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Diablo Clan <кпд> oldschool

Clan Profile

Primary Language: Russian
- Greater Rifts
- PvP
all classes

Greetings friend!
We are a team of high s****ed players with good knowledge of game mechanics, oldschool PvE players and D3 vanilla PvP champions.

Our respected friends:
clan - <PiratE> Pirats

EU Diablo III Rank 1 run Non Season4 GR86 x4 (20.12.2015)

The basic requirements for entry into the clan:
- courtesy and good manners;
- good leaderboards results and high paragon
- 5 officers consent.

Основные требования для вступления в клан:
- вежливость;
- хорошие результаты в ВП и уровень парагона.
- согласие 5 офицеров.
profile administrators: Rezidiv, Coltovsky
updated 3 years ago by Rezidiv

Roster Season 18

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Banzienecromancer130 (14m 26.150s)415,352.00198717 days ago
Dettlaffwizard127 (13m 45.050s)4,834,960.00289014 days ago
Sethwowwizard117 (10m 43.433s)745,435.004601 month ago
EGRbarb116 (14m 26.383s)135,923.00102725 days ago
DeathWingwizard115 (11m 9.683s)1,841,290.00291 month ago
GUNY81dh114 (13m 30.232s)1,127,930.008681 month ago
Subar1kdh90 (04m 9.016s)1,994,640.0098916 days ago
Phobosdh75 (03m 25.483s)1,435,780.007331 month ago
TuxaHkoBdh75 (03m 26.116s)715,944.004781 month ago
KRESTcrusader590,789.0071415 days ago
PaRaBELLUMwd1,873,150.0068329 days ago
VENOMdh6,929,560.0066219 days ago

Roster Season 17

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Slowdancewd125 (14m 34.800s)0.0016604 months ago
Semnecromancer0.0036338 months ago
Tomwizard633,794.0068221 day ago
Banziewd0.0035083 months ago
TuxaHkoBdh0.007194 months ago

Roster Season 16

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Ram1Ldh125 (14m 59.516s)0.0020522 years ago
Slowdancewd120 (14m 47.882s)0.0016608 months ago
Fox3Dwd116 (14m 57.583s)0.0014868 months ago
Fox3Dwd116 (14m 57.583s)0.0014868 months ago
Dettlaffbarb111 (12m 23.133s)0.0030336 months ago
Vesnabarb106 (12m 50.499s)0.0020688 months ago
Realitybarb105 (14m 35.133s)0.0019698 months ago
Hipmannecromancer70 (07m 56.533s)0.00714unknown
Subar1kdh0.0012156 months ago
PaRaBELLUMmonk0.009228 months ago
Semdh3,189,036.805843 years ago

Roster Season 15

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Dettlaffcrusader110 (13m 38.799s)0.00198811 months ago
Njinxdh106 (14m 52.516s)0.001000unknown
Ram1Lbarb100 (11m 57.833s)0.0020522 years ago
Sashaguddh70 (12m 29.949s)0.0046311 months ago
Whatdh0.0018511 months ago
Impulsbarb0.00150211 months ago
PANTELEGOdh0.0067911 months ago
KRESTnecromancer0.00122711 months ago
Sergeydendynecromancer0.00152210 months ago
Subar1kbarb0.00121811 months ago
Xtrollwizard0.0047911 months ago
Sethwowwizard0.00316310 months ago
Phobosbarb0.00122711 months ago

Roster Season 14

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SatanClausdh110 (14m 21.116s)0.0001 year ago
SaharOkmonk0.0016641 year ago
PeterSidmonk0.0021032 years ago
Impulsbarb0.0020801 year ago
Besserbarb0.006231 year ago
Sergeydendynecromancer0.0013281 year ago
Vertigonecromancer0.002861 year ago
Alxerwizard0.0035451 year ago

Roster Season 13

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
SatanClausbarb0.0001 year ago
Impulsmonk0.0010541 year ago

