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Diablo Ladders - Vitality


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1Rageruller barb9,934
2Turko monk9,788
3Jyves (info) wizard9,429
4Evilufo barb9,202
5Elondorrex monk9,191
6Killerkhan dh9,163
7Sofaking wd9,093
8Wassim monk9,077
9Nion crusader9,017
10太大根 monk9,015
11Flamebeard dh8,959
12Manono monk8,926
13Bozor barb8,922
14D0nc4st3r monk8,917
15Exzlss monk8,848
16Tammii monk8,816
17Vaiken barb8,790
18賣女孩的小火柴 monk8,757
19Quincey barb8,751
20Hum4n monk8,705
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1Finjakeking crusader11,651
2Alabastra <DkaTv> crusader11,430
3Animalpack crusader11,316
4Lyràx monk11,192
5Fxmastaqc crusader10,893
6Rimobel crusader10,538
7Davy crusader10,227
8Gelberpolo monk10,191
9Kolaface monk10,173
10Mazaret (info) crusader10,069
11Sphongle (info) monk10,045
12Fientelo crusader9,888
13Egon barb9,877
14Uriaclo (info) wd9,748
15Marinecorp crusader9,716
16Gisselfeldt crusader9,715
17Gamer monk9,628
18Highlander crusader9,572
19Diablo barb9,558
20Redzephyr crusader9,462
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    New Stat on DiabloProgress: Elemental Damage
    2 months ago
    If your skill has cooldown or high resource costs, then DPS is not as important as single hit Damage.

    Now you can see your Elemental Damage value on your hero page.

    And there are also Elemental Damage Rankings too.
    Comments: 15
    The end of the Legacy Items?
    3 months ago
    There were many low toughness characters in the DPS rankings that were swapping the gear to the legacy just to get higher ranks in DiabloProgress, so we've decided to not count characters legacy gear.
    Comments: 54
    Clan Profiles
    3 months ago
    Clan officers now can edit Clan Profiles on DiabloProgress.
    There you can put info about your clan activity (Rifts, Bounties, PvP), difficulty level, recruitment info, etc.
    Please contact me if you want to be included into the profile admin list of your clan (battletag: kernel#2961, email: admin(at)

    By the moment we have over 300 clans in our database, and the next step is going to be Clan Search, so players would be able to find clan activity they like.

    Please also read
    How to add your clan
    Comments: 10
    DPS Calculator for RoS
    3 months ago
    DiabloProgress hero profiles now include DPS Calculator.
    How to use it? Navigate to your character page and find it under Items section.
    There you can experiment with Buffs, Paragon bonuses and check how much DPS gives you each stat.
    Comments: 18
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