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Diablo "sephiroth#2953"

Last Time Played: 3 days ago


Famine70 crusaderView Profile1,030,150.00 dps
Sephiroth70 barbView Profile160,148.00 dps
Sephiroth27 monkView Profile
Банк2 barbView Profile
Sephiroth1 crusaderView Profile
Sephiroth1 dhView Profile
Sephiroth1 wizardView Profile
Sephiroth1 wdView Profile
Банк1 barbView Profile
Sephiroth60 barbView Profile70,076.90 dps
Sephiroth60 wdView Profile18,386.80 dps
Sephiroth60 wdView Profile
Sephiroth60 barbView Profile
Sephiroth60 dhView Profile83,397.80 dps
Sephiroth60 wizardView Profile126,727.00 dps
Sephiroth60 monkView Profile7.35 dps
Sephiroth60 wizardView Profile
Sephiroth60 dhView Profile
Sephiroth60 wdView Profile
Sephiroth60 monkView Profile
Sephiroth60 barbView Profile


Paragon 2.0: 380
world: 12449
Europe: 6237
Paragon HC 2.0: 50
world: 33952
Europe: 21189
Elite Kills: 72055
world: n/a
Europe: 21534
Lifetime Kills: 3317687
world: 9632
Europe: 4614

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