Roster Season 12

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
DeathWingmonk110 (14m 22.366s)3,371,824.0019401 year ago
CaStorbarb105 (14m 52.066s)2,355,216.0020331 year ago
KaramboScrusader98 (10m 28.250s)1,195,293.907221 year ago
KaramboScrusader98 (10m 28.250s)1,195,293.907221 year ago
Paragonnecromancer90 (12m 55.066s)196,580.0010221 year ago
Hrodgeirrdh780,541.964541 year ago
SatanClausdh6,141,995.1023901 year ago
SaharOkwizard1,597,424.4028861 year ago
Barkozodh2,207,806.8012441 year ago
PANTELEGObarb45,739.7012401 year ago
Realitycrusader12,106.6032531 year ago
CaprizZzdh1,163,865.696891 year ago
Zt1mQmonk8.16391 year ago
Banziebarb3,257.8314821 year ago
Dolphinwd1,774,361.407001 year ago
EGRdh4,417,987.2024581 year ago
TuxaHkoBdh1,198,059.606201 year ago

Roster Season 11

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
StepGnecromancer105 (13m 39.399s)2,306,172.0011602 years ago
СдохМнеПохnecromancer95 (13m 40.499s)1,485,744.008582 years ago
Prizrakwd90 (14m 53.666s)4,316,718.0013352 years ago
Zt1mQwizard75 (12m 28.333s)1,103,482.905912 years ago
Flukerbarb75 (14m 11.616s)197,710.007132 years ago
IDF1264wizard70 (14m 57.082s)850,641.944972 years ago
Rzeźnikdh61 (08m 55.750s)1,647,324.007322 years ago
CaprizZzdh60 (06m 16.949s)1,503,833.605902 years ago
CaStorbarb9.5915422 years ago
Tombarb9.5918542 years ago
Fox3Dwizard146.4720282 years ago
Fox3Dwizard146.4720282 years ago
Shadowswolfnecromancer868,573.206522 years ago
BLINDPEWnecromancer1,551,712.408092 years ago
Realitywizard194.7223842 years ago
DeathWingwizard786,636.804822 years ago
Vertigomonk294,900.008852 years ago
TuxaHkoBdh18.835192 years ago
Mekihisadh741,785.133712 years ago
PaRaBELLUMbarb79,943.6013582 years ago
Xtrollwizard1,274,395.507062 years ago

Roster Season 10

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Fox3Dwizard96 (13m 34.050s)2,452,425.6021542 years ago
Fox3Dwizard96 (13m 34.050s)2,452,425.6021542 years ago
CaptainJackwd93 (12m 10.183s)1,832,172.0010922 years ago
Sergeydendywizard75 (06m 47.849s)849,223.281472 years ago
PeterSidmonk0.0021032 years ago
IDF1264dh70.3911382 years ago
СдохМнеПохmonk47,780.6913332 years ago
Rzeźnikmonk25.177322 years ago
Nero91wd5,211,219.2017052 years ago
Taganrogdh4,504,904.5012382 years ago
Prometheusdh3,469,676.008052 years ago
Shadowswolfmonk319,289.008402 years ago
EXtensordh2,030,283.606372 years ago
PANTELEGOmonk882,072.008842 years ago
Slowdancedh92.4712832 years ago
DeathWingwizard104.7312792 years ago
Tombarb28,731.2416022 years ago
Dimanmonk908,355.562542 years ago
Krosh1Lovowd2,696,536.009012 years ago
Vm24x7dh1,329,430.005402 years ago
PILIGRIMdh2,227,048.208432 years ago
Irondh702,711.20672 years ago
PaRaBELLUMmonk104,450.0012092 years ago

Roster Season 9

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Zloyzaywizard94 (14m 8.899s)3,622,336.2014572 years ago
MalaNochebarb93 (13m 48.599s)152,925.0018922 years ago
Flukerbarb60 (08m 25.833s)210,068.327762 years ago
EXtensorwd242,421.0014042 years ago
NSlakercrusader2,628,427.204062 years ago
Rzeźnikwizard21.216452 years ago
Taganrogmonk171,110.0014602 years ago
IDF1264monk2,368,822.5013522 years ago
PANTELEGOmonk413,430.034652 years ago
Shadowswolfdh2,061,600.0026412 years ago
CaptainJackbarb1,302,720.0018132 years ago
BLINDPEWmonk705,581.947832 years ago
DeathWingmonk4,055,487.6014532 years ago
Ram1Lwizard2,077,476.0017552 years ago
Ironmonk69.895422 years ago
Vertigomonk2,098,224.0016202 years ago
Subar1kbarb31,386.3013362 years ago
Izyawd2,127,883.507022 years ago
Playmatexdh3,229,836.0014672 years ago
PILIGRIMdh2,253,276.007622 years ago
Jisusdh5,677,668.006052 years ago
PaRaBELLUMmonk159,937.0015122 years ago
TuxaHkoBdh2,084,201.705052 years ago
CatOggydh1,295,028.004642 years ago
Vm24x7dh2,309,682.906682 years ago

