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Diablo "Alexlulz#2402"

Last Time Played: 12 days ago


Alexlulz70 barbSeason 4View Profile2,005,968.00 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 monkSeason 4View Profile1,172,389.20 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 wdSeason 4View Profile54,756.30 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 wdSeason 3View Profile973,862.40 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 wizardView Profile2,083,176.00 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 dhView Profile1,614,292.80 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 monkView Profile1,580,376.00 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 barbView Profile944,504.40 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 crusaderView Profile518,091.98 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 wdView Profile4,042.38 elemental dps
Alexlulz70 monkView Profile
Alexlulz70 dhView Profile
Alexlulz70 crusaderView Profile
Alexlulz70 wdView Profile
Alexlulz30 dhView Profile
Alexlulz10 dhView Profile
Alexlulz1 barbView Profile
Alexlulz1 wizardView Profile
Alexlulz60 barbView Profile
Alexlulz60 monkView Profile
Alexlulz60 dhView Profile
Alexlulz60 monkView Profile


Paragon (S1): 533
world: 17268
Europe: 7163
Paragon HC (S1): 0
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Paragon: 805
world: 47533
Europe: 17214
Paragon HC: 2
world: n/a
Europe: n/a
Elite Kills: 569752
world: 7144
Europe: 2701
Lifetime Kills: 11806618
world: 5115
Europe: 2005

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