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Diablo "Phlo#2948"

Last Time Played: 1 day ago


Philoo60 wizardView Profile778,013.00 dps
Monkey60 monkView Profile245,404.00 dps
Doom70 crusaderView Profile218,677.00 dps
DarkLegolas60 dhView Profile172,352.00 dps
Phlo60 barbView Profile134,909.00 dps
Barbsux60 wdView Profile12,728.10 dps
Zéro32 barbView Profile
Garance70 dhView Profile
Cinq60 monkView Profile
EvenomSux60 barbView Profile
Six60 monkView Profile
Sept60 monkView Profile


Paragon 2.0: 284
world: n/a
Europe: 28193
Elite Kills: 44580
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Lifetime Kills: 1130484
world: n/a
Europe: 44129

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