Roster Season 8

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Irondh88 (14m 46.500s)944,198.1614202 years ago
PeterSidmonk86 (12m 45.516s)1,268,141.4816852 years ago
Subar1kcrusader85 (13m 13.383s)684,522.368932 years ago
EGRwd84 (13m 25.950s)2,001,360.008572 years ago
Taganrogwizard82 (11m 31.816s)966,524.407902 years ago
CaptainJackwd78 (13m 30.766s)2,678,373.0013352 years ago
Phoboswd75 (09m 41.250s)2,006,202.606793 years ago
Flukerbarb75 (10m 11.016s)244,267.009182 years ago
Rzeźnikwizard75 (10m 23.183s)977,441.357353 years ago
Dimanwizard75 (12m 12.116s)986,888.605443 years ago
VENOMdh75 (12m 48.583s)2,476,932.006532 years ago
Vm24x7dh75 (13m 29.483s)2,560,896.007042 years ago
РужьёПятачкаdh75 (14m 18.616s)1,385,928.006803 years ago
Sashaguddh75 (14m 30.916s)17.816332 years ago
Curatordh75 (14m 33.183s)1,045,138.952443 years ago
WhiteWholewd73 (13m 46.750s)0.0035023 years ago
Sethwowwd70 (10m 35.250s)1,970,520.007652 years ago
Nero91monk144.1411682 years ago
Whatdh909,478.656502 years ago
Krosh1Lovowd53.609222 years ago
PANTELEGObarb139,011.6038862 years ago
Vertigomonk72.2110902 years ago
CaprizZzdh1,379,850.306703 years ago
BLINDPEWwd2,021,479.206713 years ago
Zetrixdh780,869.673282 years ago
DeathWingmonk31,955.7013312 years ago
Umkawd1,075,270.801842 years ago
Zt1mQmonk16.804522 years ago
Ram1Lmonk3,351,322.2011882 years ago
PILIGRIMmonk232,840.0010232 years ago
Izyawizard45,360.9012632 years ago
Mekihisadh1,167,679.205272 years ago
PaRaBELLUMmonk2,069,837.1013372 years ago
CatOggydh956,155.051512 years ago

Roster Season 7

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Taganrogwizard94 (14m 55.283s)1,773,984.0012043 years ago
Dimanmonk77 (13m 59.533s)9.598763 years ago
Phobosdh75 (12m 48.266s)1,983,396.006983 years ago
Subar1kdh70 (14m 0.250s)2,717,724.007163 years ago
WhiteWholewd1,711,572.605603 years ago
CaprizZzwd22.747573 years ago
Radivilmonk194,189.009533 years ago
DeathWingmonk127.2614873 years ago
Северянинmonk48.918903 years ago
Rzeźnikwd2,089,668.007773 years ago
KRESTwd2,312,611.2012953 years ago
Ram1Lmonk2,123,868.0010853 years ago
Umkabarb233,089.006763 years ago
Flukerbarb237,443.008913 years ago
PaRaBELLUMbarb250,567.0017603 years ago
Sashaguddh1,263,820.565803 years ago
Vm24x7dh1,957,128.006643 years ago
VENOMmonk221,145.0015533 years ago

