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Diablo "eikahe#1265"

Last Time Played: 5 days ago


Zael70 crusaderView Profile737,462.00 dps
Agro70 barbView Profile735,583.00 dps
Stuhd70 barbView Profile631,340.00 dps
Covirus70 dhView Profile512,843.00 dps
Raz60 wizardView Profile78,555.90 dps
Rukh70 monkView Profile68,711.60 dps
Nukiru60 wdView Profile58,674.80 dps
Tahroz60 dhView Profile8,447.94 dps


Paragon 2.0: 133
world: n/a
Americas: n/a
Paragon HC 2.0: 78
world: 29610
Americas: 9550
Elite Kills: 20863
world: n/a
Americas: n/a
Lifetime Kills: 438892
world: n/a
Americas: n/a

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