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Diablo Ladders - Intelligence


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1Glurthok wd11,880
2Noblegate wizard11,205
3Untikiller rip wd10,448
4Auri wd10,429
5Ketum wd10,406
6Plr65 <imba> wd10,402
7Jurytime wd10,308
8Evet wd10,306
9Junoreactor wd10,301
10Happybot wizard10,279
11Buuro wd10,258
12Sways wd10,246
13Untikiller wd10,224
14Blackriver wd10,206
15Lachshorst wd10,205
16Bzz wd10,171
17Drpuspe wd10,150
18Jer wd10,144
19Djclarke3 <nCg> wizard10,139
20Seba wd10,134
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1Lordjavaxx wizard12,342
2M3th0log1k wizard12,326
3Kokuro wizard12,177
4Cjf33815 wizard11,757
5Naujlo wizard11,466
6Necromaniaco wizard11,330
7Cremsen83 (info) wizard11,148
8Shaakty (info) wizard11,045
9Aristid wd11,003
10Sammichan wizard10,975
11Xculturex wd10,914
12Iiiiiiiiii wizard10,909
13Blutengel wd10,833
14Tungi wd10,801
15Xicemanx117 wd10,789
16Bonussize wizard10,763
17смоук wd10,755
18Pabloj wizard10,723
19диоген wd10,708
20Béserker wd10,683
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New Character Info

- Diabolic added character info 33 minutes ago

- Arane added character info (looking for group for Act 1, Act 2) 6 hours ago

- Ashuran added character info (looking for group for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3) 6 hours ago

- muSPK added character info 7 hours ago

- Frana added character info 9 hours ago

- Ifrit added character info 11 hours ago

- Viktor added character info 19 hours ago

- PCK added character info (looking for group for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4) 19 hours ago

- Reya added character info 22 hours ago

- Mirc added character info 1 day ago

- Gudash added character info 1 day ago

- Hemorojd added character info 1 day ago

- YetAgain added character info (looking for group for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4) 1 day ago

- FaStFiReFiST added character info (looking for group for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4) 1 day ago

- frogger added character info 1 day ago

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    New Stat on DiabloProgress: Elemental Damage
    2 months ago
    If your skill has cooldown or high resource costs, then DPS is not as important as single hit Damage.

    Now you can see your Elemental Damage value on your hero page.

    And there are also Elemental Damage Rankings too.
    Comments: 15
    The end of the Legacy Items?
    3 months ago
    There were many low toughness characters in the DPS rankings that were swapping the gear to the legacy just to get higher ranks in DiabloProgress, so we've decided to not count characters legacy gear.
    Comments: 54
    Clan Profiles
    3 months ago
    Clan officers now can edit Clan Profiles on DiabloProgress.
    There you can put info about your clan activity (Rifts, Bounties, PvP), difficulty level, recruitment info, etc.
    Please contact me if you want to be included into the profile admin list of your clan (battletag: kernel#2961, email: admin(at)

    By the moment we have over 300 clans in our database, and the next step is going to be Clan Search, so players would be able to find clan activity they like.

    Please also read
    How to add your clan
    Comments: 10
    DPS Calculator for RoS
    3 months ago
    DiabloProgress hero profiles now include DPS Calculator.
    How to use it? Navigate to your character page and find it under Items section.
    There you can experiment with Buffs, Paragon bonuses and check how much DPS gives you each stat.
    Comments: 18
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