ag2rdh118 (14m 33.500s)7,943,328.00368511 days ago
Zolbarwizard118 (14m 37.716s)6,528,474.70423617 days ago
Nevetsermonk116 (13m 38.166s)3,222,378.40362213 days ago
ShAkTybarb115 (13m 52.133s)6,460,384.00325021 day ago
AceTwowd114 (12m 55.666s)5,932,325.4029521 month ago
N1vekbarb114 (13m 56.550s)2,165,366.0034962 months ago
OraKwd113 (14m 21.682s)7,156,998.80372712 days ago
KAMILdh112 (12m 50.866s)3,370,430.30348623 days ago
MunQiewd112 (13m 34.800s)12,584,277.6035803 months ago
Arkismallnecromancer107 (14m 23.016s)1,273.0055921 month ago
Wudijowizard103 (12m 50.983s)2,101,694.4026121 month ago
Xabsterwizard103 (14m 6.300s)4,370,283.4033166 months ago
Mostrndmnerdwizard103 (14m 16.250s)4,676,378.00243010 months ago
Framezmonk101 (13m 58.966s)2,007,930.00512024 days ago
Xiansainecromancer101 (14m 31.000s)6,685,560.0043266 months ago
FallenRobbarb98 (14m 33.449s)6,305,502.0037291 year ago
Jaferdh97 (13m 7.516s)2,073,357.5030241 year ago
Viking420dh97 (14m 54.566s)2,448,014.8043561 year ago
ENjibarb97 (14m 58.550s)2,590,453.2023953 months ago
Empyriannecromancer96 (13m 53.766s)2,444,040.0038317 months ago
Viking4400wd96 (14m 10.883s)100,604.0038371 year ago
DeeMeRwd96 (14m 57.182s)4,259,016.0021443 months ago
Eiferwizard95 (08m 29.333s)210,595.3228491 year ago
Pwnzdh95 (14m 38.716s)584,230.6524948 months ago
Acewd94 (12m 57.633s)831,573.1425741 year ago
INSSoulragewizard92 (13m 35.666s)3,358,699.2028741 year ago
Jontiemonk92 (14m 5.050s)3,902,571.0030321 year ago
Katakouwd92 (14m 47.649s)4,231,452.0028531 year ago
Fargobarb90 (12m 0.550s)4,614,852.0024161 year ago
Tobsbarb90 (12m 35.583s)1,339,050.0033553 months ago
Kalmahmonk90 (13m 33.150s)1,465,842.00283410 months ago
P0w3rzbarb90 (14m 57.783s)2,200,161.6033341 year ago
Biggiecrusader86 (13m 22.933s)189,208.0027401 year ago
Malacaycrusader86 (14m 8.266s)85,342.3923741 year ago
B0nEwd85 (13m 34.733s)2,754,864.0037451 year ago
Annoyedmonk85 (14m 20.966s)8,233,008.00446825 days ago
Neurobioticwd84 (12m 21.500s)1,851,576.0028641 year ago
Ag2rdh82 (14m 18.983s)4,102,314.3024111 year ago
TheApfelsaftbarb77 (13m 18.400s)2,801,896.6019481 year ago
MunQwd76 (12m 26.466s)4,477,030.0030791 year ago
INVISmonk75 (10m 34.416s)34,960.6032291 year ago
Spartacusdh75 (14m 20.116s)271.7127612 years ago
Sileccrusader73 (13m 39.816s)98,432.4024091 year ago
VeSpeRwd72 (14m 16.783s)4,515,049.0031001 year ago
Pwnzdh72 (14m 29.866s)3,445,029.4020842 years ago
SOuLjAhbarb70 (09m 25.050s)4,190,683.5028836 months ago
Det0xbarb70 (13m 47.550s)2,522,450.0016458 months ago
Nesslowmonk65 (12m 45.683s)46,845.5018377 months ago
Mthbarb60 (12m 33.183s)2,480,190.9010382 years ago
Malacaynecromancer30.677007 months ago
Pachimaridh5,112,521.1015757 months ago
Eiƒerdh5,023,599.0029221 year ago
Bigshiksbarb4,614,852.0026721 year ago
TykEbarb1,480,895.5021951 year ago
Nevetsermonk5,303,946.7037701 year ago
Fathmonk7,532,844.00285320 days ago
PreAcherwizard3,252,552.0020891 year ago
Mousywd6,348,838.9035541 year ago
Mousywd6,348,838.9035541 year ago