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Diablo "pereg#1907"

Last Time Played: 4 days ago


Pregy70 crusaderView Profile561,042.00 dps
Adrenl70 barbView Profile100,424.00 dps
Adrenalshock60 barbView Profile82,588.80 dps
Arnaugi60 dhView Profile76,701.90 dps
Arnaugi60 dhView Profile55,375.40 dps
Perek60 monkView Profile34,894.90 dps
Preky60 wizardView Profile13,276.70 dps
Preks60 wdView Profile10,980.90 dps
Adrenalburn1 barbView Profile3.38 dps
Peregrinnus1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
PeregII1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
GrinnusII1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
PeregrinusII1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
PeregIII1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
Peregrinnus70 crusaderView Profile
Perek60 monkView Profile
Grinnus rip70 crusaderView Profile363,557.00 dps
Adrenl60 barbView Profile123,409.00 dps
Pereg rip70 crusaderView Profile397,430.00 dps
Adrenl60 barbView Profile


Paragon 2.0: 81
world: n/a
Americas: n/a
Paragon HC 2.0: 336
world: 1242
Americas: 321
Elite Kills: 43943
world: n/a
Americas: 46633
Lifetime Kills: 973109
world: n/a
Americas: 39911

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