Roster Season 6

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
DROPcrusader90 (12m 41.833s)59,178.149473 years ago
Symaxmonk86 (14m 13.450s)1,685,016.008813 years ago
Vandervlaadbarb84 (14m 48.016s)1,867,308.006153 years ago
AlewaVoinmonk82 (12m 41.266s)1,626,924.0011373 years ago
Радивил89wd80 (11m 13.066s)1,727,256.006373 years ago
Flesherbarb80 (14m 55.650s)153,523.0011083 years ago
птчкяпрнсdh75 (12m 4.500s)0.00586unknown
Krayuhinbarb75 (12m 47.716s)0.005893 years ago
Skawrbarb75 (13m 2.050s)16.796283 years ago
Северянинmonk75 (13m 5.133s)790,529.206413 years ago
BuLLeTwd75 (13m 19.633s)973,479.6010033 years ago
PILIGRIMbarb75 (14m 2.000s)1,530,036.008613 years ago
Asylumdh71 (12m 1.949s)0.00575unknown
Flukerbarb70 (10m 17.633s)1,581,540.006233 years ago
Siberiabarb1,720,876.603 years ago
Rzeźnikdh122.576363 years ago
Saymeowwizard2,240,412.009503 years ago
Nero91barb257,253.006073 years ago
KaramboSwizard21.7518813 years ago
KaramboSwizard21.7518813 years ago
AceKuperbarb2,184,604.8012093 years ago
FaithOfSteelwd897,220.007003 years ago
Opostoldh1,691,434.805563 years ago
Dobreezycrusader213,389.6119173 years ago
BLINDPEWmonk1,152,770.066253 years ago
невозможныйwizard251,903.366493 years ago
Fox3Dwizard2,080,961.507813 years ago
Fox3Dwizard2,080,961.507813 years ago
Ninedh791,795.161113 years ago
Whatdh1,677,743.106083 years ago
Remwizard899,757.081673 years ago
KRESTbarb1,688,598.1017973 years ago
Remwizard899,757.081673 years ago
Izyawizard200,446.0014583 years ago
DeathWingdh2,154,097.2014053 years ago
Ram1Lwizard1,452,966.2012283 years ago
Umkawd1,657,044.007583 years ago
Sergeydendywizard1,672,808.407433 years ago
Alxerwizard2,561,114.4011393 years ago
Strikecrusader108,901.0017593 years ago
GUNY81barb1,412,926.405593 years ago
PaRaBELLUMwd326,685.0020073 years ago
Sethwowmonk7,773.597673 years ago
Njinxbarb225,505.0010183 years ago
CatOggydh1,525,928.805733 years ago
VENOMwizard1,497,409.2018543 years ago

Roster Season 5

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Kaunetwizard91 (12m 34.083s)5,660,942.0021633 years ago
Juseeewd81 (14m 38.866s)4,027,257.5018323 years ago
Gryzhekabarb78 (13m 48.433s)2,588,796.0010703 years ago
Felycitywd76 (12m 49.783s)3,873,384.0021253 years ago
Zyljindh74 (14m 55.983s)2,382,679.2022853 years ago
Encurse582wd71 (13m 4.366s)2,413,967.4013673 years ago
Krayuhinbarb70 (14m 36.316s)901,370.005153 years ago
AceKuperwizard54.7810433 years ago
Davidosichbarb69.0313593 years ago
Maratbarb1,487,688.006213 years ago
невозможныйwizard19.725183 years ago
Asylumwd821,270.006133 years ago
Kikawizard4,808,384.0013753 years ago
IDF1264dh285,872.0016333 years ago
Dobreezymonk891,710.0222033 years ago
Prometheuswd762,770.885693 years ago
Hipmanmonk233,755.0013793 years ago
AlewaVoinwizard515,289.005743 years ago
Tonywd870,751.0018263 years ago
DonBoneskobarb2,095,200.005343 years ago
Opostolwizard1,446,161.405643 years ago
Mihdh1,448,052.004103 years ago
ElMaestrowd252,710.6413233 years ago
Shkiperwd1,122,331.205083 years ago
Prizrakdh1,615,805.506833 years ago
ElMaestrowd252,710.6413233 years ago
Whatwizard1,401,717.705483 years ago
DROPbarb36.966563 years ago
Izyawizard58.1521123 years ago
Flesherwd273,450.289373 years ago
Remdh1,779,088.804963 years ago
Remdh1,779,088.804963 years ago
SANZwd1,668,756.005663 years ago
Symaxdh1,630,419.0021473 years ago
Dimanmonk663,098.406853 years ago
Playmatexcrusader112,698.0021333 years ago
Mekihisadh34.246273 years ago
Sembarb1,571,760.005933 years ago
Embermagebarb366,684.0021153 years ago
Embermagebarb366,684.0021153 years ago
Umkawd216,889.908073 years ago
Sergeydendybarb483,000.771073 years ago
Flukerbarb263,940.008523 years ago
PILIGRIMwizard1,763,996.5020513 years ago
Ironwizard1,117,614.005463 years ago
Banziecrusader392,325.574673 years ago
Vm24x7barb3,787,332.008013 years ago
Phobosdh1,450,729.005843 years ago
PaRaBELLUMcrusader293,467.3518703 years ago
VENOMdh1,899,648.0025263 years ago

