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Diablo "August#2458"

Last Time Played: 4 days ago


Randgrid70 dhView Profile436,142.00 dps
Skeggjald70 barbView Profile397,292.00 dps
Gwendolyn70 crusaderView Profile255,418.00 dps
August60 dhView Profile68,706.60 dps
Urd35 wizardView Profile1,347.98 dps
Skuld40 wdView Profile488.75 dps
Werdandi13 monkView Profile0.00 dps


Paragon 2.0: 151
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Paragon HC 2.0: 7
world: n/a
Europe: 34811
Elite Kills: 10129
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Lifetime Kills: 167260
world: n/a
Europe: n/a

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