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Diablo "martin#21751"

Last Time Played: 1 day ago


Xaphyria70 barbView Profile650,966.00 dps
Ragestyles70 barbView Profile628,269.00 dps
Ziratisa70 wizardView Profile586,571.00 dps
Nilazius70 dhView Profile379,657.00 dps
IntItems1 wizardView Profile
Ragestyles1 crusaderView Profile
Skartara1 crusaderView Profile
Netrox32 wdView Profile780.00 dps
RoSLegendary2 wizardView Profile2.90 dps
RoSLegendary2 wizardView Profile2.90 dps
LegacyItems2 wizardView Profile2.90 dps
Legendarys1 barbView Profile2.82 dps
Konfuzia60 monkView Profile34,386.40 dps


Paragon 2.0: 535
world: 997
Europe: 452
Elite Kills: 139764
world: 12150
Europe: 4389
Lifetime Kills: 3441587
world: 9400
Europe: 4567

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