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Diablo "Vallonz" (Zekromancer4#1728)

Softcore Americas Witch Doctor 60
Last Time Played: 3 years ago
Battletag: Zekromancer4#1728


+Damage Against Elites: 9.00%
Critical Hit Chance: 54.50%
Critical Damage: 447.00%
Resistance: 506
Armor: 3,390
Magic Find: 129.00%
Intelligence: 3,368
Vitality: 1,116


Registered to: Zekromancer - confirmed
Languages: English
Clan: Update your clan now!
General Info:

My battletag has been changed

**Focusing on Paragon leveling only for the immediate future. All current wait lists will be completed and cleared and I will resume free services at a later date. Thank you**

Providing safe, reliable escrow services and listings of fine high value goods. If you are attempting to save money outside of the AH - Get protected from the possibility of trade window scams. Inquire w/ "Escrow" in request and I will facilitate any trade, anywhere.

Offering FREE UBER Infernal machine kills as a solo WD, irrelevant of the MP, beyond gear limitations for you and your party. Send "Infernal Machine" friend request with built machine to Zekromancer#1328 - I apologize for the long queue times.

You may also purchase built Infernal Machines from me, with carry service included for 10M per run. Each run requires 30 mins, includes all elites and all 3 portals - guaranteed dead at highest MP possible. Please designate "Purchasing Infernal Machine" for this friend request.

Due to time constraints I do not recommend an MP where you shall be instantly 1 shot - for a quick, efficient, successful run you will need to state your true face roll MP and I will raise you to the brink of death. I will always pair multiple singles with machines to increase portals and carry full parties where applicable. Thank you for your interest.

Items for Sale: Must place "(item name)" in request

Pox(Polished) - 148 Int, 43 Vit, +19 D, 4.5 C, 32 CD, ARes
The Witching Hour(Immaculate) - 192 Int, 9 AS, 50 CD..
Echo(Bloodied) - 1262 DPS, 155 Int, 45 CD, OS, 1.44 AS
CorpseVow(Etched) - 212 Int, 63 Vit, 13 ARes, 49 CD, 6 C
TalRA(Chiseled) - 302 I, 123 V, 183 Dx, 6%, 10 C, 63 CD
Unity(TORTRTA)- 34-67 D, 163 I, 234 LOH, 4.5 C, 45 CD, 4 E
Zuni Strings(Braided) - Sold
Echo2(Forged) - Sold
Uhk(Slightly used) - Sold

Check back to purchase further best in slot items in the near future. Thank you


Vile Ward
Mempo of Twilight
Tal Rasha's Allegiance
Pummel Downfall
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
Lacuni Prowlers
The Witching Hour
Loathing Boon
main hand
Echoing Fury
Inna's Temperance
off hand
Zunimassa's String of Skulls
Zunimassa's Trail

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