Roster Season 4

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Kaunetdh64 (13m 38.483s)595,393.4014353 years ago
DarkNeSSbarb62 (12m 50.150s)2,535,848.009814 years ago
Mihwd1,324,284.005243 years ago
Davidosichmonk2,499,887.008744 years ago
Gryzhekawd1,332,692.9010814 years ago
CaprizZzmonk1,506,299.2212533 years ago
Kdmitrymonk1,863,828.0011483 years ago
Pro100Bahbarb572,633.441183 years ago
Flukercrusader175,018.0011293 years ago
Ram1Lbarb2,184,588.0011923 years ago
Besserbarb2,631,564.0013633 years ago
Sembarb183,636.008154 years ago
Strikebarb31,654.7019753 years ago
Sethwowmonk47,522.7013823 years ago
Sashagudmonk500,282.80903 years ago

Roster Season 3

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 2

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout

Roster Season 1

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Alkafankwd19.4904 years ago
Tolyan1967wizard366,887.95165 years ago

Roster Non-Season

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon Last Logout
Skynecromancer142 (14m 43.500s)0.00101763 months ago
Maroderdh138 (13m 12.333s)10,415,900.0088621 month ago
Banzienecromancer137 (14m 6.850s)1,626,810.0050471 month ago
РужьёПятачкаdh133 (13m 31.966s)0.0063583 months ago
BLINDPEWwizard132 (14m 13.383s)2,688,310.0040562 years ago
VENOMdh130 (12m 49.499s)7,444,370.0057171 month ago
Phoboswizard130 (12m 49.516s)0.0056001 year ago
Dolphinwizard130 (13m 5.983s)9,000,310.0077001 month ago
Njinxdh130 (13m 26.116s)8,187,050.4035021 year ago
Dimanwizard130 (13m 45.150s)0.00548010 months ago
Dettlaffwizard129 (12m 47.233s)7,888,710.00583420 days ago
DirtyHarrydh125 (12m 44.599s)0.00537610 months ago
TuxaHkoBdh125 (14m 34.833s)8,878,500.0091091 month ago
SatanClausdh125 (14m 43.983s)0.0001 year ago
WhiteWholewd124 (13m 0.566s)5,915,839.2035023 years ago
Semwizard123 (12m 59.100s)0.0036331 year ago
Alxerdh123 (13m 29.083s)0.0059247 months ago
Xtrollwizard123 (14m 30.949s)0.00448010 months ago
PANTELEGOwizard122 (11m 29.750s)0.00388610 months ago
Vesnawd122 (14m 56.716s)0.0043248 months ago
Vm24x7dh121 (13m 14.633s)0.00521710 months ago
Sashagudmonk121 (13m 48.966s)3,852,886.8045101 year ago
AceKuperbarb121 (14m 22.949s)0.0011853 years ago
Curatorwd120 (14m 56.416s)639,345.6015283 years ago
EvgenKhrenbarb119 (14m 55.866s)0.0058351 year ago
Sergeydendywizard117 (13m 43.482s)0.00340611 months ago
RasAlGhulmonk116 (13m 35.300s)0.0044831 year ago
PaRaBELLUMcrusader116 (13m 58.032s)0.0038038 months ago
EGRbarb115 (13m 24.150s)0.0046328 months ago
Impulscrusader115 (13m 40.216s)0.00614711 months ago
Radivildh115 (13m 50.866s)4,647,970.0021141 month ago
Fortunanecromancer115 (14m 8.516s)0.0048471 year ago
Barkozomonk114 (14m 19.483s)4,269,564.0030371 year ago
Pro100Bahcrusader113 (14m 45.383s)0.0020538 months ago
DeathWingmonk111 (12m 27.816s)0.0032961 year ago
Cheshirdh110 (14m 54.632s)7,051,358.4038182 years ago
Jisuswd110 (14m 55.200s)0.0043701 year ago
Kostongikdh108 (14m 38.150s)0.0021461 year ago
Prometheusdh108 (14m 42.200s)0.0035951 year ago
