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Diablo Leaderboards - Greater Rift Solo, Season 6 - Americas

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 HeroGRift Solo
1Crescen <CAD> crusader70
2Blitzkriege <CAD> crusader70
3Perigan <DK> crusader60
4Triforceg <NS> dh54
5Calamity <SB> dh52
6Niu <LL> dh51
7Wontonbear dh51
8Agani <nCg> barb50
9Gogo <HandH> dh50
10Aphiss <Mortal> wd49
11Zerp <HcB> monk48
12Hoodz <HCA> dh47
13Deedsofvalor barb47
14Senia <HitP> wd47
15Mystic <Obergs> monk47
16Okole <qtpies> dh47
17M2att <2s> dh45
18Mdogma barb45
19Spartachris <RM> dh45
20Rhokdelar <Vox> monk45
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 HeroGRift Solo
1Belgarath <LADS> dh74
2Awwyeh <LADS> barb68
3Darkness <SSA> dh65
4Astrid <LoLoL> dh64
5Netherblood <LFZ> dh64
6Crayola <ikonz> dh63
7Itstomorrows <GoatS> barb63
8Jimbozero <Secu> barb63
9Keste <TBL> barb63
10Nick barb62
11Strife <GS> dh62
12Coldvirus <PRESH> barb61
13Daveisdavis <WC> dh61
14Pedrike <Legacy> barb60
15Totalcarnage <Legacy> barb60
16Modulus barb60
17Dossou <Men> dh59
18Dreday <Ger> dh59
19Sîrpeanut wd59
20Brook <悠悠今朝> barb59
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New Character Info

- Oops added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 1 day ago

- Eres added character info 2 days ago

- RapidBunny added character info 5 days ago

- Natasha added character info 9 days ago

- Serenity added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 11 days ago

- Doomey added character info 11 days ago

- Blackmyst added character info 16 days ago

- OldSchool added character info 17 days ago

- Alaria added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 18 days ago

- Mith added character info 19 days ago

- ДДрянь added character info (looking for group for T6 Rifts, Act 1 Bounties, Act 2 Bounties, Act 3 Bounties, Act 4 Bounties, Act 5 Bounties) 20 days ago

- Zero added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 20 days ago

- Inalis added character info 21 day ago

- Fang added character info 22 days ago

1495 people are online.

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    Removing banned players
    20 days ago
    Banned players are being removed from the leaderboards. Our automated scan will eventually update all the players.
    If you see a banned hero that is still presented in our listings, you can manually queue it for update in order to remove it faster.

    Congratulations to all the players who didn't violate the rules!
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    Get ready for Season 5!
    3 months ago
    DiabloProgress is prepared for Season 5 which starts in 1 day!

    Please let us know in the comments if you see any bug.
    Comments: 15
    Season 4 is online!
    8 months ago
    Season 4 is active now for all regions!

    Feel free to post a comment here if you see any bug.
    Comments: 45
    Season 3
    1 year ago
    It is a bit late, nevertheless Season 3 Rankings are online now on DiabloProgress!
    Comments: 18
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