Diablo 3 Skills Usage by Top Players Statistics

1 year ago

Now you can see Diablo 3 Skills usage statistics on DiabloProgress.
These stats include:
- active skills percentage
- passive skills percentage
- runes usage percentage

- Skills Used by Paragon Top50 players

- Skills Used by Heroscore Top50 players

- Skills Used by Heroscore Top500 players

- Skills Used by DPS Unbuffed Top50 players

- Skills Used by DPS Unbuffed Top500 players


  1. bubba1
    Rating: [-][+]
    1 year ago
    very interesting. I'd also like to see this data for top pvp dummy scores.

    also, what about no rune?
    like for DH's rain of vengeance, the unruned version is very popular.
  2. Kernel
    1 year ago
    No runes are shown as "no rune".
    You can see rain of vengeance no rune in HC stats.
  3. leander1
    Rating: [-][+]
    1 year ago
    that is a very cool feature... but I hope blizzard doesn't use it as the "list of things to nerf" :-(

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    Clan Profiles
    18 hours ago
    Clan officers now can edit Clan Profiles on DiabloProgress.
    There you can put info about your clan activity (Rifts, Bounties, PvP), difficulty level, recruitment info, etc.
    Please contact me if you want to be included into the profile admin list of your clan (battletag: kernel#2961, email: admin(at)wowprogress.com).

    By the moment we have over 300 clans in our database, and the next step is going to be Clan Search, so players would be able to find clan activity they like.

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    There you can experiment with Buffs, Paragon bonuses and check how much DPS gives you each stat.
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    Correcting Profile DPS
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    Currently Profile DPS in-game and on Battle.net doesn't include set bonuses.
    DiabloProgress now fixing it by calculating DPS in case there are set bonuses affecting DPS.
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    Skills used by Top DPS Players
    12 days ago
    DiabloProgress have updated stats for Top Skills:

    - Skills Used by Top 100 Elemental DPS Players

    - Skills Used by Top 1000 Elemental DPS Players

    Also hero profiles now include data that's missing in Battle.net:
    - Cooldown Reduction
    - Resource Cost Reduction
    - Crit Hit Chance
    - Crit Damage
    - etc
    Comments: 3
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