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Diablo Ladders - Elemental DPS - Taiwan

Elemental DPS includes your max Elemental Skill Bonus.
See also: Elemental Elite DPS, Profile DPS


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 HeroElemental DPS
1Beatshooter dh3,689,433.59
2서민 wizard2,814,943.27
3도무스 wizard2,794,760.29
4꿈과자유 dh2,662,922.09
5오빠 dh2,535,663.29
6주하아빠 wizard2,522,710.40
7꿈과자유 dh2,483,213.19
8阿三毛 wizard2,474,758.98
9도무스 wizard2,463,772.28
10열반 monk2,340,529.54
11악녀 dh2,305,906.42
12풍경 dh2,304,876.17
13악귀영길 dh2,295,624.83
14붕대크리 dh2,238,627.28
15Lisawen0515 wizard2,229,723.15
16Whbns dh2,173,547.09
17딩딩 dh2,131,923.66
18바라 dh2,117,301.06
19春暖花開 wizard2,113,226.62
20아이스크림 dh2,086,300.57
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 HeroElemental DPS
1索爾 (info) dh4,427,240.43
2흑형 dh3,990,332.41
3미미홀릭 (info) crusader3,944,077.81
4我命由我不由天 dh3,811,200.66
5Blooming wizard3,762,074.32
6오카다유키코 crusader3,747,541.62
7정손 barb3,733,301.44
8아카시아 dh3,659,011.64
9Hobagii dh3,628,592.95
10Iphone5 wizard3,553,164.44
11Ghost dh3,510,918.13
12스파이크 dh3,478,216.58
13小林子 wizard3,447,837.62
14우헤으헤 dh3,446,978.21
15주인님 dh3,445,496.21
16쏘피 dh3,427,103.21
17스트립쇼 dh3,426,408.35
18주교주 dh3,414,559.67
19쓰러 dh3,412,826.51
20앵꼬 dh3,399,646.32
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    New Stat on DiabloProgress: Elemental Damage
    2 months ago
    If your skill has cooldown or high resource costs, then DPS is not as important as single hit Damage.

    Now you can see your Elemental Damage value on your hero page.

    And there are also Elemental Damage Rankings too.
    Comments: 15
    The end of the Legacy Items?
    2 months ago
    There were many low toughness characters in the DPS rankings that were swapping the gear to the legacy just to get higher ranks in DiabloProgress, so we've decided to not count characters legacy gear.
    Comments: 54
    Clan Profiles
    3 months ago
    Clan officers now can edit Clan Profiles on DiabloProgress.
    There you can put info about your clan activity (Rifts, Bounties, PvP), difficulty level, recruitment info, etc.
    Please contact me if you want to be included into the profile admin list of your clan (battletag: kernel#2961, email: admin(at)

    By the moment we have over 300 clans in our database, and the next step is going to be Clan Search, so players would be able to find clan activity they like.

    Please also read
    How to add your clan
    Comments: 10
    DPS Calculator for RoS
    3 months ago
    DiabloProgress hero profiles now include DPS Calculator.
    How to use it? Navigate to your character page and find it under Items section.
    There you can experiment with Buffs, Paragon bonuses and check how much DPS gives you each stat.
    Comments: 18
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