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Diablo "January#2555"

Last Time Played: 2 days ago


hcbarb70 barbView Profile834,404.00 dps
hcdh70 dhView Profile286,090.00 dps
scbarb60 barbView Profile182,159.00 dps
sccrus30 crusaderView Profile4,076.91 dps
hcbarb3 barbView Profile3.57 dps
hcbarb1 barbView Profile3.38 dps
hccrus1 crusaderView Profile3.38 dps
HcCrus70 crusaderView Profile
Tashun60 wizardView Profile
sveta60 barbView Profile
smage60 wizardView Profile
scbarb60 barbView Profile0.00 dps
scbarb60 barbView Profile0.00 dps
scbarb60 barbView Profile0.00 dps
scmonk60 monkView Profile0.00 dps
Шершавый60 dhView Profile0.00 dps
MrCho60 monkView Profile
Jan60 barbView Profile
HeroName60 wdView Profile
ftl60 dhView Profile
hcbarb60 barbView Profile
hcmonk rip60 monkView Profile
kekekekeke rip60 barbView Profile
hcmonk60 monkView Profile


Paragon 2.0: 285
world: 47522
Europe: 24591
Paragon HC 2.0: 253
world: 4292
Europe: 2553
Elite Kills: 155417
world: 8491
Europe: 2974
Lifetime Kills: 5366584
world: 3339
Europe: 1712

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