CatOggydh106 (13m 25.616s)0.0029121 year ago
Zetrixdh105 (14m 30.183s)0.0020211 year ago
Kdmitrymonk104 (10m 22.033s)0.0023601 year ago
Mazarinimonk104 (14m 30.300s)0.0038701 year ago
KRESTnecromancer102 (03m 30.100s)4,335,810.00611615 days ago
StepGwd102 (11m 58.233s)0.0025571 year ago
Izyawd102 (13m 57.616s)0.0027831 year ago
Realitywizard101 (13m 59.283s)0.0039787 months ago
CaprizZzdh100 (12m 36.416s)0.0019151 year ago
Subar1kcrusader100 (14m 31.516s)134,202.0034642 months ago
Rzeźnikwizard95 (13m 1.300s)6,821,663.1034202 years ago
Vertigocrusader95 (13m 16.483s)0.0026161 year ago
Flukercrusader95 (14m 24.916s)0.0034441 year ago
Irondh93 (12m 0.266s)0.0024191 year ago
DROPcrusader93 (12m 55.800s)0.0022401 year ago
ImExwizard93 (14m 59.566s)0.0021971 year ago
Ram1Lcrusader92 (13m 22.400s)751,716.5420522 years ago
Shkiperwizard92 (14m 8.083s)3,479,436.0034293 years ago
Sethwownecromancer91 (12m 23.749s)0.00405210 months ago
Prizrakwizard91 (12m 31.333s)7,339,616.0034303 years ago
Pittbulwizard91 (12m 51.833s)4,216,074.8032783 years ago
невозможныйwizard91 (14m 34.366s)3,890,264.0026213 years ago
AntonJkemonk90 (10m 23.916s)0.0046521 year ago
GUNY81dh90 (12m 56.449s)0.0030501 year ago
Taganrogwizard90 (14m 14.650s)301,509.5222982 years ago
Besserwizard90 (14m 43.933s)0.0026421 year ago
BLINDPEWwd88 (14m 14.883s)5,417,358.2024003 years ago
Posoxdh87 (13m 13.900s)4,894,352.4029743 years ago
Opostolwd87 (14m 26.800s)2,926,284.0022883 years ago
SANZbarb87 (14m 36.983s)3,977,190.0029323 years ago
Hipmanwizard86 (09m 20.682s)0.0021291 year ago
Schattenbarb85 (10m 40.783s)948,323.0029803 years ago
Ninewizard85 (14m 22.916s)4,706,460.0026713 years ago
Strikemonk85 (14m 41.883s)5,697,632.5030662 years ago
Davidosichdh84 (13m 55.000s)3,310,827.0015432 years ago
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Virgedh83 (14m 51.416s)4,107,824.0029493 years ago
Prometheusdh82 (11m 35.000s)5,676,420.0033073 years ago
PILIGRIMdh80 (09m 34.283s)6,476,722.0029832 years ago
Flesherwizard80 (13m 15.233s)4,921,632.0032133 years ago
Dobreezywizard80 (14m 46.300s)7,145.4027963 years ago
Kelarrdh80 (14m 50.700s)119,274.0023652 years ago
Kelarrdh80 (14m 50.700s)119,274.0023652 years ago
Vandervlaaddh78 (13m 32.183s)1,878,938.107443 years ago
Skawrcrusader77 (06m 26.133s)213,616.5036163 years ago
Whatcrusader75 (13m 5.133s)1,112,069.7925173 years ago
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BuLLeTwd70 (13m 32.816s)3,377,541.3021443 years ago
Fox3Dmonk69 (14m 30.666s)35.0029922 years ago
Fox3Dmonk69 (14m 30.666s)35.0029922 years ago
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Embermagedh46 (13m 25.216s)2,084,580.0022263 years ago
Embermagedh46 (13m 25.216s)2,084,580.0022263 years ago
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Pandasambowd35 (13m 26.116s)1,617,954.806185 years ago
Alkafankwd34 (13m 13.750s)2,049,300.009404 years ago
KaramboSwizard20 (05m 56.683s)933,354.0425602 years ago
KaramboSwizard20 (05m 56.683s)933,354.0425602 years ago
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